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This PDI was highly recommended to me by my friends. Really patient, good tempered and responsible. Will show me what to do and what not do. Some instructors won't do that because they are overprotective of their cars. Even if you make a mistake, he won't scold as well.
- melodykoh

Diligent and friendly

Mr Toh was consistently diligent and taught me every detail - what to look out for when parking, turning, etc. He was patient and good-tempered, almost never got angry with me, and was flexible with lesson times. He was also chatty and encouraging. I took just under 20 lessons under him and passed on my first try.
- Anonymous

Consistent and passionate

He is very passionate about the job, will push his student for more lessons when nearing TP test. I passed in 1 try and had only 16 lessons. He does not have much temper. Just when I did really badly. Nevertheless, I pass under him in 1 try!
- KY

Patient and Detailed

Patient and chatty instructor who does not have much of a temper though he will tell you when he is unhappy with your performance. Occasionally, he might use his phone or read newspapers in the car but he will still look out at where you're going or what you're doing. His pick-up points are usually at Hougang or Buangkok MRT stations which is really convenient for me. I took 20 lessons with him and passed on my first attempt.
- T

Doesn't reply to message

Reading all these reviews I went to call this pdi and he said he's in a meeting but still can online at whatsapp and never reply me. Reviews must be fake.
- K


Brilliant instructor. Very patient and calm. Way of teaching superb!
- James

Good and patient

He is a patient instructor. Do not scold his student unless mistake has been repeated nun outputsly

Patient and an expert in this field

Mr Toh is patient and will only scold if you repeat glaring mistakes that he mentioned before. The knowledge and skills he imparts are detailed; effective to pass TP and build up confidence in driving after getting license. He prefers 2 hour slots and through the course of 10 lessons, his lessons rarely end before 2 hours (unlike my previous instructor who only delivers 45 minutes out of 1 hour lessons). I managed to pass TP on my first try
- Lim WS

Super recommended

Mr Toh was my 2nd PDI and I passed in 1 try with him. I only took around 10 lessons with him prior to 20+ lessons with my previous pdi. He taught me a lot of things compared to my previous PDI. I would recommend him to anyone taking private lessons at ubi area. In my opinion, he's one of the best PDIs' out there.
- T

best pdi in sg

Great guy, super friendly, very uncle way of teaching, but wont put you down. Doesn't waste time or your money. 1.5 hour classes. Puts a lot of effort into cheering you up if youre a grumpy sod (like me). He's got 5 kids, all grown up now. Might mean nothing but to me explains his patience and ppl skillz.
- sardines

Patient Instructor

Mr Toh is my instructor and I took about ~20 lessons from him before taking the exam. Passed on first try with 10 points so highly recommending Mr Toh. First few lessons will be at Buangkok area and once you learnt all the skills (U-turn etc.), then lessons will be at Ubi CDC circuit. Fees: $35/hr. Every lesson is 2 hrs. +$30 for circuit (if lesson is at CDC). First lesson +$50 for registration fee. Extra charge for booking car for driving test. Pros 1) Very patient. I am a slow learner and took very long to get used to the clutch. But he was v patient and gave me tips along the way. 2) Gives constructive criticism. He only scolds you if you make a mistake. No 'tough love' nonsense. Very helpful that he is attentive to your mistakes because good habits like checking blind spots need to be cultivated. 3) Gives a lot of good tips. He will point out to you areas where people commonly fail and tells you how to overcome it. Very important because usually these areas are "Immediate Failure" areas. Cons 1) Very busy instructor. Mr Toh teaches 7 days a week, whole day packed with lessons. Instead of calling him, I suggest you send him a message instead. He will contact you to arrange a first lesson once he has free time. His schedule is usually booked completely for about one entire week so always arrange extra lessons in advance. 2) Can be non-responsive to messages. Mr Toh usually doesn't reply messages quickly and forgets to do so. Best if you book lessons with him face-to-face because its v hard to book lessons over messages. There is a reviewer who complained that Mr Toh doesn't reply to messages. It is indeed true that he takes very long to reply but that is because he is teaching driving lessons from morning to evening. He will be focusing on the student rather than your messages. Give him some time to reply to you at night and please understand that you cannot expect him to drop everything just to reply you. 3) I know some of my friends who have instructors who charge a lower fee. But if you want an attentive and patient instructor, you need to pay more. Just like tuition. Pay more get better teacher. Driving teacher same principle. 4) Only teaches manual. For students wanting to learn auto, Mr Toh will redirect you to his friend. His friend good or not i dont know. Never learn from his friend. All in all, I had a really good experience learning from Mr Toh and if you have zero experience driving and need an instructor who can efficiently point out your mistakes and give tips, definitely try out a lesson with Mr Toh.
- Anonymous


