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Good and cheap

Cheap rate for those in the East, perhaps among the cheapest. $40 for 1.5 hour (non-peak). But he teaches Auto car only. So far i'm coming into my 6th lesson with him now. He's a good instructor, doesn't sleep at all, very alert and quite friendly. Doesn't scold and not too fierce, unlike some who shouts rudely at beginner students or use a cane...
- coachforless

Good PDI

Very patient and shares lot of tips. Money well spent.
- cookie2009

Lousy and rude

Really a lousy instructor, bad attitude, keeps saying "shlow" when you are driving at a reasonable speed.
- Noobhai

Extremely unprofessional

Made an appointment with me , and decided to cancel the lesson upon my arrival. Was rude and inconsiderate.
- wastedtime

Cheap and Good

Took lessons with him over 3+ months (once a week), about 18 lessons in total (including 5 circuit), passed on first try. He can converse in English, plans your lessons according to your progress and has quite a systematic way of teaching, providing tips when he feels like you are ready. Pretty cheap rates compared to the others as well. Doesn't try to make lame small talk during lessons which I preferred, can be a bit naggy especially when you start going too fast or make silly repeated mistakes but nothing too bad. Highly recommended for east siders taking Class 3A license.

Irritating but does his job

Pros: Does not sleep on the job Alert Will correct you when you do something wrong Cons: Likes to nag Sometimes when you make a mistake he will keep talking about the mistake Overall: He is a responsible instructor that does his job even though he will probably get on your nerve most of the time. But i guess he is one of the better instructors already considering the current standards.
- Z

good, but rude

Does his job, however he would sometimes come 5 minutes late and release 5 minutes earlier. He make sures you correct your mistake and tells you where you go wrong, but he can quite tempremental, will scold you and nag at you very angrily. Sometimes will give sarcastic and mean comments but just have to bear with it. Overall not bad but I wouldn't recommend him to my friends because I wouldn't want them to go through that.
- Anon

Angsty old man

Initially at the beginning, he was patience and welling to teach. However after a few lessons, he start to show his patterns by being 5 mins late, showing tempers without reservation, expect you to understand by explaining once, not patience, talk sarcastically. Overtime he made the lessons unbearable but I mange to pass after enduring. Not recommended.
- Browny

Extremely rude, inpatience, bad attitude

Angsty and like to shout at the top of his voice. No patience. Not recommended.
- Madza

Shit attitude, rude, sarcastic

Angsty, likes to shout, likes to jerk the steering wheel when you are driving, gives confusing instructions. On my first lesson, expected me to do perfect u turns and complete parallel parking. He was extremely unhappy and started shouting when i couldn't do what he asked. Nags a lot when you drive. 0/10, highly unrecommended. Throwing your money into the drain would help with your driving skills more than going to this dude.
- anon


My one line above sums up EVERYTHING. His name is RICKY TEO and his alternate number is 90670028. He made me almost break down for the past 6 lessons. First two lessons act patient and seemed like trying to help you, then REAL attitude comes in onwards. Ever since then, every lesson KEEP shouting at me - causing me to lose focus on the road and hence became less alert then he continue to shout and shout and shout NON STOP. I recommend you to take this instructor if you want to get SHOUTED and make you feel super demoralised. Honest recommendation will only be if you feel you wont make ANY MISTAKE then u can go ahead and book him. If you feel that you and driving might not click that well, please do not engage him. When i told him im still confuse or not good at certain things, he just reply one liner words that shut u down - you can't even get him to teach u properly to make sure u won't make the same mistakes again. Honestly, I don't understand how such people can be a driving instructor - keep shouting at the student doesn't make him/her learn, he will only make u become more distracted and less alert. Please be aware and think twice before engaging his service.
- tiff

Average, not really recommended

Whats been said below is rather true about Mr Teo i guess. Always rather naggy, angsty, impatient and makes rude remarks whenever you make a mistake. However even though the nagginess and angsty remarks made by him can be very demoralising, i guess it also sorts of gets drilled in your head. On a side note his english isnt very proficient as well, so if you prefer someone who can teach in english, might be quite hard to understand what hes saying sometimes (then again if you make a mistake cause you couldnt really understand his instructions in the first place, he starts scolding you randomly for doing things against his instructions).... Overall not recommended, but managed to on time pass just yesterday though (lucky had a good tester)
- teddyshao

Not professional

This instructor didn't prepare you for the test and also doesn't care if you could pass before the test. Not recommended.
- Miso


