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Worst Nightmare

Driver is extremely unsanitary, constantly putting his fingers in his nose/mouth, then back onto the steering wheel while I was driving. Very distracting. He also constantly fiddled with his phone and iPad during the lessons, arranging his other lessons while I was driving. This made me feel very unsafe because as a beginner you want someone you can trust to sit next to you and instruct you on what to do next or at least be ready to hit the emergency brakes whenever necessary. He is also extremely rude. He yelled at me to shut up when I told him I couldn't see out the passenger window properly because he had something stuck on the window to block out the sun. He was also very tardy. Constantly 5-10 minutes late without being apologetic.
- Ann

not recommended

this instructor was all okay until 3rd lesson, he started scolding me after i asked a question, said im wasting time and money also said im lack of common sense. my argument is if i know how to drive then i dont have to sit here to be scolded by you. he kept telling me not to talk and let him talk. punctuality is okay, hygiene is not an issue in my case, but very impatient and that's why i changed instructor.
- IX


After a few lessons, I've learnt nothing but scolding from him. At last, had to change instructor so that I can be on my way to passing my exams. Waste of my time, rude, and did not concentrate on teaching. He don't even know how many lesson I've had, such a listless instructor should not be a teacher.
- Tan

Worst experience ever

The instructor crossed the line on the 3rd lesson, he was not sensitive to the student. As an instructor, I respect that he has many students and he may not be able to remember a past student he has recently taught. The first incident took place when the instructor scolded me and say i am trying to be "guai lan" and even declared that he will slap me if I made that mistake again. As a student, i am here to learn and its only natural for a student to make a mistake when learning from an expert instructor. The next complication happened when he was unable to control his ego and admit his own miscommunication. He ask for progress card, but it wasn't given to me the previous lesson. Instead of staying calm and solve the issue at end, he asked me to shut up. I believe that this is an unreasonable way of conducting himself as an instructor. I believe this attitude calls for immediate rectification.
- WEM3

A bit strict but good.

Overall, I like the experience.
- HQ

ok, good instructor

good, passed on first try with him
- Atiqah

Rude! Arrogant! Worst ever!

A very unprofessional instructor who will teach u nothing except being rude and arrogant. He started to scold me at the 3rd lesson; but decided to continue and the incident happened on the 4th leason when a equation was being asked. He asked me to stop talking n get out from car half way driving. I personally requested him to send me back to the pick up point and he requested to pay him for half lesson $ which I think is fair. In general; no question is allowed to be asked; no skill will be taught & no mistake is allowed to be made for beginner. What you will expect is being treated rudely and get scolded with nasty words and frequently distracted by his phone n note which he busy with and hearing his complaints over the mistakes the other students made. This kind of person should not be a instructor!
- June


I think he was ok.
- Lim


Review for MR YAP BOON KUAN . I pass my ftt then i check through the internet to get the best PDI . At first try his okay teaching how to turn the sterring wheel .. Then when it comes to my 4th n 5th lesson he start to teach me parking . MY FIRST TIME LEI . He is unpatient . Even scold me " IDIOT" can u believe it . He think i dont hear . After that always with his anger tone . His not teaching me proper . When u drive , u have to do ur own changing gears right ? This one he change for me ? How to get a feel . Only touch pedal and hold the steering wheel ? Haisss ! Not recommendable . I shud have pass by today . But it seems that he dont teach me that well . Always on phone and with notes . Never point whAts my mistake . Dont write a student progress . Its like my money fly like that . Serious his not a good PDI . Dont wAste time or money . Now i have to search for another PDI . I hope i can pass first time . Ohh btw ive been taking mr yap lesson for more than 10 . His not good . When drive , turn left , turn right . Like That only ? Then keep quiet . Hais . My first time circuit also he angry . Like hello first time what ! Haisss .. He say ' like this u cannot drive ' how can a PDI give false hope or say such a thing to a new student who is first time on circuit ? Not RECOMMENDABLE ! His old . I think he wAnna retired already thats why teach also like not happy .. Thankyou 🙂

Dont waste ur time

- ...

