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Tan Ser Chwee
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Much better than my first 2 instructors

Much better than my first 2 instructors who were rubbish. Mr tan helped me pass on my 3rd try with 4 points. If you stay near him (Bukit Panjang) and are the first student of the day, he can pick u up from your house carpark
- victorlht88

Bad communication, frequently cancels lessons

Mr Tan frequently canceled lessons as close as one day before, even when the lesson had been booked very well in advance. He does not bother to remember your name or driving details, and would frequently cut lessons short due to taking breaks resulting in lessons shorter than what you booked or paid for. During lessons he would also continuously pay attention to his phone instead of you. If you're looking for a reliable instructor and do not have very flexible timings, you may be better off picking someone else.
- samuellee93

Bad communication, frequently cancels lessons

Mr Tan frequently canceled lessons as close as one day before, even when the lesson had been booked very well in advance. He does not bother to remember your name or driving details, and would frequently cut lessons short due to taking breaks resulting in lessons shorter than what you booked or paid for. During lessons he would also continuously pay attention to his phone instead of you. If you're looking for a reliable instructor and do not have very flexible timings, you may be better off picking someone else.
- samuellee93

Cancels Lessons last minute all the time

Took 8 lessons under him and learnt almost nothing except for moving forward and brake. Was told to park but he did not teach me anything. I had to get my BF to teach me how to park. Agree on the point that he frequently cancels lessons. Out of my 8 lessons, 7 of them were re-scheduled from an earlier agreed timing as he always has excuses like stomach-ache, nose bleed or hair pain. He also does not pay attention to you and what you are doing. On my 6th lesson, he is still asking me where I stay.... which he asks every week. I have decided to dump him once and for all, since I figured i can learn driving faster playing Need for Speed than learning from him.
- AhFat

Bad communication, no progress

asks you to do the same things every lesson. little to no progress at all. on his phone half the time and has cancelled lesson before.
- benj


kept using his phone when youre driving. his schedule is always packed. you're lucky to even have one lesson every week wtf. its highly impossible to have 2 lessons per week even when your TP is near. also, he will take breaks; cutting short of your lesson.
- poong

Shittiest Lesson Ever

Firstly, he speaks pasar mlm English...I could barely understand his English and thus,instructions were delivered badly...it's not like i'm oxford English but if you are one who doesnt speak mandarin or dialect..my advise,do not take him..cos his English is atrocious..keeps telling me to brake all the time..and everything I do is WRONG...ALL THE TIME...expects me to learn things soo fast and doesnt teach me anything at all i.e proper techniques or turning etc when he keeps cancelling my lessons ALL THE TIME...I swear to god...I took the trouble to ask ppl to take care of my children just to go for my driving lessons n he does such cancellation that caused soo much inconvenience...my mom even took leave just to help me take care of the kids so that I could go for my lesson...even though I have addressed the issue to him plenty of times he still does such shit nonsense..
- Hood

Worth to take up this instructor

He is very patient and explains and give methods to memorise for S course and parallel parking..
- N

Lousy! Contact at your own risk

Not even worth one star. After I told him that lesson should start on time and no breaks in between, he go ask me find new instructor. Lol srsly this guy, u should not trust
- student

waste of time, waste of money

Decided to change instructors after the third lesson and seeing the reviews here. Mr Tan was recommended to me by a kin and I didn’t bother going online to check the reviews, but after I read them below, I realized I wasn’t the only one who feels that he is a horrible instructor. One hour before my second lesson, he asked me to come half an hour before our agreed timing. When you enter his car, the first thing he asks is for you to pay up, which I feel isn’t a very nice greeting. His lessons are $34/hour and the registration fee is $70. Once I didn’t have small notes so I gave him larger notes expecting a change but well… He also either ends lessons on the dot by cutting you off, saying “see you next time bye bye” or even cuts your lesson short. He never remembers your name or what he has already taught you. Once I had two lessons consecutively on Thursday and Friday in the same week, but he asked me on Friday what we did “that time”, which got me confused because we only met the previous day and it shocked me that he had no recollection of what and where we practiced. I guess this is why some people attend quite a few lessons to find themselves learning barely anything, since he can’t even remember who you are and what your progress is. He rarely speaks throughout the lesson except to ask you to drive slower (when you’re travelling at 20km/h) or to move your left leg randomly or hold the steering wheel properly. Even when I’m not pressing the brake pedal he asks me to stop braking multiple times and I just get sick of telling him I’m not and keep quiet. He gives contradicting instructions umpteen times and it just gets a newbie like me very confused. As mentioned by other students, he does use his phone a lot when you’re driving. All this time I thought he had something against me but I guess this is how he normally is. If you’re attracted by the cheap hourly rates, think about this: $34/h = $51/1.5h. With $51/1.5h, you can find many other better instructors. I don’t understand why he offers 1h lessons anyway when normally, driving lessons are 1.5h.
- sigh...

Look Elsewhere

I settled with this instructor despite his very low passing rate of 30% because he was the only one available when I just got my PDL. Honestly, after 6 lessons, I feel that I've not learnt much. Doesn't explain his instructions at all and when you question further, he scolds you for asking "so much". He doesn't bother to remember your name, progress and has no absolute plan so you can expect to be learning close to nothing with every new lesson. Very sarcastic and it seems that he has something to say about my every action when driving. Clearly keeping my eyes on the road but he insists that I'm looking at the meter and it gets very annoying when he constantly scolds you for something you didn't even do wrong. Similarly, drove at very slow speeds on straight roads with few cars and he can keep asking you to brake when you're only driving at 20 km/h even after you've been through so many lessons. My advice is - look elsewhere. There's a reason for his low passing rate. Expect to rely on yourself to learn through experience and trial and error if you intend to engage him ultimately.
- anon

A good and chill instructor!

