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Very good PDI

I was actually very hesitant on engaging Mr Tan LS at first because he charged very high fees. $50 for registration and $26/hr for peak rate for manual car, when the market rate is $30 for reg and $24 for peak rate. The money is definitely well-spent. Mr Tan is very well-mannered, systematic and patient. I'm really very retarded when it comes to psychomotor coordination, but he has been very encouraging. I rammed two wheels of the car into and over kerbs but he didn't even scold me. Most importantly, he doesn't waste your 1.5hrs unlike those horror stories we've heard of about private instructors. Although he has many students, it is not difficult to arrange a slot with him since he has 2-4 students 'graduating' each week. Of course, you have to play your part and book in advance. 1 week before is generally sufficient. He also tries to plan your lessons such that you have adequate time to practise in the circuit and be familiarised with all the test routes before the test. I really admire him for the pride he takes in his work. Contrary to some instructors who try to make you take more lessons by teaching less each time or hope you don't pass on first attempt to squeeze more money out of you, Mr Tan feels extreme joy and satisfaction when his students pass on first attempt. He is always beaming like a proud father at the end of the week when he recounts the number of 'graduates' that week.
- rara

The best BBDC instructor for manual

He's probably the best BBDC instructor for manual . i have recommended him to my friends who failed and they passed. i passed under him as well.
- LachesisxD

Do not learn from him

This guy is also known as Raymond Tan, do not learn from him unless he willing to take you for all lessons. Cos he didn't for me, so he sub me to Mdm Goh, when she cannot, then she sub me to Mr Lai. I made booking thru Raymond, but 2 or 3 times when confirmed timing but the person he subbed to didn't get the arrangement. Make me waste my time go down and spoil my day. When TP coming, raymond will take over and coach you. Then you will kenna screw cos he will scold you for all sorts of things and ask you who teach one.
- boleng

Good but scolds

He teach well, but very strict and will scold people. So if you can't take scoldings, don't learn from him.
- Hukiko

Got pissed off

Pissed me off. He sent me to other instructions when I just started. Will only teach when nearer TP test. Don't get misled by his high passing rate.
- Schtauffen

Excellent instructor

He gives all lessons in person now. Very amiable teacher who cares a great deal for his students. He's willing to rearrange his schedule to ensure you get enough practice time before your test. Mr. Tan really knows his stuff and he'll teach you step-by-step however many times you need till you're perfect. He can be firm but he's patient and encouraging as well, and never unkind. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- Thorin&co

Lousy worst shitty instructor

My first Insteuctor and this is the worst human i have ever encounter. Before receiving my payment , he reply promptly and stated that I am able to book him every weekday daytime . After receiving my money, He turned into a fucking bitch. He stop replying me. Doesn't give me slot. When I question him regarding all the time he wasted to drive to the carpark to change our car as I was taking manual , he asked me to leave and change to school if I'm not comfortable . THIS IS WHAT U DO AFTER RECEIVINF MONEY? He don't even say hi nor bye. Don't even communicate. Speak so slow like a fucking faggot. Asked him for more slots, he replied " no" and that's all. I'm ready to lodge a complain on him if he is not refunding me my enrollment etc fees, we only had 3 lesson and I don't evev know what was I learning. He speak so soft and keep on talking nonsense ... Jesus Christ
- Sally

not recommended

Now he is changing to teach auto so he will sub his students to other instructor like mdm goh so when ask for refund he do not read the massage when he agree to do a refund despite the last seen.asking the students if they wants to change from manual to auto.
- hotty

please stay away from this instructor

Booked my lesson with him after reading reviews from forums (didn't check if it was legitimate or not, my bad). He has many hidden cost, please do not let him bring you to MSCP as he will make you pay extra on top of your lessons. Does not stay in the car when he is teaching, instead he would take water to clean his car or go do grocery while he parks by the road for 15mins. He shouts & shows you face when engines dies. If the car is so precious, he shouldn't be a driving instructor in the first place. Engage at your own risk
- Tan Lai Soon

never ever engage him

Before engaging him, he promised to give me at least 2-3 lessons a week. But after paying the enrollment fee, he renege on his promise. Made me pay extra 30 dollar to simulate circuit practice at MSCP. He kept wasting lesson time by making me stop on the side of the road and go buy stuffs. He told me to just practice changing gear while i waited for him plus he off the A/C. Once, he made me stop at a petrol kiosk to top up petrol but he ended up chit chatting with the petrol kiosk attendant for about 10mins after topping up. once again, offing the a/c. His attitude towards me is very bad. Every time when i stalled his car, he chao gan me. not only that, when i didn't change the gear the way he taught me how(palming method) he will slap my elbow continuously. plus, he talk so soft when he was instructing me, like talking to his girlfriend like that. full of shit.
- S