Irresponsible guy. All this great reviews MIGHT be true before he got popular and have tons of students. Now he doesnt give a damn about students and you have to text him 4-5 times before he reply. He set a date for me and i cancelled all my other plans for him and on that day he backed out on me. He's a fine instructor but a horrible and irresponsible person.
- ace

Very irresponsible, unclear instructions

Teaching method is ok, but instructions unclear sometimes and full of miscommunication. Failed to factor in that not everyone sees things exactly like he does (e.g due to height differences, chair adjusted at different positions etc). Has a habit of confirming class timings/pick up locations EXTREMELY last minute, sometimes even changing lesson timing or canceling lesson 1hr before the lesson itself. Messages I sent to confirm locations are usually NOT ANSWERED until 1-2hrs before the lesson itself. Does not care about wasting your time. There was once he actually said that he thought I had nothing on later on so he shifted my lesson later by 1hr and only told me 1hr before the previously arranged lesson time. Do not learn from him if you are a busy person that cannot accommodate last minute changes, or make sure that you clear one whole day for his lessons in case he pulls this kind of nonsense on you.
- K.W

Irresponsible Businessman

I don't know how this instructor got so many good reviews. As an driving instructor, I don't find his teaching good, he gave very vague instructions and sometimes inconsistent. He also doesn't take into account that everyone is different, on this point, I totally agree with K.W. When I told him I didn't understand what he was trying to say, instead of explaining, he asked me why I can't do it when everyone else can... (Sure, I would have the answer...). He cares about his car a lot, he spent hours talking about how much he need to repair the gears, engine, and doesn't even tell me what is acceleration needed on the road. He always ask me to slow down whenever I exceed 30km/hr. He scare I will scratch his car. Obviously I don't have enough acceleration on the road, and got demerit point during TP. On a personal level, he is more of a business man than instructor. I book my test in SSDC and told him weeks in advance, yet he kept asking me to go to CDC circuit for practice, this is just for his convenience. So ended up I only spent 4 hours in SSDC circuit ( and that is because of my persistence) before my TP. He only teach me emergency break during the warm-up of TP, and that is because I asked for it, otherwise he would skip it I think. He is not familiar with SSDC circuit too, all the reference point was wrong. It is ok if he told me that beforehand, and I could have found another instructor, but he did not. More over, for the first 12 hours of the class, he asked his cousin to teach me instead of him teaching me, his cousin is nice but doesn't give a lot of tips. He also took my PDL during the first class, so I couldn't change instructor half way. Overall, I just think he is a businessman than an instructor. You can go with him if you don't mind paying more than what you actually need.
- Mavis

Don't let him keep your PDL

He is my first intructor. One of the worst. Maybe he was patient and passionate last time, but he is none of these now. He doesn't care about his students at all. He will take your PDL during first lessonand only return to you during your TP. Don't give it to him. As a PDI, he has no right to keep your PDL. He does it so you can't change to another intructor.
- Anonymous

