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She teaches manual at Ubi. Toyota Vios, rather new (SKV). It is quite easy to get a slot with her on weekdays but its a different story on weekday nights as she only teaches till about 9:30pm. She does teach during weekends though. She will not drag your lessons on but will help you book test dates as fast as possible. I contacted her after passing m BTT. Started practical lessons while waiting for my FTT date. Right after FTT (abt 10 lessons in?), she asked to book for my TP. I thought it was a bit rushed but she allowed me to book multiple sessions (2-3 per week) and chiong till my TP. In the end I had 20 lessons over 2.5 months with her and passed on my first try. She is really experienced and speaks English but with poor pronunciation that is sometimes unintelligible. Hence I felt I couldn't really understand her when she was directing me for parking in the circuit. (Communication breakdown). She also asked me to drive out to a nearby convenience store ONCE, and also to pump petrol DURING lesson time on the day before my TP. If you ask her questions/ clarify, she will answer you even though she may sound a little annoyed. She did not really rage or scold to the extreme, though you could tell that she got annoyed some times. Overall I had a pretty okay experience with her, and I don't mind recommending her since it is hard to find an 'ideal' PDI. I think she is acceptable.
- truestory

Pretty Good

Teaches manual outside the Ubi coffeeshop in a rather new Totoya Vios which is new and well maintained. Very patient, and always points out mistakes properly and does not raise her voice at you. Teaches in relatively ok English, was understandable and there should not be too much issues with communication. Kept asking me to book test from the very first few lessons, though she will ensure that you have enough lessons before you take your test. It is up to you, I declined for awhile until I felt I was ready. Overall, a relatively good instructor, and I will recommend her. She might be a little busy during this period however, so do check if she has slots for you. I passed on my first try with around 24 lessons.
- pdireviews


Merely wanted to ask her about how much she charges and got a scolding instead -.- She was like "little little thing also want to ask, I got no time for all that" I suggest if you're new to all these practical driving lessons, don't take her as your instructor. What an angry lady!!! Don't believe go and try
- j

Highly recommended

Just passed my Class 3 today on first try (14 pts. should have been less as I disagreed with one "fault" but oh well, that's another story), and I have Mdm Yap to thank. Admittedly, the first few lessons, I was pretty demoralised as she was pretty strict (and I sucked, of course :D). She eased up and became so sweet and chatty after that: once I got better. In hindsight, her strictness at the initial stage was necessary to drive (pun intended.LOL) home the pertinent points. If she hadn't "scolded", it might have taken a much longer time to register them. I likened her to the primary/sec school teachers whom we were initially terrified of but grew to love and remember years after we have graduated. I did switch to Mandarin after a while cos she is more comfortable with that and explain more adequately. Note that she's a straight talker (and full of integrity), so if you are easily offended by the slightest thing, go to someone else. Be warned though: instructors who dpn't put pressure on you may not be the most ideal. It's your choice. Now that I have passed (unexpected really), I will miss all of our conversations. and trust me on trusting her to assess your driving techniques and skill level, before she decides whether or not you are ready (to go into circuit or test).
- Jennifer Ong

BAD experience

She PMS ALL THE TIME. She only cares about earning your money by making you book tests even though she knows you ain't gonna pass. And when you fail, she says things like 'I knew you wont pass one lah' zzz. She was being very unprofessional, she didn't even teach the ramp course in circuit after like 4-5 circuit lessons, and when found out, she was like 'huh i never teach meh!? cannot be lah u forgot issit' zzz. She didn't cover all aspects of the actual test, things like emergency brake, staying safe distance from other vehicles (reason why i failed). On my first test, I knew nothing about emergency brake(tester was shocked too). During normal practice, she always says 'can go just go' even though I had to squeeze through narrow openings. So I did the same on my first test (got deducted 8 points for this twice) cos I LISTENED to her BS. She loves to focus on things which are not relevant/important to the test(u know.. just to scold u cos she pms) and when asked about things I really didn't know, she just kept quiet and said things like 'you think leh?' and never gave clear answers zzz. On the lesson right before my second practical test, she was being very negative and unprofessional again (I could feel she just wanted me to fail cos she wanna earn more from me). So she didn't even try to help me by pointing out important points, she just focused on scolding on my mistakes which obviously would never help before someone takes his test(demoralising AF). So I failed again. I don't think I would ever go back to her teaching and I sincerely warn people who only want an instructor who is straight to the point, teaches you to pass and patient. Becos she is clearly a biased and grumpy person.
- mehThereGoesMyMoney

