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Teo Cheng Bock
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Instructor that does NOT even know the traffic rule

Teo Cheng Bock works at Daniel Ng Driving Center, he teaches auto transmission. I have had several session with him, I feel compelled to share my experience to fellow learners here. Something quite fundamental wrong with his teaching: 1. never teach students to check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes or turning 2. even taught me to stop at junction without handbrake (surely fail in driving test) 3. for residential area, it is OK to stop in yellow box. He fails to impart safe driving skills and I don't think he is even to give any tricks or tips.
- sm62zone

Waste of money

Have to warn new learners about Daniel Ng & its' pool of driving instructors. Tan Cheng Bock is one of the instructors working under Daniel Ng Driving Instruction (in which this company also has serious management issues). He never mentioned about the need to check blindspots before changing lanes and gives the wrong information about traffic rules. He is always late for lessons and end early. Not a dedicated instructor whom is genuine in teaching the techniques of driving. Lack of patience and is always out to demoralize student even when student had only started learning to drive.
- X

At your own risk

Teo Cheng Bock works under Daniel Ng Driving. Has poor attitude and often holds long conversation on the phone. Does not bother to tell caller that he is in the middle of a class. Does not know traffic rules well often giving wrong info. Learn at own risk.
- Sz

Waste time and $

Currently learning auto under Mr teo from Ng Driving Instruction. First time wants to book weekend saturday slot told me to wait until next year 2017. HUH!! Mr teo always busy and cancel my slot and never inform me! never give proper instruction and will say nasty thing to me. We are new learner but he expect us to be a pro.
- qis


Keeps warning about punctuality and dont cancel slot but ownself always cancel. Get's angry easily and always try end classes early. No proper teaching techniques and always in a hurry, if upon 10, i would give this guy a -billion if can. Furthermore daniel ng driving center lack of people and always cancel timing, lousy organisation.
- New91driver

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