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Passed my tp

He is very focused in teaching with no radio disruption during lesson. Very patient and wont anyhow scold. He will point out mistakes and explain very carefully. i have tried 2 other instructors peter and mr teo before. i had very bad experience with them and failed twice. he is located at bukit batok, teaching auto driving.
- sharonyum

Glad to have found him

His pick-up/drop off point is at bukit gombak MRT station Deposit is $50 Lesson is $48/lesson and per lesson is 1.5hours i passed on my FIRST try! Had about 18 lessons inclusive of 3 circuit lessons Total cost of getting my class 3A license is about $1200-1300 inclusive of test fees (theory + practical), circuit cost and car rental. The total cost could have been cheaper but i took more lessons and an extra circuit cus i was kiasu. Good things about him: 1) Doesnt eat into your time. Even if he goes to toilet, he only goes before class and he will make up the time for you. 2) Good tempered. Even when i mount curb he only nags and never once scolded me. 3) Step-by-step teaching. Very standardised teaching which i felt was good. (he will record down your progress and even have a book you help you visualise how to do parking and stuff) 4) Doesnt eat, sleep nor chat on phone during lesson. if ppl call him, he will tell them to call back ltr at night. 5) VERY experienced. he will stop me right before i hit the curb in circuit, open the door and show me how near i am to the curb. After which he would teach me how to correct the position of the car. Bad things about him: 1) ONLY sticks the teaching on test routes which may get boring during lessons 2) Abit naggy (but better than being fierce)
- gsallll

pretty punctual and ethical and patient but naggy

he don't usually book lotsa circuit practices for his students (as we practise in a 'fake circuit'). he says 5 is the max. o.o i made him book 3 before my tp. the 'fake circuit' was wrapped up cuz the land got sold off. so now his students learn parking on a makeshift open area place. i guess to learn S-course, narrow course & directional change, you gotta book actual bbdc circuit. :C anyway, he has a pretty high passing rate if you'd check out the statistics. i passed first time (and thereby helped raise his passing rate too lol). he speaks both english & mandarin fluently. he prefers you to call him for lessons and everything. doesnt usually reply to your texts anw. he does take toilet breaks but very rare. he's pretty punctual and ethical and patient etc. he nags a lot, which i think is pretty good cuz you'd be told where you go wrong and hopefully remember and not repeat your mistakes. (well in my case, i kinda grew dependent on his instructions X: but he'd gradually reduced his instructions to the point you're on your own a couple of lessons before tp. yup, that's good practice imo. all i needed were 20 lessons with him (exclusive of the warmup before tp). i'm quite a slow learner and slow reaction to road conditions etc, so you might expect fewer lessons.
- SherylSim501

If you are unsure, Choose him!

Punctual and ethical. He is very detail oriented, which is essential for someone new. He takes note of the slightest detail like when to start turning when exiting parking lot, parking correction, etc. He rarely goes on long conversations on his phone while teaching, and will kindly tell the caller that he is on the road. He will teach you how to read and react to traffic conditions, the sequence of mirrors to check and blind spot so you understand how a car coming from behind appears in which mirrors first, then disappears into blind spot. Something that other instructors probably not take note as they forgot how it was like for a newbie. If you are also meticulous, he will be a good fit for you. Good luck!
- x

Patient and doesn't scold

Found Mr Tan via this website and took around 10 lessons under him before I cleared. (Had prior driving experience in UBI). Great instructor, patient and doesn't scold compared to my previous one. Note: when you try to sign up for private candidate at bbdc, they will try to convince you to join school. They will even tell you your circuit lessons are restricted to 2 max for private candidates. Complet BS. I went for 3 and could have went for more.
- nusboy


Mr Tan is a very busy man but he's definitely worth the wait. He's a very down-to-earth, attentive, punctual and patient man. Very fluent in english and always emphasis on safety as his top priority. Passed on my first try! Thank you Mr Tan!!
- G

Patient and good

He would always try to reject calls politely by telling the other party hes on the road. He is ALWAYS punctual. He uses step by step detailed ways to teach you parking.Passed on my first try too! 🙂 Highly recommended!!
- 0717

Punctual but rather high rates

Took 2 times to pass the TP. Pros: Rather punctual, sometimes would start early if you arrived early.During times when he's late, probably due to his lessons he will make it up for you. Passing rate for his students are little less than 50%, but one of the highest mong other PDI (be mentally prepared if you cant pass the first time) Cons: Didn't emphasis strongly enough on the crucial points to take note during TP (he may just mentioned once or twice and you may overlooked) Does not do any mock trial for your TP Insist on teaching his way (example. throwing 4 points away for steering while vehicle stationery as he scared yoi might hit curb) Rates are quite high as compared to other PDI Circuit timings he provided are mainly late at night (8-10pm)
- Man

Excellent Instructor just choose him

-Patient -Knowledgeable -Punctual -Guides you on all the checks that most private instructors neglect to -Very kind, overslept for one lesson and he only made me pay for the circuit not the lesson fee
- ipassed

Relaxed and easy

I respond really well to constructive feed-back and a person that doesn't raises his voice. Mr Tan has never raised his voice at me, even the slightest. This is definitely based opiniated, but I'm a pretty sensitive person, so you can take my word for his niceness. He provides good feedback and teaches things clearly. He doesn't scold when you ask questions, and responds to me respectfully (subjective too, but like I said, I'm pretty sensitive). It is always a comfortable and relaxing time driving. Passed on my first test. He has a waiting list, and the wait is long, but it is definitely worth it. I waited 4 months, and it was totally worth it. Better a good instructor than to spend that hour of your time feeling torturous.
- Skylar

Excellent and fully recommended

Take ard 10lesson and pass with 1 try . Very patient to point out those mistake I made . Giving him 5 star .
- 1784

Definitely pick him!!!