If you have the heart to learn

Passed on my 1st try after 14 lessons. Good tips, and are responsible for your learning. Push you hard when nearing TP test. He is fierce when you make repeated mistakes or when what you have committed was a dangerous act. Dont expect him to shower you with praises when these happens but he knows how to assure you when you are well with your handling. Saw a few reviews talking about Mr Toh " doesn't take into account that everyone is different", for my case, he actually let me try out different POV to see which tips suits me, letting me find my own points to turn. Although Mr Toh let his cousin teach in between lessons like from second lesson till you enter circuit, his cousin is also a retired driving instructor. He is patient and really nice, slightly different from mr toh style which is on the fierce side. Thus this 2 actually strike a well balance. I would direct my qns to his cousin and get the basics of road while circuit is from Mr Toh. Mr Toh has students from 8am - 10pm so he is very busy and will not be replying your texts often. I make it a habit to text him a day earlier, and if he did not reply, call him the next day. He picks up his phone and will answer your queries. If you have the heart to learn, he has the heart to teach.
- C

Highly Recommended

Similar to previous review titled 'If you have the heart to learn -- by C.", I also passed on my first attempt after 14 lessons with Mr. Toh. I fully agree with his/her view point and had similar experience. Mr. Toh shared a lot of practical tips for you to pass the TP and his teaching is quite good. He is patient most of the time and only get a little bit fierce when you repeat same mistakes or commits dangerous acts. Of course, Mr.Toh's only intention is to guide you to pass the TP. Some of the reviewers said he didn't reply text promptly, but I do feel that Mr.Toh has improved on this point. He always try to fix the appointments for students in advance (for my case, every week after the lesson). Additionally, he always try to send SMS reminders 1-2 days before the lesson. I am really thankful for Mr.Toh's kind coaching and appreciate his passion. If you have the correct attitude as a learner, I will strongly recommend you to follow Mr.Toh.
- Richard Xu

Strict but Good

His way of teaching might be quite uncle, but it surely works in alot of ways. Have took 11 lesson with him, before every lesson he will drop me a text msg to remind me for the lesson dates. He is VERY STRICT but it's good, as he will MAKE SURE you do and remember all safety checks before moving out and on the road. In same ways he might offend you, but don take it to heart as he is trying to make you learn and know everything by heart. As for the E-brake teach only during the warm up before TP, is small issue, what he told me before, smart people don need to worry about E-brake, just worry about all safety checks and parking will do. Cos its really very easy to learn for the E-brake. Lastly of cos i did got lucky and manage to 1 time pass. Thomas, POWER LA !!!!!
- Auther

A friendly and patient expert

Recommended to me by a friend. Passed my TP test with just 1 try. Highly recommended for SAF Drivers / Dual Vocationalists who cannot clock the required mileage to convert to a civilian license. I went to him quite late, so I took about 6-7 lessons with him, while a friend of mine who went to him much earlier, almost right after passing the military driving course, only took 3 lessons (to familiarise with the vehicle (omg private manual cars are so quiet!!!), civilian driving rules (where you should make right turns using lane one as much as possible), and the road around CDC (got 1 place where you cannot keep left if not you go expressway tunnel)). His turning points are great, and he offers really timely feedback on your driving. He is rather chatty and a super friendly person (even offered me a Red Bull before my TP test LoL). Just one thing to take note, sometimes you may not be able to understand what he is trying to say, in such instances you should seek clarifications on the spot (relax, he's a super chill guy), no man-moding with the "act blur live longer" mentality.
- JY

One of the best!

