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Toh Lai Chye
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Bad experience

Been with this PDI for ard 17 lesson, and is deciding to change to a new PDI as the attitude of this particular instructor is really bad, and till now after 17 lesson I have not even learn parking or even going into circuit, the instructor is rather impatient and sarcastic when teaching, he would teach you until you made a mistake so in turn there's always a new mistake in every lesson. Which I think it's hard for learners to pick up, and eventually you wouldn't know it's a mistake then you make if you were to make one unknowingly during TP. The instructor would tend to do his own things when you're driving, and sometime even make you fetch him to places to pass/deliver things to his Friends or Relative. The PDI has bad time management, and in fact giving away my slot to another student, and insists that my slot is another day, tips for private candidates; do check with your PDI before going down all the way to find your PDI for lesson, make sure that your slot is confirmed. A really bad experience with this PDI so for those that are planning to get a PDI may want to consider to avoid him.
- Jason

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