Not recommended

Mr Yap was initially rather friendly on the first lesson. But on the second lesson his attitude had a 180° turn. Didn't want to talk and guided me using hand signals, and scolded me for being “high in presumption” when i mistook his hand signal for keeping left to be turning left.(When in fact ive asked him almost 90% of the time whether he wanted to turn/go straight etc). He then started berating me for stepping the accelerator too hard and said that i was filled with "negative energy" (like what??). He then went on this rant about how yound people take things for granted blah blah and how law of nature and karma will come back and bite me (when all i did was sit there, astonished by his outrage and wondering what the heck i did wrong). So i asked him to tell me what specifically did i do wrong and what i can improve on, but he simply went on with his tirade and said that he is not my father so he doesnt have to teach me (what the??). And hence ended me 2nd and final lesson with Mr Yap.
- Al

no manners

this person no manners at all
- annoyedbob


PDI was the terrible. My lesson started out ok with him being friendly but as the lesson progressed he scolded me for having 'no speed control' because i braked too late this one time. Granted, i was in the wrong, but he continued going on and on about how i was 'too rigid' and said i was 'better off taking the taxi'. This definitely isn't something you would want to hear as a beginner on his FIRST lesson. Somewhere along the way of another mistake he pointed his middle finger at me and that was the last straw. Not to mention he was unapologetic about being late, and ended the lesson early too. I ended up not paying him the instructor's fee.
- Anon

Worst instructor ever

He is the worst instructor ever. First lesson and second lesson he was friendly. His attitude change 180degrees during the 3rd lesson. He started shouting and even used his elbow to BASH MY HAND. After which he shouted that he cannot teach me anymore. Having read all the reviews, I feel that he's doing this on purpose to earn the registration fee. do not register with him. Worst instructor ever.
- D

Fucking Sohai

I would rate 0 stars if possible. As usual first 2 lessons are okay, after that turn into a impatient old cunt who rant non stop. Don't waste time and money on that kind of people
- SohaiKia

Extremely bad instructor.

Got introduced by a man named "Ben" from "http://sglearntodrive". This man is horrendously rude who loves reprimanding students for their mistakes, questioning their education level and calling his students names. Absolutely do not recommend this instructor if you want a good experience in learning how to drive. Did not even bother arranging the next lesson because of his "busy" schedule after the 3rd lesson. Obviously is trying scam the initial registration fee from unknowing students. Has 0 patience for new comers too.
- K


Worst instructor ever, calling people stupid when he dun even teach you it. Expect you to apply everything in theory to practical within the first few lessons. He will literally scold you off. No point having such instructor that scolds to teach you rather than patiently. If you aint any smart damn ass person that drives like you born with it. Dun waste your time.
- Lye

4 Words. Stay Away From Him.

If I could, I would not even rate him a star. This PDI is simply a no-go. I just had my 11th lesson with him. Yes, 11th lesson. We got that far because I thought he was a good instructor. I assumed his age is roughly 58 or older. The first few lessons were alright. He taught me the basics (but he did not focus on checking the blind-spots). He would assumed that you know everything and could act upon it. He would scold me when I did something wrong. I was able to accept it because I'm still learning and I think it's alright to be scolded so that I can improve. Subsequently, he would yell at me. Most of the time when I ask him questions, he did not answer them and would direct to another topic. He is extremely unsanitary too as he would put his fingers in his nose and cut his fingernails while I'm driving. In today's lesson, we were driving alright until his mood totally changed. I admitted that it was my fault that I did some mistakes like driving into the bus lanes unknowingly. I thought he was just fooling around when he said he don't want to continue teaching me anymore. I simply just give him a smile. And then he had the cheek to ask me whether he have the authority to do so. When the lesson ended, he simply told me to arrange for another instructor. Right after 11 lessons. I'm starting to doubt whether this fellow is trying to scam the initial registration fee out of me. If he cannot tolerate me as a student, why didn't he stop me at the first few lessons?At the 11th lesson, I still have not enter circuit. As a beginner, (Like Ann), all I want is an instructor who I can trust, instruct me on what to do next and answer my doubts. If I'm so good on my own, why would I even require someone to teach me? And that someone have to be him. Guess I have to trust these reviews more. I still have one lesson arranged with him. But no thanks. Since he is unwilling to teach me and I can no longer tolerate his attitude, there is no point in continuing lessons with him. He can keep his stinky attitude to himself. For his future (and current) students, all the best to you. All I can say is, if you wish to have a smooth lesson, he should never be in your list of consideration. In fact, because he think he have too many students, it's okay to let go of one or two students. He is very very irresponsible. Enough said. Hope this review will help in deciding whether he's the best choice for you.
- S

Registration fee

To all who went through Ben, demand the registration fee back from him.
- D

Worst driving instructor

Don't ever go to this instructor ever
- F

Impatient Temperamental Instructor

The first 3 lessons with him was pretty decent, he was kind and patient. Come the 4th lesson, he started to get really temperamental. A simple question could ignite his temper and there is no way in appeasing him after that. Please get your deposit back from Ben if you got to know Mr Yap through SGlearntodrive. Do not bother going through the emotional abuse from this instructor.
- polkavice

Unprofessional & Rude.