1st lesson with raymond tan lai soon

had my first lesson with him few days back. 70 for enrollment 36 for 1hr offpeak.36 for deposit(will return back upon graduating) and 30 for mscp as he claim easier to learn and cannot go in circuit too much. total 172. but i didnt pay him the 30 i said if we were to go practise at mscp will use my own cashcard if needed. as im riding and i have a cashcard and i dont want him to con me.he mentioned he doesnt teach manual anymore so only auto now.after his introduction and all i only drive for 25 mins the first lesson. and i book my next lesson with him on the spot so easier for the both of us. take note he is my 4th PDI. and there are worse PDI then.yes true he will waste time by cleaning his car at the side of the road when we swap seats. but so far he is okay. will update what happen on my 2nd lesson with him.
- johnnydog

Steer Clear

He isn't worth the money and effort learning with. Traumatising experience. He is extremely short-tempered; flares at the slightest mistake made. He is frequently late (10-15 min out of an hour) and ends the lesson early (10 min earlier). He also disappears in the midst of the lesson to satisfy his own needs (eat, brush his teeth, cut hair). Moreover, he is constantly on his phone in the car. Once, he left me in the car by myself while he had his lunch and went to get his teeth brushed after. He also screams and uses a conciliatory tone when speaking to me. He puts me down constantly ("All my students know how to do this, only you don't know!!!!" & "hello MISS!!! WAKE UPPPP!!!!!!!"). He doesn't stand for any questions asked. Hands-down the most horrible person I've ever encountered in my life.
- A

Patient, Friendly

I didn't start off having good experiences with PDIs. In fact, Mr Raymond was my 4th instructor. No doubt, I might be slow in learning driving because to me, there seem to be alot of technicalities involved. By luck I got to know Mr Raymond through a friend of mine. I took some 5-6 lessons with him after failing TP for the 1st attempt under another horrible PDI. The period between my 2 TPs was only a short 3 weeks or so interval. Mr Raymond was quick to understand the urgency behind how soon I need to get my lessons started. I appreciated how he set aside time from his busy schedule and offered me every weekend he has up till the final TP date. During lessons, Mr Raymond was jovial, patient and friendly. Conversations with him was light hearted and he gave very practical tips which is useful not just to pass the test but also, in everyday driving. I passed at my second attempt (after going through just that 5-6 lessons with him). I didn't think i would have passed, if not for him pushing, encouraging and helping me to build my own confidence. For those who are worried of meeting a nasty, rude and impatient PDI (like I did for the previous 3), Raymond is the perfect PDI to go to. And Raymond, if you are reading this, thank you so much for helping me with driving, the tips and advices you have given. I hope to see you around!
- Krist

Top Driver

Funny guy! Give you the tools to pass your test. I pass my test first time, Flawless experience. He did scold me for making so many mistake while learning but I listened, I learned and I passed. Cheaper and faster than learning through school too so I'm happy! Highly recommend!
- Harrison

He Made sure I pass my License.

After the 3rd time I failed my TP, I was gonna give up. It wasnt the instructor. His teachings were totally fine. Its just that I suck so badly. Raymond didn’t give up on me cos he felt that I can pass. And I did the 4th time. So thank you old man.
- Anonymous

