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Tan Soo Eng
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Normal Instructor

1,car inside and outside is unclean, like himself; 2,normal his a kind teacher; 3,his note book is mess, so if that day have circuit better inform him, or he maybe forget it; 4,each time after class pay it, no advance payment, that is very good; 5,by the way hougang can pick-up at home very good; 6,night learn parking at car-park is he tired he can sleeply, better than Mr.PANG AH FAT he can pay car-park cash-card no need you buy it yourself, each time only need 50 cents; 7,if he advise you add some class, you'd better listen to him, or his mood will become bad from that day on, but himself is a soft man, keep scold you, better listen to him and keep quiet, or he will give you the mood he give you up let yourself die on yourself, 8,All singaporen private teacher all asshole, this a not a most bad asshole, still better than others.
- George


He's a fucking ti ko pek and money cheater! I was verbally sexual harassed by him after a few lessons with him. Very disgusting! Always talk dirty and talk nonsense. Dirty fellow with dirty car; always eat sour plum and spit the seeds on his hand and throw it at the small pocket of the door handle. Always pulling my steering wheel, even when i'm driving straight road., asked him why or if anything i didn't do correctly let me know, and he went crazy, raging at me. And he used his dirty hand to touch my hand when pulling my steering wheel. Very annoying. Almost every lesson quarreled with him, made me cry 2 times. Fucking disrespectful. Get irritated and give lame excuses when you ask him qns related to driving. P.S. This review system does not allow me to post without giving him rating thus i got to put a 1 star, if not i would not even give him any rating.
- Anonymous


Use lesson to harass female learners, keep saying I’m fairer than chinese nightclub hostess. If you have booked a slot with him, he will suddenly remember he has a test slot at the very last minute And either postpone or cancel you. Don’t treat other people’s time seriously. Don’t even have a notebook to record all his agreed lessons. After 1 lesson, he simply wanted to transfer me to another instructor, claiming all sorts of rubbish reasons, while refusing to return me my 70 dollars registration fees. His car is super filthy, after just the first lesson, I came out smelling like his car. Do not use this instructor if you wish to pass. He’s just out to earn that 70 dollars registration fee.
- AT

Most terrible instructor

The most terrible instructor. Only out to earn $70 registration fee. All calls and sms are never responded. Stay away
- Man

You Will Pass

Based on the reviews on this website, it seems that he has a bad reputation and I am here to clear this up. Firstly, he is the typical uncle instructor in Singapore. Communicating with him proved slightly challenging as he is not very proficient in English. Fret not, you will still be able to understand what he says. His car is dirty but not to the point you will feel unbearable. As an instructor himself, he can be friendly at times but strict when you repeat mistakes. It is normal to be scolded occasionally from time to time especially momentsbefore the test commences. Never panick when driving with him. Just keep your mouth shut and listen to him when he provides an explanation and tries to adjust your steering wheel. Mr Tan is unfortunately rather forgetful at times so do call and message him prior to any incoming lessons in order to avoid any confusion or missed lessons. He is NOT out to cheat your money. He is only there to ensure that you pass your TP. A couple of reviews mentioned that he is a pervert but I can assure you that he is not what he was described on this board. He has many female students under him and most of them passed the TP test without any problems, so don't worry and go ahead to book lessons with him!
- Jeffrey Low Z.R.

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