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Yeo Poh Huat
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Within the first 10 lessons, he was 30 minutes late for 1 lesson and 30 minutes early for another. Usually he is at least 5 minutes late. He refused to give me more than one lesson a week, and sometimes I had no slot at all as I could only learn on weekends/weekday nights. On weekday nights, he only works till 9pm so it is tough to learn at night. He told me he was completely booked even though he did not even check his timetable at all ( unless a man in 60s/70s somehow has such a powerful memory ). He does not pick up his phone at all even when I needed to book extra lessons and I asked him when was it convenient to call him beforehand. His car is quite old too and feels poorly maintained, and the air-con is super weak so it gets very warm at times. He often takes a break halfway to use the toilet and get lunch. Also, he takes the same route every single time without fail so you rarely get to be exposed to other areas of Ubi. He also gets very naggy and slow at times. I am not judging, just letting potential learners know what they will face. On the plus side, he does teach a fair bit of safety and parking methods in the circuit. He rarely use phone/sleep like other instructors do. I think he is suitable for slower learners who are willing to spend on more lessons and have time during weekday afternoons. Otherwise, go for school lessons instead.
- L


Yeo Poh Huat, tried to scam me, by saying the rental car for the tp test increase from 300 to 320. But when i ask him the price a week before, he told me that it is 300. And after a week it became 320. Although its only 20dollars, but the trust with the student and the instructor is broken. Theres once when Im told him that i am ready to book the tp test, he said you need to take another 6 more lesson before taking the test. And said all his student did it that way. Why cant he tell me that, when we are at the first lesson of the circuit and not when im ready to take the test. I really really regretted learning driving from him. If any of my friend wants to learn driving, i wont recomment mr yeo to them. Scam me? Lost more customers.
- anonymous


Mr Yeo is a nice friendly instructor. he will be very naggy about your mistakes and keep emphasizing the importance of safety checks and make sure I don't commit the mistake again.. His teaching is short and to the points. Once he see that my driving has improved and ready for tp. he will ask me to faster book tp and don't waste time cos the tp slots are limited. Another good thing is he seldom pick up calls during lessons. Although, he did pick up once. In my heart, I know that it means I am almost ready for tp liao. hehe.. Instructor with his age also quite hard and occasionally he will need toilet break but he usually will extend 5 - 10 mins for me if there is no other student after me. This is my personal experience with Mr. Yeo.
- SJ

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