serious case of attitude swing

Contact this instructor back in 2016 when i was looking for a PDI. This was a long time ago and I recently remembered when someone i knew was looking for a PDI and mentioned him. Around late April 2016, I found his contact on this website and from the relatively good reviews, i decided to contact him. On top of the hourly charges, he collected a registration fee (as most PDIs do), a carpark fee of $30 (for use of multi-storey carparks for circuit practice) and a $32 deposit. After engaging him, I had to repeatedly ASK him for lessons, push to give me a slot, and also for lessons that are LONGER than 1 hour. Most people will know that lessons are normally 1.5-2 hours and you can barely learn anything in 1 short hour. This was how i had SIX miserable lessons with him where he was always late and ended early. In mid-June, I went overseas for 6 days, and ahead of time, I told Raymond that I would like to book a date. He reassured me and told me not to worry, to enjoy my holiday and contact him when i returned. When i returned and messaged him to book a lesson, he replied "sorry who's that?". ????????????? WHAT EVEN. I had to tell him my index number (he gave his students index numbers to do lesson bookings heh) and he arranged a lesson for me. WITH THIS NONSENSE, I came back on this site and saw that AFTER i engaged him, a stream of bad reviews came in. just my luck. When i went for this lesson (my 7th), I discovered that its not even him!! He had transferred me to another PDI working with/under him. and this new PDI collected ANOTHER $20 from me for "carpark fees". When i told her that Raymond already collected from me, she told me that she already forgo the registration fee so she needs the carpark fee at least.(btw she always brought me to carparks and say that we cannot stay for long because she will get fined. lol but oh well). I ended up with this instructor who was surprisingly nice and a far cry from Raymond. She commented that i didn't know much for someone who was on her 7th lesson and asked if i even learnt anything from Raymond, to which i replied no because he barely taught me shit. AND throughout the time i had lessons with her, SHE ACTUALLY COMPLAINED TO ME ABOUT RAYMOND. HAHAHA. because apparently, i was not the only one transferred to her from under him. What he does is to take the students registration fees and carpark fees and pass it to someone else. what a jerk. SOOOOOO I contacted Raymond and ask him for my $30 and $32 deposit back because i want my money and he was a piece of shit who wasted my time. and he played nice, saying i shouldn't worry, and when i pass my driving he will return the money to me. FAST FORWARD to October when i passed, this guy only return me $32. THE HELL. But at the point of time I can't be bothered and never asked him again and that was the end of my story. Until recently when a friend mentioned him and i saw his flow of good reviews, i realised this dude has a SERIOUS CASE OF ATTITUDE SWING. seriously he only teaches WHEN he feels like it, hence the periods of bad and good review. So for people sourcing for PDIs and who see this, take his good reviews with a pinch of salt.
- helpla

Pls avoid

Found this instructor from this site and thought to give him a shot despite the negative reviews since there were some glowing reviews of him here. Terrible instructor. Impatient, speaks really softly and some of his comments were really condescending and grating which were very off-putting and demoralising to hear. Similar to one of the reviews below, this dude does not stay in the car when he is teaching sometimes, twice he made by parked by the road while he disappeared for 10mins. Has the habit of starting lesson late (once he was still eating lunch when I had appeared and I had to wait for him in the car for 10mins) and ending lessons at least 5-10mins earlier, but tbh his lessons were so painful to endure I was just happy to gtfo of this car.
- Z

Cock up

Always talk so soft like grandmother....and always on his phone. Talk so soft how to hear, ask him repeat Kenna scolded....diu don’t waste time
- Anon

Pass on 2nd attempt!

Like most instructors outside, he may start the lesson late & end the lesson 5-10 minutes early. But that’s fine because he really teaches you skills/techniques you’ll have to learn. Yes he does scolds & he does gets frustrated, but that only happens when you keep repeating the same mistakes. As compared to some other instructors, his scolding is already quite mild as he really wants to ensure that you’re learning under him. He ensures that you’ll pass & indeed I pass on my 2nd attempt as I was too nervous during the 1st attempt. Just remember what he taught you & be more relaxed you’ll be able to pass at the 1st try. Quite a humorous & friendly instructor. Plus his students mostly pass their tp on their 1st or 2nd attempt. Recommended!
- 0084

horrible instructor

- chris


Strict and prepare to get scold always talk soft and mood swing but who care I already pass my tp HAHA
- Wang Chee Yang

Great Instructor

After reading a few of these reviews here online, i feel that Mr Raymond deserves some credit. I finally passed my TP yesterday on the 14th of December 2018. Comparatively to my previous instructor, Mr Raymond was ALWAYS punctual, and provided constructive criticism whenever it was needed. He understood my situation that I needed an instructor to change to. While many others kept asking me who my previous instructor was, Mr Raymond did not bother and was immediately willing to take me in as a student. On my first lesson, I was taken to the roadside where he briefly explained about what I needed to pay, and within a few minutes, I was on the wheel. I guess provided you have experience his teachings might be different. He is always emphasizing on key details that you need to take note, always providing the right tips at the right time. The confidence that he gave me was always good but make no mistake he can be very tough on you as well. After I came back to Singapore I took about 1 lesson per week, and a couple of circuit lessons. He tried to correct my mistakes and clarify my doubts. We have to understand that his scoldings are for our own good and not take it to heart. To compare to my previous instructor, Mr Raymond has never took extra time on his own to head to the toilet, comb his hair, chit chat on the phone. He is focused, alert and ready to help whenever you need. Personally, I feel that you have to show him the respect, show him your effort before he shows you the same respect. Make no mistake, Mr Raymond is tough and fierce but if you want to pass he is the man to go to. With his tips and tricks to help you, I am sure your journey with Mr Raymond will be great.
- Seanguru

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