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Tay Hewe Hong
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Patient, skillful and friendly

Lessons with Mr Tay (you may call him Mr David Tay too) were enjoyable and fun. I was learning new things and building up skills every lesson. He was really patient and will never flare up even though I committed mistakes on the road, in fact, he will just correct my mistake and we try it again, that's about it. He's a disciplined man too, punctual for lessons, and I would say never take advantage of students' learning time to go to the bathroom and stuff. Well, he does so rarely, but I could understand it since it's nature's call. And when I say rarely, I meant only twice out of my 30 lessons, wth each lasting 5 minutes max. Would like to thank Mr Tay for all his help the past few months! Hope this helps! Cheers!
- Felicia Lee

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