I only took 14 lessons and passed with 1 try under Mr Toh. He covers every detail you will need and all his tips would definitely help you. Plus, he is very honest and he won't eat your time at all, at most maybe a long lesson he would need to go to the toilet for less than 5 mins. I used to have another instructor before Mr Toh and that instructor eat half an hour out of my 2 hours but Mr toh does not eat a minute of my time at all which makes me really trust him that every cent I spent is used well. Definitely recommend him to anyone who is learning manual car. Plus, he was very willing to accommodate me even though I was in a rush to get my license and I successfully got it while learning for 1.5 months.
- w

Effective Instructor

Passed on my first attempt (around 15 lessons). Starts you off at Buangkok/Sengkang area before taking you to Ubi (road and circuit). Honestly I felt like I could have gone to Ubi sooner, but Sengkang is a good place to get your foundations right, so I'm not complaining. Overall a patient and well-tempered instructor who will treat you with respect.
- WY

Patient instructor

Mr Toh is very patient with his students and bothers to strike up a conversation and maintain a good relationship with his students. He is a little pricey though. But i guess quality instructors come with a premium like every other thing right? Passed on 1st try.
- D

Patient instructor

Passed first time with 15 lessons total. Patient instructor, understand that people make mistakes. Kept reminding me to check blind spots and safety rules. Can be annoying at times when nagging but at the end of the day still for your own good.
- HZ Lim

I don't recommend this instructor to females!!

I failed on my first try of driving test. He is overall a patient person however he tends to give unclear instructions. The way he communicates and confuse student (as to went to turn for vertical parking etc) Each time i do vertical parking, the estimation of where to turn the steering wheel, always changes in each session and that confuses me alot. Hence, no doubt, i got demerit at vertical parking. When i am out on the road, he always ask me not rush etc. and to my horror, i got demerit points for not accelerating and speeding up on roads (outside of circuit) When i told him i failed, he did not bother to talk to me and listen to my woes. He simply brush me off and said he need to rush to ssdc as he got students waiting for him. I feel he is more like a business men rather than a teacher. He will only teach u how to pass and drive using his car, nissan sunny. but when u were to change car and drive your own car or parent scar, his method no longer can apply anymore. And this is particularly true for reverse and parallel parking. I am a girl and I experience him continuously touching my hand when i am shifting gear box and he will touch my arm too when my both hands on steering. He has been doing it for 11 lessons however it was only until the 8th lesson i felt is overboard when he invited me to go JB with him or to go drinking with him at pub. So ladies, in particularly, u may want to consider another instructor and not Mr Toh.
- Pom

Best PDI in Singapore!

Mr Toh is my 1st private instructor and i passed 1st time with 6 demerit points. I had a total of 14 lessons with him and in every lesson, he did not sleep nor slack off. In fact, he will make sure to correct all your mistakes and make you a confident driver. He might scold you professionally if you have committed the same mistake but it is for your own good. All in all, i can confirm with you that Mr Toh is the best PDI instructor in Singapore.

Good instructor

Strict and effective instructor. Took 10 lessons with him and passed on the first try. Will scold students for repeated mistake but it's for their own good. The circuit techniques that he taught is not bad but I think he's really good and experienced with the CDC test routes. He has busy schedule but he will not eat your lesson time, he teaches 2 full hours every lesson.
- Ed

Unclear instruction, business man

Agreed with many review below. Unclear instruction, like to hold female’s hand. He was usually fierce to me, but when I wore a nice top the other day, he changed his attitude 180degree. He only teach you how to drive using his car and pass exams in CDC. His method is useless once you are driving on the road or out of the circuit. Choose him if you only want to pass the test. There are many better instructors who teach you both how to drive for real and pass the test.
- Anonymous


Have a heart to earn money, have a heart to play tricks on how to pass test, have not heart to teach you how to drive properly on the road... if you just want to pass the driving test, get him, if you want to learn the real driving skills, don’t get him.
- M

Very very bad experience!!!!