Am quite shocked by the negative reviews here about Uncle Tan. I passed my TP on my first try thanks to him! He was very patient with me from day 1, never once did he scold or raised his voice at me even after making repeated mistakes. True, he doesn't talk/nag much but when I asked him questions, he gave me straightforward answers. Will crack a few jokes every now and then, sometimes a bit lame lah but it helped to calm my nerves at times lol. I'm unable to speak mandarin nor any dialects, but his english was understandable to me. Tho his lessons were once a week but personally that worked fine for me. Has been on his phone once or twice when he was teaching me to park but I felt that didn't really affect how he taught me cuz his explanations about parking were very detailed, he even gave me a couple of useful guidelines down on paper. He has taken a few toilet breaks at the petrol kiosk beside bbdc during our lessons but it took no longer than 5mins so I didn't mind. And he has never cancelled on me before. Lastly, am not bothered by the fact that he doesn't remember my name, as long as he could recognize me as his student every week can liao lo! Maybe he was a grumpy lazy old man before but I find him quite the opposite honestly! 🙂
- Kxtten

Ask for the REAL Mr Tan Ser Chwee!!!!

I had signed up with Mr Tan in march this year, and it was only into my 10th plus lesson did I learn that I haven't been learning from the real Mr Tan Ser Chwee himself but an outsourced instructor instead!! I was extremely disappointed as the previous "Mr Tan" (car plate 39xx) was nothing short of horrendous!!! His car was always in a mess, his phone kept ringing and couldn't focus and wasn't able to guide me on how to improve. Simply put - I did not learn anything beneficial from him, only the mere basics. Furious with the subpar teaching, I called the real Mr Tan up and he explained that he has outsourced his work due to his busy schedule. He wasn't transparent with that and its unfair to his students!! He offered me lessons with him directly to which I accepted with much doubt and hesitation. After a couple of lessons, I'm glad I had clarified with him and had learnt from him instead. (The real) Mr Tan is very organized with his teaching, provides handouts for circuits and important pointers, knows bbdc's system/routes/testers in and out. He has taught me soo much in short period of time. He is clear and concise and is able to pin point your mistakes and guide you on how to get it right. He is patient, calm and very well mannered. I passed on the second try with his guidance. Mr Tan (car plate 99x) undeniably deserves 5 star for his meticulous, systematic teaching, patience, and insider information on bbdc. However, I've deducted one star as he is not upfront about his outsourcing tactics and has caused me much time and money on the previous "Mr Tan".
- JH

Horrible Driving Experience

Unfortunately there is no option to give 0 stars, if not I would. I learnt my driving first from Mr Tan and even though I had low expectations of teaching capabilities of driving instructors already (as warned by my friends) I must say that Mr Tan really shocked me. He really does not care about his students learning and keeps on making unnecessary comments and insults. I acknowledge that my driving is not good but a teacher should guide a student to improve, not demoralise them. In addition, he would take toilet breaks to go buy food during lesson (lessons are only 1 hr so that is even more time wasted! effectively only learning for around 40 mins.) I have passed my test on the first try after switching instructors and on hindsight I also realised that he had many unnecessary lessons to try to earn more money. (e.g. bringing me to a slope to learn how to do the slope section in circuit which is relatively easy and does not req 2 1hr sessions to practice) very disappointed with his ethics.
- 98driver


Passed on the first try after 20 lessons. Patient, will point out flaws, teach you the methods for circuit so you just have to listen and execute.
- Tyle

There are 2 instructors

I got Mr Tan's contact from a friend which said that Mr Tan was really patient and nice. After I contacted Mr Tan, he said he would be ok with teaching me, however, what happened next was that another number contacted me immediately after to set the date and time for our first lesson. I was a little suspicious at first but thought maybe he used 2 different phone numbers so didn't think much about it. I took lessons under carplate 39XX and it was a nightmare experience. He doesn't remember what lessons you have been through and would seem to just teach whatever he felt like teaching on that day. To make matters worse, he's basically illiterate, it's hard to communicate with him in basic english or chinese. It was really hard to understand what he was scolding you about as he would only mutter 1 word repeatedly instead of explaining what you did wrong in a sentence and when you asked further to clarify, he would scold you for asking too much. I think he only understood hokkien as I heard him speaking hokkien fluently on the phone in hokkien towards one of our last few lessons. The lessons with him were really a waste of time. I was really doubting why my friends recommended this guy. Only upon seeing the other reviews online, then did I realise I was not learning under the real Mr Tan. I called up the real Mr Tan at the original phone number I was given and was shocked that it was a different person. He told me the instructor I was learning under was his partner as he has too many students. He said he would teach me directly if I wanted to so I went ahead and stopped having lessons with the other guy. The real Mr Tan had a different car, carplate 99X and was a really systematic guy. On the first lesson, he asked me everything about what I've learnt from the other guy and gave me his namecard which had a lesson plan printed on the back of it. After every lesson, he would write down what you have done during the lesson to keep track of your progress and would ask you to show him the card at the start of the next lesson so he could work from there. His teaching was a little bit fast paced with a steep learning curve but he explained the details really well. I only took less than 10 lessons with him before going for my TP which I did pretty well under his guidance. If only I hadn't been outsourced to his partner, I would have saved so much time and money. I was basically learning everything from scratch again. If you want to engage with him, make sure you ask for him and not his partner.
- driving

Great instructor. Would Recommend.

Very patient instructor, does not shout. Always gives his full time during lessons. Can speak in both English/Chinese. Can get pricey at about 38/h ! But it's worth every dollar.
- guangxuan

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