Tan Beng Guan, John

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Tan Beng Guan, John
3.1 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 3.1 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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Good Instructor

Competent, shares good tips, patient and honest.
- Anonymous


Go for him! He is well spoken and always guide you non stop. Guide you well for sure.
- Unknown

Damn power

All rounder instructor. One of the best. Anything you not sure ask him
- Unknown


Booked this PDI for my son through another PDI - Mr Gilbert. This Mr Tan took a registration fee of $50 and taught my son only 3 times. He cancelled the 4th lesson when I only asked him if he could increase the number of lessons for my son. Attempts to reach him were futile. He did not respond to my messages. Although he is patient, I feel he is a cheat. So beware, I think he is out to earn through the registration fees.
- Christina

Worst PDI

Firstly, I requested to change my lesson date one day in advance. He told me i need to bear the charges and i've cancelled my work plans to attend his class. However, he informed me that he needs to change my class to 5pm and I merely ask him a simple question if im liable for any charges, he told me to find another instructor! Terrible and impatient guy
- Anonymous


It started good for the first 2 lessons. And then when I asked if i can postponed my 3rd lesson as I had something on, he says i will be charged a last minute change fee which is the full payment of one lesson. Hence I cancelled my plans and tell him I would proceed. At 734AM he texted me asking me to go for the 5pm class. I replied okay sure. At 1030AM he called me and told me to arrange for next week instead as he had already made plans with his friends to go out. So in the first place why would you even bother telling me to go for the 5pm class?? Thus I asked him, if thats the case, will I still be charged for the lesson that I dont attend today, in which actually he had cancelled it? He replied telling me to go find another driving instructor. Ridiculous!!
- Hakim

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