He might be the worst individual that I have came across. I only had 1 lesson with him and it was totally unbearable for me. Like others, I had to pay a $70 registration fee plus the usual 2 hours session fees and he claimed that is for him to have a theory lesson on the basics. I attempted to ask him questions as his explanation were unclear and he brushed me off and asked me to listen to him. Then when he asked me questions and i answered wrongly, he blurt out "YOU STUPID AH!" and that's when i felt insulted. When we started on the actual driving, he didn't bother to take note that it was the 1st time i was driving on the road and started rubbish talking and using his phone. When i tried to ask him more questions, he once again brushed me off and commanded me to use listen to his instruction and don't ask anything at all which i find it ridiculous. His topic of conversation also made me uncomfortable with topics revolving around ladies,sex and prostitutes(LADIES, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE LESSONS FROM HIM AS HE IS A PERVERTED OLD MAN!!). While been distracted by his consistent talking and his failure to give proper instructions, i made a mistake during the session and he started using vulgarities to scold me repeatedly. I was really angry and wanted to stop the session but i remembered he was keeping my NRIC before the start of the session which i also find it unreasonable. It was a totally unbearable 2 hours for me!! In conclusion, my advice is that unless you enjoyed listening to vulgarities, been harassed by his dirty talks and able to follow his vague instructions, please do not engage him as your PDL!!
- A.S.S


Can I give a zero star rating? Absolutely horrendous experience with Mr Toh. 1. Does not teach you from the start. Throws you to his cousin (who is actually really nice and sweet) for the bulk of the lessons. Only towards the end do you see him. 2. Takes forever to book lesson with him. He doesn't reply your messages. He might occasionally pick up calls and then tell you he is in a meeting (which one time, while we were waiting for class to start, he was chit chatting with his friends at the coffee shop, he picked up a call from a student and then told him/her he was in a meeting and will call him back later. Blatantly lying, rather irresponsible) 3. Violent / Unnecessary touching? Girls beware. During our lesson together, he slapped my thighs, slapped my arm and pinned my head to the window. (mind you, when I say slapped, I'm talking about strength and leaving a red mark on me). He also keeps a plastic white stick on the floor which he used to hit me during the lesson. During our lesson together, I remember an incident where we were just about to go pass a junction when the traffic light turned amber. And I asked if he wanted me to go straight and he said ya go straight. And because he has been so fierce throughout the lesson, I was afraid and I just didn't want to provoke him so i followed his instruction. To which he screamed, slapped me in my arm and shouted at me saying the traffic light turned amber. He hit me so hard, I had tears in my eyes. He proceeded to claim that he didn't tell me to go straight and because I was fearful, I didn't fight. I just said okay. 4. Insulting. During our circuit lesson, he asked me to estimate the length of a tile. And I said maybe 20cm? He proceeded to lash out at me saying that I had 'no brains', i 'didn't go to school', I'm an 'idiot' etc. I am a university undergraduate and I did go to school. On many occasions, he continues to hurl personal insults at me. Honestly I am so traumatised by the whole experience. I left his car crying. I regret fearing, regret not having left his car earlier and standing up for myself. I even paid for it. I paid for getting hit, for getting touched and hurled personal insults. I rarely give any feedbacks to anything, but DO NOT TAKE LESSONS with Mr Toh. It is absolutely terrifying and scaring. Especially for girls, stay away, you might be too scared to leave by the time it happens.
- xyz


It was a bad experience. I really don't see how he can be patient, he is really very impatient. It is impossible to fix appointments with him. He doesn't reply your messages, he says he is in a meeting when you call him. But he is usually just chatting with his friends at the coffee shopping. Definitely not good for girls, he is kind of pervy. He even hit me on my thigh, on my arm and hand. He carries a stick that he used to hit my thigh during our lesson. Just don't even try to take lessons with him, traumatised me.
- Jas

Disgustingly Horrible

Will only recommend if you like to be mentally and physically abused.
- Qwerty

He threatens to sue me!

I left a bad feedback earlier, which was my true experience and honest feedback. He called me and threatened to sue me. Horrible human being. I also suspect he get his friends to repeatedly write good feedback on him. Anyway, bad experience, not worth
- Mr

Recommended if you want pass the exam

Mr. Toh was very patient and nice, His exam technique is very useful, and he was flexible with lesson times. He was encouraging you all the time , and keep reminding me of what I should do during the exam. I took just under 10 lessons under him and passed on my first try.
- Selene

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