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Good but don't his partner teach you

Just stick to him and don't let his partner teach cos he's better. New car somemore.
- SiRNiven

Patient and good

Passed my TP today on the first try. I'm glad I found Mr Tan on a reliable passing rate online. He is my 2nd instructor I engaged as the first instructor had bad attitude. Mr Tan is very patient and does give constructive feedback. He is also very puncture.
- Jasmine

Patient & da best

Passed my TP @ first try. Mr Peter Tan was patience through out my lesson with him for the past 6 months. He doesn't scold nor does he have any attitude. He will make sure you are at your best before taking TP. Do give him a call if you are looking for private instructor at Yishun - 94565365
- Jiamin

Two thumbs up!

Very patient and methodical. Passed on first try with minimal lessons. Kept pushing me to take the TP test. Not sure if its because he was swamped with too many students or what... Eh, but whatever the case, he genuinely wants you to pass and will help you get there. Highly recommended!
- T L


Nice and patient teacher will tell you nicely if you make mistake. Best instructor
- Ng

Great Mentor

Uncle Tan is very punctual and patient, a great mentor with good temper. New Toyota Axio. He usually picks students up at Admiralty MRT
- Dawn

Patient and quiet

Mr Tan is very patient, polite and quiet. He usually doesn't say much during the lesson besides giving directions / instructions. This was good for me but some might want a chattier instructor. Also he mainly speaks in Chinese. He is very experienced and good in correcting mistakes. However he's not as good at teaching circuit - suggest you insist on more circuit lessons to practise and ask more questions during the lesson.
- Anon

Passed at 1st attempt with Mr Tan

Mr Tan is nice and patient. Passed at 1st attempt with his guidance.
- Feli

Patient and no nonsense

Mr Tan is a very good, polite and patient instructor. He is very different from other instructors that i know. He doesn't waste your time and or shout at you. He always update you on your lessons.
- Lau

Patient and reasonable instructor

He is a patient and quiet instructor. He will point out to you on your mistakes and also keep reminding you stuffs that will help you during your TP which was very beneficial to me. I really recommend giving him a call! I passed on my first attempt with 8 points thanks to him 🙂
- Levin

Very patient

I would like to share my experience with my 3A private driving instructor Mr Tan . This man is very patient and he speaks calmly giving you all the support you need. He does not waste your time Nor you money . I take my hats off for him as he teaches things clearly and ensures I understand . I spend 3 months learning what I needed to and had pass my tp in only 1 attempt. I strongly recommend Him to any of you who really wants to learn from a instructor who has the right etiquettes and skills. Kudos is his Favourite term to use , well I would say kudos to him for being an awesome pdi/ Friend . Thank you mr Tan once again And I wish you guys all the best for your learning experiences with him 🙂 his contact number is as stated :+65 9667 6769 Location: CDC
- Zul


Not good when he decided to ditch you if you are slow learner and would not proactively teach my weak points Nor give feedbacks. How can he just leave me in a ditch when I have learnt so much lessons from you.

Irresponsible & Money minded

I'm facing the same problem with JCM! Worst is he will not allow you to learn parking at public parking lot but force you to waste your money to practice more times in circuit without giving any clear guideline nor point out your weak points. He will take his own sweet time to walk to exchange the circuit plate no. wasting your money to wait for him. When he try to kick you, he will keep on criticizing you! He only like those people who willingly to spend more money to learn many lessons with him. Especially he will judge you based on your age!

Not bad

Doesn't scold and teaches well however, he does not teach that well in circuit as compared to roads. Have to learn corrections etc in circuit yourself.
- -

Patient and punctual

Patient and quiet, gives you guidelines for circuit and reminds you to do safety checks like checking blind spots (only towards the last few lessons for me). Might nag you a bit if you commit a mistake but he is just reminding you not to commit the same mistake for TP. Had 19 lessons with him in total, of which includes 10 circuit bookings as I was not confident with circuit courses. Usually will take toilet break of around 5mins during lessons on the road, walk slowly to get circuit number plate and chat with other instructors along the way. But I guess all these can be overlooked if you get a driver who is competent and respects you with a good attitude (doesn't shout at you, not condescending). Pick up at Admiralty MRT. Passed TP on first attempt with 12 points (mostly my own bad habits like delay in moving off, speed too slow and forgetting to adjust mirror before driving out of circuit lol). Most important thing is your performance on the day itself, but having a competent instructor helps as well (:
- (:

Waste time & money

Totally waste time & money. He will not provide any feedbacks to you, don’t tell you check blind spots even!!!More like you pay money only for rental that car. You are totally on your own in practise and test
- zj

Great and punctual!

Mr Tan is always punctual and gives good advices be it on the road or circuit. He may be quiet at times and angsty when you make big mistakes but overall he coaches you well. If you have something to clarify, just ask, don’t keep it to yourself. Passed on my first try by clarifying and learning from mistakes. Great instructor!
- Mervin

- Pandaqil

- Pandaqil

- Pandaqil

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