Extremely Highly Recommended

I had a total of only 14 Lessons, 8 of which were in circuit with the first 6 on the road so to save the cost of the circuit. Entered the test and passed on first try, and she sort of predicted almost all the places I’ll get penalised for such as my poor habit of stalling the change of gears. She is an excellent teacher and her parking style is very methodical (ie. see this do this, see that do that.) Very straightforward and easy to understand.
- msx

Completely unprofessional

Her attitude seems like she's just going through the motions making a living and not interested in being an instructor at all. Before every lesson, delays ~10 mins of my time taking her time to go to the washroom and talking to other instructors without fail.During lessons with her, she's on her phone talking half the time, unfocused on the lesson. Most of the time while driving, she only gives the direction she wants you to turn meters away from the junction, leaving very little time for you to react accordingly. The very first time that I did a U-turn, she didn't clarify which lane she wanted me to end up in, and when I turned into the first she just said "wrong lane already", and when I asked her which is the correct lane that I needed to turn into, she just answered with "you think leh?" It was only the third or fourth time I asked her after turning that she gave me a proper answer. She also jams the break whenever she thinks you made a mistake. At points where I know I have control of the vehicle and know clearly of my course of actions, she just jams break the vehicle. Worst case was after I did a U-turn and didn't keep to my lane and went into another, even though I was the first vehicle to turn and stopped the vehicle right after the turn to tell me off. So we were basically stopped in the middle of the road during that short period, can't imagine what the car behind me would be thinking. But what made me stop having her as an instructor and switch was her being able to fit me in for a 1.5hr slot every TWO weeks. This is really not helpful if you are just beginning to learn how to drive as you definitely need the practice and this wasn't helping at all. How much better can you get with so little practice? Then when I broke the news to her that I would be switching to another instructor, she attempted to push the blame onto me, saying that she always gave me the slot that I asked for, which was not the case at all. She then further asked why I only wanted to take weekend lessons and not weekday lessons, blaming me for not wanting to take lessons on weekdays. But I had already told her that I was working and wouldn't be able to make it in time for weekday lessons, furthermore I would be tired, but she treated it like I was the one unwilling to learn. Basically I feel that she's in this for the money and unwilling to be an instructor in the first place.
- Anon

Recommended by Mr Lee Liak Hong

You've probably seen the name Lee Liak Hong while researching for private driving instructors. Yes, he seems to have a lotta high reviews but is a very busy man. He recommended Mdm Yap to me instead when he rejected teaching me. If you can't get him or if you want a female pdi, get Mdm Yap! I passed my Class 3A first try taking 25 lessons in total (10 circuit + 15 road), total damage about $1.8k (including test fees, registration fee, etc). Rate is $40/hour on road, $76/hour in circuit. Took me 5 months to get my license. Mdm Yap teaches almost everyday except Sundays, day to night. I usually took her earliest slot at 8am. It's easy to secure a slot for lessons (I took lessons twice a week). When she took me in October she just started teaching auto (previously only teaching manual). She'll teach you to drive on the roads for a few lessons, when you're stable enough she'll teach you parking in an open space carpark. Then you'll get into circuit (I went in at my 16th lesson). She did ask me a few times when I wanted to take the test (even when I hadn't even gone into circuit), because apparently most of her students take tests with less than 20 lessons. Her recommended method is to take many lessons at once regularly so that driving will be ingrained in you then you'll be able to take the test quicker and get your license faster! But if you feel you're not ready to book a test date then please don't. She will ask a few times but don't be pressured. Only let her know when you're ready. Generally I had quite a smooth learning experience, didn't really get scolded or anything, maybe just a few nags because I have a few bad driving habits haha. Her teaching methods are quite methodological and easy to remember. She's quite a nice lady, not very talkative unless you chat her up first. Be friendly to her and she'll be friendly to you too! Of course, everyone will have different experiences but I will definitely recommend her. Don't take the negative things to heart and all the best! 🙂
- unicorn

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