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Tang Swe Hong
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Simply cannot recommend

Pro 1.) Relatively easy to get lesson booking 2.) Car is maintained properly 3.) Doesnt smoke Cons 1.) Teaching method is unsystematic and ineffective. This is because - does not explain the rationale behind what you do unless you ask him - when he explains , he will explain in a harsh tone and further clarifications from the learner are not welcomed as he will just keep quiet even if you ask to confirm - give last minute directions / instruction and fault you if you are unable to execute ( ie :slow down to check ) for safety . -does not teach you alot of the knowledge that you require for your tp test . example : checking blind spots -will rush you during your circuit lesson practice , after each station does not give you feedback to improve . just ask you to move on to next one , questions on how to improve are always met with harsh comments - Paranoid about damaging his car , therefore will not let you learn from your mistakes .he will either do it for you ( example : steering right across a intersection or in the odd chance , that he allows it , he will give unconstructive comments like : " please dont damage my car leh ! " before asking u to do something else . 2.) Unprofessional Conduct . Some of his behaviour include - Forgeting that you have lessons -Charging you for an another 30 minutes of lesson time even if you meet him at admiralty , to compensate for his " drive " time there - Does not book for you your circuit practice even after he promises - will not even mention booking TP test for you unless you insist strongly , but he will still insist that you are not ready even after 30 lessons with him - asking you to drive him around for errands . (to pick up things from his friend ,pump petrol ) 3.) Negative and bad attitude . Some of his behaviour include - Will give sacaratic remark when you fail at doing something . For example : Can you use your head ? or are you a girl ? - negative comments to put you down ,for instance , instead of encouraging you to try to improve , he will instead suggest that you just give up on trying to learn how to drive manuel and switch to auto . Conclusion : Based on my personal experience , I simply cannot recommend this PDI to any learner . His passing rate at SSDC according to TP website ( http://learn-to-drive.spf.gov.sg/services/learn_to_drive/passingrates/private.htm ) is at 17.65% (17 attempts , 3 pass ) , having gone thru a long period of lessons with him . I can fully appreciate why this is so and hope that others will not have to go thru the same ordeal as i did .
- Anonymous

Friendly and punctual!

I felt that Mr Tang was always punctual, and he was understanding when I first began and was not so good at clutch control. Although he nagged/ scolded when I repeated the same mistakes, I know it was for my own good and he was always cool after that!
- anonymous

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