MR TEO SUCKS! May be cheap but not good at all. Highly recommend that no one signs up with him!!!!! At first, he may seem like a nice guy, he will show you a list of the people who have passed under him and say that everyone passes first time under him but it is not true. He has many students who fail and even some who are taking their test for the 6th time. After the first few lessons, he will show his true colours and start screaming at you. He kept saying that I wasn't following his instructions but the truth is he can't teach and he expects you to know everything even before he teaches you or rather tries to "teach". His language skills are horrible and he even asked me if I wanted to die when I was afraid to move the car as there were many big trucks and buses next to me. His instructions are not clear and his English is horrible. When you don't understand what he is saying and asks him again, he will scream at you and call you dumb. Even during the lesson right before the test, he will keep telling you that you will fail and when you do he will tell you that he was right from the first lesson. Horrible man and instructor. If you want to go to him, you are wasting your money and time and effort tanking his rubbish. 10/10 would not recommend RICKY TEO.
- Jacob

Naggy but effective driving instructor

Passed on the first try within 3 months of lessons! Pros: - systematic lessons, lets you practice stuff like parking etc a few times outside before letting you book circuit lessons (saves you money) - gave me really good tips to pass for both circuit driving + road driving (as long as you can remember them all - very specific tips e.g. what to do for which parking lot etc). even advised me to book my test date during school holiday week as there would be less cars on the road. - able to communicate in English - doesn't waste time during lessons and pays attention to my driving (even when he is on the phone with other students he still manages to point out my mistakes made earlier after he ends his phone call lol) Cons: - sometimes comes 5min late/releases 5min early but wasn't a problem for me - can be quite naggy and says stuff like "if you do this sure fail" but didn't bother me really. It actually helped me to take his instructions more seriously and remember all his tips through his constant nagging! I was quite forgetful but he never shouted at me, only sighed and continued his nagging lol. if you are a quick learner then his style of teaching should be fine, just tahan and pass quickly! but if you're looking for some patient and encouraging teacher then maybe he wont suit you. - he does listen to the Chinese radio and take phone calls during lessons but to me it didn't affect his teaching
- BT

lousy PDI with very bad attitude

10/10 will not recommend him. took about 5 months worth of lessons from him but I still couldn't pass my TP test. I felt very demoralized from all his verbal insults and he is not patient at all.
- anon

Decent Instructor

Not the most pleasant instructor, but he's efficient and gets the job done pretty well. Suitable for those looking to pass driving quickly. Do take note you'll have to take the initiative to clarify your mistakes with him cause often times he doesn't point it out/ give tips on how to correct it. Will only tell you "like that immediate failure" or something along those lines.
- mtsr

Great Learning Experience

I’m not sure why there are so many negative reviews, but Ricky is really a great PDI! I’d like to share my own experience. I went for 30 sessions, including 11 in CDC, and passed with one try. Ricky is a very experienced instructor. He is very willing to share his own tips on driving, and will find the best time slot for your practice and test. He has even reminded me to go for classes when I went overseas for a month. He has been very patient too, despite I made similar mistakes every time. His lesson is really value for money. After compared with my friends who were under other PDI, I found Ricky’s rate is very cheap.I asked him to give me more lessons before my test, but he told me it’d be wasting money to have too many sessions unnecessarily LOL! He shared stories on how did his other students failed the test, and brought me to those tricky road to practice. If you are fast learner and prefer Mandarin speaking PDI, I would recommend him to you, otherwise learning in CDC might be a better choice.
- D

give him chance la

passed first time. honestly all the lessons leading up to my test had me emotionally shaken because he would often shout and demoralise you. but only at the end of the day when you pass and look back you see reasons as to why he does what he does. he will drill certain things into your head so the shouting comes into use at the end of the day. he also has his own language but you will get used to it after a few lessons. overall it was not the most pleasant experience but the job gets done. only after i passed then he told me i was good lol you just need to trust his experience of all his students passing lor
- hi

Best at Being AngstyRudeImpatience

Teo Kok Liang is really not a nice, professional teacher. Take my advice and find a proper private driver such as TAN CHENG KIAT(80%). At first, he may seem like a nice guy, he will show you a list of the people who have passed under him and say that everyone passes first time under him but it is not true(61.04%). After the first few lessons, he will show his true colours and start shouting at you. He kept saying that I wasn't following his instructions but the truth is he can't teach and he expects you to know everything even before he "teaches" you. His English language skills are horrible, he mumbles all his words softly and expect you to follow his instructions on the road. When you don't understand what he is saying and asks him again, he will scream at you and call you deaf. If you want to go to him, you need to able to be strong mentally enough to overcome his insults. Didnt continue my lessons with him, decided to jump out and find another new instructor. 100% would not recommend RICKY TEO 🙂
- KokLiangisShit

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