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Strict but good

Pros 1) Effective teaching methods 2) Punctual 3) knowledgeable Cons 1) Strict
- Anonymous

Choose him if you want to waste time and money

During my first lesson, he was just asking questions if I have drive before and stuff like that. He then begin to shake leg and talk on the phone, badmouthing one of the student he had. During the next few lessons, he slept in the car, shake leg, talk on the phone and scolded me as if I was an idiot. On the internet, I have also read bad review about him. So I have decided to change instructor. Will I recommend him? I will recommend him to you if you want to waste your time and money $. Remember his name: Steven Ong from SSDC
- Viagraman


He scolds vulgarities all day. He is an extremely poor instructor. Beware of engaging this pdi or you will regret it.
- hitmen

Pissed me off so bad I scolded him with vulgarities

Very egoistical. Talk to him loud and he will talk back louder. Had a booking misunderstanding with him, so both a student of his and I turned up at the same time. Nvm, I tahan. He still forced me to take deposit and make first lesson payment, scared I run away, nvm I pay deposit only. Then during lesson, he will take toilet breaks, use phone, use laptop in the car. Also eat my time end early. When I make mistakes, such as going straight instead of turning left cos of his super bass and unclear voice, he started scolding me and tell me if I dun wanna listen, can go find another instructor. He repeated tat thing like 3-4 times. This time I really dulan and shouted some knn cbb stuff at him n I left the car slamming the fuking door. Save your money and sanity and avoid him.
- shaunnn

steven sucks

Stuck up and doesn't care about you. Talk a lot and talk big but never actually teach or show. Worst is he puts you down and reduce your confidence.
- pyjamasgirl

To the point

Ok i knew that wishing for a 'super patient' , 'super nice' instructor was not possible, so I just want to learn from a person who knew how to drive and teach me how to drive. I didn't really care as long as I was taught all the things I would be tested on in the traffic police driving exam. He was strict but he's to the point, so I like that. I mean, after all, my goal was to pass and get my driving license ASAP, not to make friends. And i got my first TP pass, so i was satisfied.
- Jamie

Foul Mouth Ong

Although he boast about 40 years of driving and teaching experience, I think he is in his own world! Totally unprofessional man with this ego bursting out of the car. He gets abusive with his words saying you are a sotong or have no IQ when I am there trying so hard to correct my mistake. He will be talking down on you showing no signs of encouragement or motivation.He have ZERO moral values, like to spit out of the car, takes frequent toilet breaks and buy drink. He wasted at least 10 mins of my precious time! I am paying for his service but I think I'm better off giving to other competent instructor instead. I must give credit for his strict teaching but I didnt ask for verbal abuse. He is not patient in teaching and will blast at you with his lazy buzzy voice like he have a mouthful of cum when you didnt execute correctly.
- Anti-Ong

Top notch instructor

Mr Steven Ong Choon Tee is the most top notch instructor specialise in throwing sarcastic and abusive remarks on students. His anger management issue certainly put him on the hall of fame for his temperament behaviour. Many a times i stall his Honda Jazz because I have not mastered clutch control he hurled abusive remarks without fail and even once he raised his hands to captivate the idea of hitting me. Such behaviour of a drive instructor should not be condoned much less than teaching people how to drive. During lessons, he goes to toilet without even telling you. He asked me to pulled over and walk off and even switching off the engine leaving me sweaty in the car oven. Mind you his breaks total up for more than 10mins. Hey I pay $45 for 90mins but he shortchanged me! Nevermind all this that you have done I forgive you, Old man.
- Mr Ong Ong

Bloody fucker

Can't even speak proper english or chinese. Only my second lesson and I asked a question to clarify his words (because his enunciation of words is really bad) and got a really bad scolding saying if I asked a question during exam I would fail, I'm quite sure I won't fail for clarifying the directions the examiner gives me? Kept on complaining on how I SHOULDNT learn driving manual cause I'm a girl & that my parents are wasting money to send me for education and to learn driving. Fucking sexist.
- Anti Ong


