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Tay Thian Seng
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Overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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Not bad

Mr Tay is not bad. His rates are really good at $28/hr with fetch and send service directly from my house which was really convenient.
- marcusleetk

Patient, Friendly Instructor

He's really patient and never loses his temper or patience when coaching me. Am very satisfied with his lessons so far!!
- y

Kind, Patient instructor

Learnt quite a few lessons from him and am very glad to have been under his guidance and teaching all along. Naturally, while learning I make mistakes (stalling, etc) and he didnt scold but instead helped and explained why I made that mistake etc. Would recommend to friends as well!
- Kelly


Not sure why the previous reviews gave him 5 stars but this is my experience with Uncle Tay. Seems nice and friendly during the first few lessons. Pretty chill and let me drive up to 4th gear. Allowed me to change dates if I have other commitments. He's also relatively cheap compared to the other instructors in the market. Supposed to have a pick up from home service but he would tell me that he dropped his previous student very far away and hence I was never offered the service. Bad Points -asked me to drive all the way until Changi Coast Rd (for f***? It was a long straight road and I was behind a cement truck the entire way going at 40kmh. I learnt nothing) -falls asleep frequently. I would jam brake or rev his car hard before he wakes up -doesn't allow me to ask questions -fills in the TOTO/4D slip while I'm driving (and therefore not looking out for danger) -asked me to stop the car by the road and buy TOTO/4D for him -asked me to stop the car to have lunch with him (15 mins) -regular shouting matches in the car with Hokkien vulgarities (oh how much I've missed him) -kept using his brake unnecessarily -asked to honk at chio girls walking on the pavement ("Wa see hot hor? You want or not? -I learnt how to park the car from my Dad All in all, after I passed, I wanted to ruin his gears, pull out his handbrake and key his car. Take my review however you will. Just here to give a word of caution if you intend to learn from him. P.S I failed on my first try (i'm not blaming him) but pssst, check out his students' passing rates
- Gerald


Exactly what Gerald has said on the review below. 2nd lesson told me to drove from tampines to cdc, I don't even have confident to go gear 1 yet (sorry I very lousy I know). Stall the car like crazy, and he just keep scolding me on why I stall instead of correcting my mistake. I know some will say you know, you have to learn through the hard way. Just go out on the road and drive, to boost confidence. No man, I wasn't even prepared to drive on the road yet. I was still very unsure with everything. And is doesn't just compromise my safety, but other people's as well. Didn't take the test with him, decided to change instructor in the end.
- Mike

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