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Good and bad

β€œ Pros- naggy enough πŸ™‚ make sure you do and get used to what is required during the test”
- Anonymous


β€œ nice guy friendly.. pass on my first attempt really patient..”
- Babysaint

Patient, but too busy

β€œ Mr Toh is friendly and patient, he doesnt scold at all. However, he is so busy till the point where you can only have one lesson every two or three weeks. Judge for yourself whether you want this instructor.”
- Anonymous

Good , patient and dedicated but pricey

β€œ patient and effective teacher but charges about 60 for a one and a half hour lessonnot sure why others say he is too busy because because i see him at leasy twice a week. he is busy enough for you to have to book him a while in advance if not you get crappy slot timings”
- Danial


β€œ He was very friendly but I think he felt so safe with me that he actually fell asleep when I was practicing parking hahahahaha! But yeah, I passed with first try, he's quite a not bad teacher”
- Banasha98

Not bad

β€œ Passed on the first try. He teaches parking and circuit very well but doesnt focus when we are driving on main road. Slightly on the pricier side but hes q a nice and patient instructor”
- Wei

Bad experience

β€œ I didn’t mind that he ate, take phone calls or go for toilet breaks during our driving lessons. All I asked was that he start and end on the agreed time and when I highlighted that we started late and ended early, he cancelled and didn’t want to teach me anymore and said discriminating things. He apparently couldn’t stand teaching someone who wants to start and end on time (buay tahan in his own words) and someone who is learning driving in their 30s. Calling me old and etc. This is really disappointing because he seemed nice, patient and friendly face to face but whole other story when he's not. I guess he has too many students (charges higher than other Instructors) and can afford to be mean and nasty. If you want an instructor who wants to take these advantages when he teaches you ladies, feel free. I’m done.”
- still-learning

Cheat money

β€œ pros - he doesn't scold, will not scold, never scold at all cons - after 25 lessons with him, he still said i am very slow and said i don't have money to go for circuit booking and no need to learn circuit booking at all. he said girls are usually very slow and need 40 - 50 lessons with him. one time i saw a girl , she was really pretty and only 8 times she went for test and i asked her too. now i changed my instructor and i am already going for circuit booking!!”
- Sad girl

Bad experience

β€œ Mr Toh seemed to be a patient and nice instructor at the start. He taught me everything meticulously and often cater to my needs. The only thing that I couldn't understand was his expensive fees: $60 per lesson. As I know him more, i realised that he is not putting effort in his lessons. He always uses his phone, talks unrelated stuff and sleeps during lessons. Because of his bad habits, it almost got me into trouble. In addition, he likes to make use of my time to run his errands for his friend or family. After failing my test several times, I realise that he is not a reliable instructor as I thought. Nevertheless, thanks for teaching me basic driving skills and also how to identify a person's true character.”
- I am done

Bad choice

β€œ He is a nice guy at the start. As time goes by, I realised that he doesn't put in effort in teaching as he always dozes off or uses his phone. Moreover, he likes to run his errands during lesson period. After failing my test, he did not correct my mistakes during the subsequent lessons. I am enough of his poor teaching attitude!”
- Andy6699

Recommend Mr Toh

β€œ Mr Toh is very patient, friendly and accommodating. He was always on time.I enjoyed learning. He also has good knowledge of the test routes, tips to pass the test, good formula for parallel parking. I have never taken driving classes before and under his teaching I passed on the first try. Definitely recommend. His whatsapp number is +65 9388 8688”
- Mai


β€œ very bad”
- anony

hated the experience

β€œ Ok so disclaimer, my friend introduced him to me as he actually passed on 1st attempt, under this instructor. My friend say he's good if u like to self learn and be left alone to do ur own stuff as he sleeps and use phone. My friend reallyliked him. Now, for my experience, I hated it so much. He spat biscuits all over when teaching me, like really chunks of biscuits flew out of his mouth at my face, it was damn disgusting. He shove the appointment card or some book right at my face so roughly that it nearly poke my eye. And also, might I add I dont understand what he is talking about the entire time. Not about language, just he is mumbling and like grunting idk? he has no.1 passing rate in manual but idk why also. Never going back. My registration fee of $90 eaten by him after just 1 lesson, but it's okay.”
- Bella

β€œ ”
- Charlene

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