CONS : Today i booked my first driving lesson with him, he told me that the slot available would be at 10pm. I waited for him at 10pm sharp, gave him a call to verify if he is on the way and he said yes. At 10:15pm i messaged him for his location unfortunately, no reply. At 10:30pm, I called him he said he was on his way back home already, he said its late please go home. He even tried to lied, he said he waited very long for him and i was not there( I WAS STANDING THERE ALL THE WAY). He then raised his voice at me saying " I don't want to teach you can or not?! " ... Where is the responsibilities? The very least he could do is to give me a call to inform me that he is tired, wants to go home and apologise. Just imagine if i were to continue waiting... Sigh, disappointed in him. DONT EVER BOOK LESSON FROM HIM,THE WAY HE SPEAK ENGlISH, ONLY HIS MOTHER CAN UNDERSTAND!
- Chan

Strict but ok

If you're looking for mr friendly who likes to crack jokes with you, look elsewhere. If you want to learn and pass fast, steven ong's actually good. Reading the comments above, i think most people are just soft people who cannot take any kind of criticisms lol. As a person who doesn't care and just wants to pass my exam, I think he's alright.
- Anon

Damn Bloody Idiot

I regretted not doing research on this guy before I book with him.. He sleeps in the car during lessons, spit out of the car, doesn't speak clearly.. When clarifying things with him, he will answer you with sarcasm.. Super unprofessional... Won't recommend him to anyone except for ppl that I don't like... Waste of money and time...
- His Current Student

passed on first try with him

passed on first try with him, not sure what the fuss is about on all the above reviews
- wei siang

Good instructor in my opinion

I never actually experienced any of the above problems that the people mentioned, there was only once in my 25 lessons (before I passed my first TP test) where he needed to go toilet in the lesson time. I think that's reasonable.
- Anon

old but experienced

i liked his style... very serious and no bs.
- Aric

Passed last wednesday

I got another instructor, mr ong was actually my 2nd instructor, and luckily this time round i passed. very happy.
- Haslyn

No patience what so ever

1. Listen to radio all time, cannot understand what he says. 2. Very rude 3. Always combs his hair and sleeps when people drive 4. Don't explain properly and the reason behind each steps. 5. Not professional 6. Worst English communication and tells others you don't know English
- Current student

Lousy Never Teach properly Waste Money

Very lousy, scold vulgarities, threaten not to turn up for my tp test if I never take 20 lessons, He never turned up. I hope he gets banged down by a car! I would have given him 0 star
- Winner

Sexist, Racist, Sarcastic instructor

Today was my 7th lesson with him, and it was unbearable to the point where I started crying while on the phone with my parents. During the first few lessons, he would use his phone, do his work in the car (making appointments with other students, scribbling things in his notebook), use his laptop in the car, doze off*!! In the conversations with him, he would find out where I currently study (NP) and he would say that why girls must study so much? There's no need for girls to study so much nowadays. Thankfully I did not let him know that I am actually in the banking and financial sector, if not god knows what else would he criticise about. Next, in the lessons, he would just ask you to keep making turns and circles around the neighbourhood, and when you are asked to make a turn, his hand would control over the steering wheel, blocking your hands, then get angry when you cant do it. He often likes to keep his side of the window open, and would spat outside of the car (not to mention, the interior of his car is extremely unhygienic). Next, in my 6th lesson, I was driving slowly ahead (he did not want me to hit 40km/h) at a cross junction, where a lorry from the left side turned suddenly (unsure if the lorry driver was confident that he was able to turn in time or he did not realise that i was driving ahead), but anyway an accident almost happened and he pulled up the handbrake and the car was stalled, both of us were quite shocked and furious, my natural instinct was "walao, how can he be like that?", then his reflex action was to hit me on the hand and he scolded the lorry driver (indian), "knn indians always do not know how to drive properly". I was dumbfounded at the point of time, as my arm had a red mark from the hit he had given me. It would not subside until later, this goes to show how hard he had hit me. These few lessons we were driving around the Woodlands Industrial Park, and there are many heavy vehicles and trucks driving along the roads. Today, when he told me directions (his voice is super deep and he doesn't speak clearly, like those typical ahpehs will mouth full of phlegm), I could not hear him AT ALL, because his window was down as a whole row of cars and heavy vehicles drove past, I could only hear the word U-Turn and signal ____. So i asked if to signal left or right, he immediately became unhappy and scolded me idiot in chinese, then berated me asking "got ppl turn left to u-turn one meh?!?!", I was shocked and unhappy at the point of time, everytime I tried to double confirm for his directions, he would always be angry and said that "during your test ah, if you ask your tester, he will scold you one ah i tell you, he will say i never ask you to turn you go straight la!!!!" More like when you are the tester, you would be like that. Whenever I try to defend myself, he would always speak louder, as his logic is that in an argument, if you are more fierce and loud than the other party, you would win it. I kept quiet not because I was in the wrong, but to avoid argument as I was behind the wheel. Today, I was scolded by him for "not daring to step on the accelerator", but I got my reasons for doing so, I would always go to around 40km/h, then he would always ask me to slow down, and said "why must you go so fast huh, slow down slow down", then later "why you don't dare to step on accelerator, don't learn driving la". I was already feeling unhappy and nervous, when during slight left, I needed to stop, and I stalled his car as I was nervous of the numerous vehicles behind me. Hence I stalled his car numerous times (my clutch control was not that good either, but he would not explain properly), he got fed up with me and scolded me "brainless leh you! you want to control your clutch properly or not", then when there is a vehicle behind me, he would be "press on accelerator leh! (in chinese)" Before I left his car today, he showed me a file with traffic police test papers filled by his other students, I had seen the file before, but i thought those were "hall of fame worthy papers", never did i thought he kept those to shame his students, he was pointing to me and saying that "there you see, all indians or malays, all don't know how to listen instructions properly hah, see how many immediate failures they got, if you listen properly ah, confirm pass one lo" Now that will be the last time I'm seeing him, really cannot take his behaviour anymore.
- super angry soon-to-be ex student of his