Fuck I'll give zero stars if this system allows me. I got this instructor from Ben at sglearntodrive. He started off fine and polite for the first 2 lessons. Then from the third lesson on, started passing borderline rude comments and getting angry/irritated for nothing. My fifth (and last lesson) was absolutely horrible. Started off fine and I was practicing turns/u-turns which went quite smoothly for about 5-6 times until this one u-turn where I accelerated too hard and almost hit the curb. I managed to turn and go into the lane and continued driving. Just ONE mistake BUT Wow. That's when his fucking rude comments started. You are so bad at steering, why accelerate? Your steering is so bad. ON AND ON for freaking 30 mins. Then started commenting on my "speeding". Excuse me? 40-50 km/h on a straight road is speeding? then started saying, wa don't know who teach you how to speed. Wa you like speeding ah? Dunno why you like to speed. YEAH. My great ancestors were whispering in my ears telling me to speed at 350km/h. What fucking bull. Then when I cut too hard into the right hand lane, he sarcastically asked me if I'm alright. NO I’M NOT, whose gonna be alright driving with this type of shitty instructor?? Made me so anxious when I drove as I was sooo angry. That's not the last of his shitty antics though. At the end, he just told me to go approach Ben and find a new instructor. Wtf he think he who sia? But he did me a great favour cause I was already looking around for a new instructor. I left the car fuming. No thank you from him, nothing. And that's not the end of my complaints - 1) He sometimes starts late and ends early 2) He doesn't remb which lesson you are on. How irresponsible is that??? 3) He teaches you absolutely nothing. just waves with his hand - turn left, turn right. WAVE ah not TELL you ah. A lot of times I had no idea if he wants me to keep left/turn or go straight until the very end. 4) NEVER teaches you anything. Just sits there and insults you when he feels like it. I learn nothing every lesson. I only recently mastered how to turn. And guess what? He only brought me to a roundabout on my first lesson to practice turning for 20 mins. Yeah that's it. And then expects me to be some driving guru after that. What horseshit 5) He always tells you he's fully booked despite you booking 1-2 weeks in advance. Like that how to get a good feel of driving you tell me? I think you need lessons at least once a week, but he was allowing me to book at 2 week intervals. 6) Any questions goes completely unanswered. 7) one of the most annoying: he likes to reach over and hold your steering wheel. Many times NOT in the direction he indicated. What the hell is up with that??? Confuses me even more I don't have a car at home so I clearly don't practice and he expects me to be a fucking maestro who can drive blindfolded by lesson #5. I'm soooo fucking pissed and offended. He thinks everyone who takes private lessons are poor students who don't dare to speak up issit? I’m a working adult and didn't pay part of my hard-earned money to him each time just to hear all these shitty comments. The only reason I didn't answer back was cause I didn't want it to escalate into a full blown conflict whilst I was on the road. I felt that he insulted me on purpose cause he knew it would piss me off and then used those that as a reason to stop teaching me. Scumbag. And I still don't understand how he has so many students and is always fully booked. NEVER engage him seriously. Do so at your own risk. Private instructors like him are the reason why people think so lowly of going private. And cause none of these rude instructors are held accountable for their behaviour, they just go on instructing people and carrying on their screwed up behaviour. Please lah. They need to be grateful that ppl are putting up with their crap behaviour and giving them a livelihood. Being an instructor doesn't mean you get a pass at not knowing how to treat other people with respect and not having basic courtesy. Also, sglearnstodrive where this unprofessional was recommended to me has this “complaints page” where apparently they take what you say very seriously and will remove the instructor from the team if they receive to many complaints. WHAT RUBBISH. This dude has been receiving complaints on here since 2015 and he’s still got many students! Also, Lesson learnt: Always ask for your private instructor's FULL NAME before you ok any lesson. Get their name and google them to read reviews before signing up and throwing your precious money and time away. If I had did that, I wouldn't have wasted my time with this guy.
- chatda

Old Imbecile

He will not let you know your strengths nor weaknesses Don't bother learning from him, he will get angry and try to kick you off if you ever start asking for circuit training or driving test. Basically, he's just a money sucker that expects to earn the same rate as School. I would rate 5 stars if there's a scale for being irresponsible.
- Roy

Pretty okay

I don’t understand the poor review bcs im into the 9th lesson and so far so good. He does has his temper but because i did not follow the road rules. Yeah he gets mad for little things but i guess that is part of learning so i could remember not to do it again. He also tries to make things better by laughing off aftr he gets a little mad so it would not be awkward. I guess the bad reviews are due to students challenging back his words, but to me he knows the road any better than other students. So if you cant learn without getting scolding (like how you learn in normal school or at home if your parents dont pamper all your strawberry asses) then dont get him for instructor. If you want a pleasant teaching ask your mother or father teach you, thats if theh could drive LOL
- Jen


I wanted to rebook my test date and try again however he blocked my number and I couldnt get through. I use another number he replied but when i question him about the booking and why he block me,he block my number again
- nrlaya

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