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The instructor is very competent and very passionate, wants students to pass. However, he is rather naggy, but it can be a good thing too.
- Anonymous

Very good even if he nags

Mr Tan has passion in his job and makes sure and wants all his students pass at 1st time. He's really gd, though at times he nag nag nag, but overall, i know that it's all for my own gd. And unlike my stupid 1st instructor who tried to eat my $ and scold me, make me demoralised aft every lesson... so angry with tat one..
- Two_piece

very good instructor

A very good instructor who is friendly, yet will point to your mistakes and correct them. I was taught by him and pass in 1st attempt.
- Kinichi

Pretty good instructor

Teaches at CDC, manual Vios. A pretty good instructor and I am one of his success stories where I passed in 1 try. I liked how he taught me, by designing two routes for beginner and advanced level. Helped me to gain good real road experience and know how to deal with various situations.
- howdy64

Good Manual Instructor

MR Tan teaches at CDC , drives a manual Toyota vios. A pretty good instructor overall. I am one of his student who passed on 1st try as I am quite nervous person so I guessed I was lucky XD Always point out my mistakes and make sure I learn from my mistakes. Though like what the other reviewer said , he can be naggy a times. I think it's for our own good and it means he really put in effort in teaching u 🙂 Thank you MR tan !
- tbk

Will teach for your good!

Mr tan ensure learners on the right techniques that's for sure correct! He might be naggy if you repeat the same mistakes but is all for your good! During my tp, everything Mr tan taught was contanstly on my mind cause of his constant reminder. He won't go for break during lesson neither will he not focus on you during driving. Maybe a phone call for once/twice only as he got quite a few students learning from him.. Overall I would definitely recommend him!! Kudos to Mr Tan.
- Derrick

Excellent Instructor

Mr. Tan is an excellent driving instructor. He has his own teaching methodology and it's very useful. I also chose Mr. Tan after reading the reviews in this website and that was back to end of 2015. After about 10 lessons, I was too busy to prepare one important exam, and couldn't focus on the driving lessons. After Mr. Tan knew this, he suggest me to suspend the lesson until I finished the exam, this suggestion worked very well. I was thankful for Mr. Tan's being considerate for me. After several months when I finished the exam I come back again and finished my driving lesson with Mr. Tan, and I passed the test at my first time try last week. As mentioned by other learners, he is a constant reminder,(also being called naggy ;), but this nag will benefit you), and his teaching methodology and tips will help you to pass the test one time in a very high chance.
- Song


Mr Tan Is a really meticulous and good instructor. His certainly patient and caring as before the test I fall sick and had headache. He rub medication for Me and guide me with all his might giving tips more than any other instructor do. Definitely is a good recommendation for all to be his student. Passed on my first try. Thanks Mr Tan!
- Jh

Good driving instructor

He is very well versed in the mechanics of the car. Teaches you to control the car well, with some tips and tricks here and there. May seem a bit naggy to some, but he instills the basics and drills the good habits into the student. Overall, i highly recommend this instructor.
- Tyler

Fantastic Instructor

I'm not sure whether some of the previous bad reviews on Mr Tan was for the same person, because they were completely untrue. Mr Tan Hock Beng is a very meticulous instructor, and he explains his methodology and reasoning extremely well. He not only tells you what to do, but also explains thoroughly why you need to do this and in this way. He speaks Mandarin and is a very warm and patient person. He is punctual and polite, and never spoke vulgarities or made me buy drinks for him like some others said. To be honest I am a very clumsy person, and very careless and forgettable. Yet he will repeat himself many times and keeps reminding me again and again to not make the same mistakes. When I did something well, he would encourage me and appraise me and reinforce the knowledge as well. He would drill my weak points until I could do it. I did many things that could potentially damage his car because I was not good with maneuvering the gear and clutch, and yet he didn't scold me or hate me for it and put up with me until the end lol. On the test day itself he gave me a lot of encouragement and in the end I did pass on my first try. It was like a miracle lol. Thanks Mr Tan for making this happen.
- Stacey

- Sad

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