thank you 王老师

As a mainland Chinese, I don't have enough money to learn so many lessons, but at last, I pass my test today , although his temper bad, scold me every time and never friendly ,but in fact, we come here to learn and pass test , not to make friend , he always use Chinese ancient word tell me strict teacher have better student, and I just learn 12 lessons and pass, so I just suggest everybody not only care his temper, pass the test and save money is important, 谢谢您,王老师!
- Mu Xiu


Mr Ong is not a very patient and friendly instructor, he don't crack jokes and scolds you more than he talk to you, however he was the instructor that got me to pass me TP in my first try. Thank you Mr Ong !
- Jo

Waste my money

Hi i actually did not know who steven ong was as i was busy looking for instructors when i chanced upon a website where they would actually search for me an instructor nearby my area,and in few hours time i got a reply saying i have got an instructor whose name is Mr Ong,where i would have to go to admiralty for my driving lessons,exactly a few days later i when for my first driving lesson and man it was really bad,i really do not understand what he was speaking and he was sleeping in the car for 3/4 of the time and to the extend passing cars and car drivings waiting in the traffic light were giving the shocked looking at Mr ong sleeping. I was just pissed with the way he was doing his job and thus stopped the car near Christ Church Sec and took my bad and walked off,he did not even realize the car stopped till,i went to retrieve my bag. My advice to you guys look for someone who has coached your family members or friends before,which would make it more trustworthy as true enough i went to another instructor and passed my TP first time,people like him has to learn his lessons as not everyone who takes up driving are being supported by their parents in terms of financial cost as there are people out there using their hard earned money to pick up these skills.
- Anon

CB fellow

Only good thing about him , he is free most of the time and the rest is a mystery!
- Sinner

Why is he still a PDI

He is nothing but a short tempered man. Had my first lesson with him and he kept saying that my brain has problems, I can't think properly etc etc. And as so many reviews has stated before, he fell asleep in the car. What kind of PDI does that. Luckily for him he quietened down at the end when he knew I was angry. Research before you book a PDI my friends
- Angry student


Just sharing... 7 years ago i was his student... even though he often fall asleep during lesson and scolding... but when u ask him things dat u dont understand he will explain and guide u... if u drive like shit of cos he will scold u lah...
- jebat


I would give him 2.5 stars if I could, but I can't. He's ok. Wasn't there to make friends or have someone pamper me. I was there to learn driving. So even if he nags and scolds me for no reason, I was not affected. My only problem with him was his enunciation is unclear and he constantly mumbles. I can barely understand what he's trying to say to me.
- Dan