Passed on first try within about 15 lessons! He is very clear and precise with his instructions on every manoeuvre and very patient. Usually gives a set of instructions that is very simple to follow and easy to achieve for every part of driving. Will always remind you if you make a mistake but always does it in a constructive way instead of simply scolding. Actually enjoyed my lessons haha. Not easy to find a PDI who is serious about what he is doing and who goes through every procedure properly, very fortunate to have come across him (:
- C

Passed my TP in first try

Awesome instructor! Mazda 2 car. Only Took 10 lesson all together and got my license! Book early as his quite busy with his schedule!
- Gavin

Awesome Instructor

Very glad I found Mr Tan. As most people have said, he is very patient and will not waste your time during lessons. No lengthy phone calls or running errands (like I've heard some other instructors do), just full on 1h 30mins of driving along testing routes. He will expedite your learning process if he feels you are ready. After about only 4-5 lessons, he already told me to book my test dates. I only took 9 lessons in total (including 3 circuits) and I passed the first time with only 4 points. He may be a little expensive as compared to others, but if you learn fast and he feels you're ready, you may actually be saving some money and quite a bit of time. (I spent only slightly less then 1000 for all lessons and test included) Highly highly recommend, just know he is very busy, so you may have to call him a few times before you may get the first slot (but after you manage to book you're first slot, booking slots every week is quite easy, he just doesn't want to overbook himself with new students)
- Adam

Awesome instructor!

I was lucky to be able to be under Mr Tan! He is patient, doesn’t flare up, always on time and never once shortchange me of my time! Unfortunately I’m unable to complete my license journey with him due to schedule conflicts 🙁 Thank you Mr Tan for the past 6 lessons, and also for being so understanding towards my schedule!
- Poohpooh

Very patient and professional

Mr Tan is a very patient instructor. Took 10 lessons to pass and cost less than $1k. He has really good tips and never scolds you. Would definitely recommend. He doesn't make you take unnecessary lessons as he is busy, once he is confident you can pass he will help you book the test.
- Zachary

Easily one of the best

He is so patient, explains everything in a very simple manner and not to mention that he is extremely fast and efficient. If he recognises that you are good, he pushes you and speeds through without compromising on quality. He doesn't scold but simply remindreminds you nicely which is great for a hot-tempered person like myself. Gives constructive criticism that you will remember easily. Was never late and fully maximises your lesson time. He does have a very long waiting list and is relatively more expensive but he is so worth.Took a total of maybe 11 lessons with 3 circuits.
- Shad

very thankful I learnt under Mr Tan

Changed driving instructor and I was very lucky that Mr Tan had an available slot for me. He is usually fully booked so you will have to wait but I'll say it is totally worth it as he really does not waste your time and money. I'm not a confident driver at all and I make many mistakes but Mr Tan is very encouraging and does not shout/scold, he also points out all the important things that you need to take note of to pass the test. I only did around 5 circuits with him and during my test, I had perfect circuit with no points deducted! He is a really good teacher and I am very very thankful that I managed to pass within first try! highly recommended.
- 98driver

Great Coaching

Learnt from him about 2 years ago and still recommending others to him... He is really good, patient and safe.
- looie

Patient, Focused and Experienced

I had a rocky start to my journey to learning driving (changed two teachers, nearly changed to school after calling through several teachers for months), but i was really glad that Mr Tan had a slot for me! As per the below comments, Mr Tan was patient and focused. Speaks English, and he knew what to look out for, and your potential mistakes. Doesn't waste your time. Very step by step training, and always guides me on additional queries that I have (eg: parking a MPV). Took a total of 17 sessions (5 circuits) and passed on my first try. He asked me how many circuit sessions I would need to feel confident and arranged upon my request. Thanks Mr Tan!
- W

Highly Recommend

I passed on my first try today! Very good instructor! Highly recommend and really worth the wait.
- 94

Great Instructor

His teaching is very good. He has a lot of students but it’s worth it if you’re willing to wait. He will slot you in when his available asap. Pass on my first try. Definitely recommending him to everyone.
- Balqis

Thankful I learned from Mr Tan

Mr Tan is definitely really experienced in his teaching. Explained everything precisely be it circuit or test routes hence with all the things he taught you, you will definitely excel on the practical test day itself. He is very ethical, understanding and always punctual, speaks fluently in both English and Chinese and always finding ways to help you if you ask or are having any difficulties in certain areas. Thank you for the guidance and patience. You’re definitely a wonderful driving instructor. Thank you once again and all the best for 2019.
- Sherlyn

Very good instructor

passed in 1 try after taking only 9 lessons including circuit. Do note that each lesson under him is 1.5hrs unlike the usual 1 hr. Teaches damn fast , and very patient when mistakes are made. Also remember to ask alot of questions if taking lessons under him
- alex

highly recommended!

Mr Tan was my third instructor after the first two were inattentive, doing their own thing and generally everything bad you hear about instructors. Didn't know what to expect but Mr Tan was a true professional. Attentive, knows what to look out for and teaches without being mean. He does give hard feedback sometimes but is never impatient. Always on time, always paying attention during the 1.5h lesson. He does have a long wait list (up to 6 months long) but if you have the time, super worth waiting for him. Did about 10 lessons inc. 3-4 circuits. Passed w/ 6 points.
- bhussain

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