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Do Not Ever Take Lessons with Ivan Tan!

1. He does not teach, you will not learn any concrete driving skill from him. If you are new to driving, avoid him like a plague. He assumes that you have experience and already know how to drive. When you make a mistake, he doesn't explain first but goes straight to scold you with comments like: your driving not good, you liddat cannot pass. When you ask questions to clarify what is the right way, he will shoot you back with comments like: you don't want to listen, then you go do your way. The most ridiculous encounter was when he told me to use the reserved parallel parking place in the circuit, and someone called to tell him to get out of there and make way for testers' cars. He turned around to scold me for entering there. I didn't really bother to comment on his remarks but felt really stupid about myself for taking lessons with him. 2. He is very calculative and not worth your money He is charging $406 (in total) for taking the practical test which the market price is around $350. He did not mention to me the price until 1 week before the test date, by when is quite late to change or cancel. His rate is competitive but he does not provide full service. He doesn't pick up students from the nearest MRT also. Even when he did offer once to pick me up at Tai Seng, he was late for 30 mins. He said I still have to pay him because he was stuck in traffic. Understandable from a logical perspective, but still quite an unpleasant experience. I am sure there are more kind-hearted instructors out there who charge fairly and give you a pleasant learning experience. 3. He doesn't have a teaching plan to get you fully prepared for test This is probably the first red flag. I told him the timeline for my test and I asked him about what are the technics I have to learn and when do we go in the circuit and how many lessons roughly to get there. His exact answer: "Just drive la. Worry so much for what?" I have booked my practical test next week, and I know I will not be able to pass (I only entered circuit 3 times). I regret taking him as PDI, so people don't fall for it.
- kittykat111

bad advert

he advertised himself online as a "SURE PASS" instructor but .... OH WELLLLL
- edmw

Avoid Him

I have to agree that he does not teach and will not highlight important skills that are required to pass the test. I failed my first TP test under him. First few lessons he was alright but after a while, he got really impatient and rude! He is rarely punctual and would always take 10 mins toilet break. Some problems I faced with him: 1. He would always message his availability at like 5/6am in the morning when most of us would still be asleep and when I replied him a few hours later, guess what? the slots are booked! I always tried to tell him at least 1 week earlier on which day I am free, but he always said he is teaching and will check later. IN THE END he forgot to reply me and blamed me for not telling him earlier! LOL 2. He did not teach at all during the circuit training! First time entering the circuit, I have no idea how to do the parallel and vertical parking and all he said was for me to try it myself and I was super confused. For the next few trainings in the circuit, I just tried myself again BUT he didn't pay attention or even try to correct me when I hit the kerb. He would just ask me to move on and try another station. ONCE he forgot to book the circuit and my TP test was approaching, so I told him I wanted to practice parking. He brought me to an empty parking lot and simply asked me to try to reverse the car correctly into the parking lot while he went to the toilet! You should avoid him at all cost unless you love to SELF-LEARN lol. 3. His TP Package is just too expensive plus with this kind of teaching, you wouldn't expect a PASS right? SO just avoid him, all the good reviews about him out there are probably from the fast learners or those who just lucky enough.
- Yi

Super Patient Instructor

Ivan Tan is a super patient instructor and his teaching is easy to understand. i failed my TP twice and he never gave up on me. i did not fail because of him. i failed because i hit mount the kerb. i would definitely recommend him to new learners. he never scolds me and he knows all the tricks to passing. his car is clean and easy to drive especially when you’re in the circuit.
- NY

Avoid, Ovecharge

Overcharge for TP when others are only charging 200-300. Horrible teaching. Late. Glad I switched from him to another.
- Anonymous

Good PDI

Mr Ivan is a nice Instructor. He will give you tips on how to pass the TP Test. Went for 5 lessons with him prior to TP Test. Passed TP at first try.. Recommended to others.
- Wan

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