Bad, very bad

Constantly falls asleep, instructions were unclear, car in bad condition. Teaches slow as hell. Told me I will get my license next year, I changed Instructors and currently am waiting for my turn to make my license card lmao
- Ex-Student

Ask him to fuck off

Worst teacher ever just mumbles to himself all the time cannot talk properly or give clear instructions. Not the teacher you want he should retire soon don't make people waste money
- AngryStudent


Good point: Very free. Any time of the day also have slot to book. Bad Pointssssss: too many to list. Had 3 lessons with him and jumped to school after that. On my third lesson, he slap my hand (which was on the gear) to tell me not to change gear. Very vulgar and always looking down on people. Something is terribly wrong with this man. 5 months after, I got my license. If I had continued learning from him, I'm afraid 5 years down the road, also won't get the license. p.s: He only teach those whom he thinks can control the vehicle. He should teach those whom already got class 3 license.
- X

3 times then pass

Short-tempered, sleep during lesson and even in circuit(waste my money) Always make personal attack, example"头脑有病就要去吃药,像你这样要吃两粒" Should have done some study before choosing PDI Pros: none Cons: Very short temper and scold with very mean language Give unclear instructions(never talk properly) and scold you for wrong turns Arrive late often but still charge you $45/82 (waste money) Take very long toilet breaks during lesson (waste money) Car is in extremely poor condition (smelly bad, had to change shirt after every lesson)
- Goh SH

Don't waste your time

Arrives late sometimes. Sleeps in the car during lessons, take super long toilet breaks, doesn't speak clearly.. When clarifying things with him, he will answer you with sarcasm.. Waste of money and time. Finally snapped one day and changed to school. By the way his passing rate is only 14.47%(can be checked at Singapore Police Force >> PASSING RATES)
- Ex-Student

Worst PDI

Don't fucking waste your time. I was given this PDI by through a website, I told him about my concerns after reading his reviews here. He assured me its not that bad. Worst. Decision. Ever.
- Driver

No no no

Extremely rude. All the negative reviews are spot on. Please don't nabs the mistake of signing up with him.
- John

Below Average PDI

I passed my TP under Steven Ong and I'm happy with it. He always scold and criticises, sleeps, eat and take super long toilet breaks. As long as you can handle sarcasm, I would recommend him as a PDI.
- Kx


Mr Ong is the worst instructor out there. He comes late for my lessons, sleeps thru the lessons, and doesnt teach shit!! Infact he nvr taight me how to start A car. Only scolds when i stall engine. DUN CHOOSE THIS GUY.
- Vignesh

Just. Terrible.

I got assigned Mr Ong through "" and a little bit disappointed with the website, but very disappointed with Mr Ong. I can't say that he has a strict teaching style, because I didn't learn anything from him in my first, and only lesson. The only thing I learnt was to cross my hands when steering, which as I later found out is wrong, and I didn't know that because I couldn't hear him when speaking. And for the whole of the lesson he did not correct my hands crossing. Here's why you shouldn't have lessons with him: Poor pronounciation Sleeps Will be lit when you stall the car (I didn't even know why it was stalling because he wouldn't tell me. I later found out on my own that it's because the clutch was released too fast. The thing is he doesn't tell you clearly) Car was dirty af, at least the front 2 seats were somewhat clean. Quoting decades of teaching experience, he genuinely might have been good at a time, but based on my experience I currently would not recommend him. Do yourself a favour and just don't
- Pissed


got recommended from and thought he was a friendly instructor. But hell no, he sucks so bad. Instead of being patience, he scold so much even a small mistakes and doesnt make the effort to teach me the correct thing. Just after going thru 2 lessons with him, his attitude sucks. only when collecting payment, he became a nice guy... nonsense instructor
- itsme


Scold like mad and doesnt teach you the right thing.
- Lil Pump

Straight up

If you want to have fun, then look for another instructor. It's my 4th lesson w him and he is really fierce. Like I stalled at a red light and a Lambo was behind me reving his car and horning. He shouted at me "Press accelerator!!!!" Also when you dont change gear he will say "You want me change for you?" and "You dont want change gear go learn auto la!". But I did learn a lot from him I would say, Like 4th lesson can learn 3rd and 4th gear already but try your best not to fuck up. I also learnt something, he is actually nice if you ask questions. The bad things however, his car smells like a pack of Marlboro, always listens to radio and his instructions are slurred, only when he shout then very clear. (Friendly tip, to girls, try your best not to learn under him. He is a little sexist I would say.)
- Current student

Not a great recommendation overall

As what others have described him to be, he does slur when he speaks so it can get quite unclear at times. He is also quite rude at times as he can throw personal attacks on you. Also, he doesn't exactly "teach" you how to drive, he lets you do it on your own and correct you. But, it can come in the form of scoldings. For me, these scoldings have actually helped me remember my mistakes better so I'm not exactly upset about it. Have an open heart, I went through over 20 lessons with him including circuit. Though there were a few lessons where I felt really upset and disheartened by what he said, focus on improving yourself and remembering what you should improve on the next lesson. P/s: his car is really dirty and can be quite smelly (cigarette smell). I did pass on my first try with 14 points and I can say that he won't make you take more lessons before taking your TP to earn your money.
- Ting

V good!

Passed on my first try yeaterday while learning under Ong. Took me 20 lessons to pass but in the end i managed to get my license with just 12 demerit points. He is fierce at times but other than that I am okay with him. Just need to tahan his scolding and you will learn well.
- 2 Chainz


Passed on my 2nd try yesterday(failed 1st time cuz mount kerb) but overall he teaches well but he is fierce!
- Post Malone

Just annoying

Failed twice before finally passing on the 3rd. The 1st time was understandable, not many pass on their 1st try. However, he wouldnt even go through the mistakes I made in the 1st test. Barely taught me how to parallel park at all and kept focusing on vertical. SO during the test my veritcal was spot on, but I striked a kerb during my parallel, so immediately 10 pts awarded, total accumulated to 26. 2nd time also strike the curb and I followed what he taught me. I had no choice but to watch youtube videos to help me out and ask my friend who has a similar cr as him to teach me. So after 36 lessons and 2 failed attempts, I passed with 16 points. The amount of money I spent I could have gone on a shopping spree on Orchard road and still have balance. choose wisely fellas.

not bad

passed 1st try with 18 points ystd. Took 27 lessons with 4 circuit managed to pass. Fierce but good!
- Quavo


Passed on 1st attempt yesterday with 14 points. Road total 12 circuit only 2. He is fierce and ony scolds you but he teaches well. Only took 23 lessons with 5 circuit and managed to pass.
- Young Thug

MIA - Lousy!

Second Lesson with him at 12pm, no show, and been calling since 12.15pm, phone was turned off! He finally answered at 12.25pm and told me that he forgot his phone, and to change my lesson to 10.30am the next day! No apologies or anything after making me stand in the sun for 30 mins! I asked him if he could come down(as I have already set aside time in my very busy schedule) and he said "by the time I reach 1pm then you need to end at 2pm I got another student". Hello! Am I not a student too?! Very very unprofessional, and the review above describe his teaching very well. I had only one lesson and feel the same. During the first lesson I had to slow down to allow a motorcyclist to pass on a busy road with vehicles parked in front, and he asked me "What you doing cars in front not moving you know or not", all I did was protect the safety of the motorcyclist!
- Disgruntled

Worst PDI ever!!!

If i am able to give zero or negative stars, I would. He is really not fit to teach. I hope future students do not look for him. Waste of time and money. He always sleeps during my driving. Frequent toilet breaks. Teach me parking. He sat outside the car and smoked! Worst ever. I hope all Driving Centres ban his license to teach. He is really arrogant, rude, loud, vulgar and very useless. Please. Future students do not look for him. And TP pls ban this guy from teaching. Wasted my whole money and time.
- Afi

Lousy and Worst PDI

Was his student before. After 8 lessons I realised he told me I need to reach 20 lessons to go TP. Wah piang. He was my second PDI. The first was booking failure, late and MIA most times. This instructor during my lessons he often take toilet breaks, snooze off, always asking me to gas not more than 35 km/h.. so slow car behind horning me already. The first instructor I had before , I never even drive in circuit. Stupid right? Thank God, a friend of mine recommended me to a better one PDI and after 4 lessons and 3 circuit went for TP and passed on my first test. Yay.
- Lee

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