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At your own risk

juz to share my bad experience with one bad instructor too, promised me lots of things but didn't even do it. Actually one of best rated Instructors on the internet...but what he does is actually assigned you to other instructors. I got assigned to a instructor who can only speak slurring chinese and hokkien. I dont even understand what he's talking half the time. Driving instructor Soh Guan Hong, make him your instructor at your own risk, The instructor that i was assigned to: Poh, speaks slurring chinese bad attitude doesn't even wear shoes when teaching put his legs on the car seat imagine the standard provided by Soh Guan Hong Mitsibush car SGE5748J - but i think he changed car coz of complaints when ask him about making advance appts, say will let u know again, then how the hell am I going to arrange my schedule? wait for them? bunch of lousy instructors And they will try to make u take more lessons , so that they can improve the passing rate of Soh Guan Hong (which is available on the Internet) lucky, i have since changed to a much better instructor...if I can make an official complaint of this, pls let me know the contacts. thanks
- pineappleab

The [in]famous Mr Soh

When I first called Mr Soh of the very high passing rate, thought he would be the one teaching but when i went for my first lesson, it was Lye. Lye was ok, his english was more or less fluent. When I checked with him if he or Soh would be my instuctor, he turned vague and asked me to check with his boss (Soh). Second lesson onwards, my instructor was Siou. I felt like killing him for the first few weeks cos he was just so annoying,crude and not encouraging in the slightest. After that, i got into the habit of ignoring his less helpful comments. However, he got slacker as my driving got better. e.g. even after I had arrived and got into the car, he would continue chatting with the other instructors, thus shortening my lesson time. He would also "rest his eyes" while we were on the road, and when he woke up and realised I had driven past the red light/turned into the wrong lane, he would yell at me. I can more or less close one eye to the incidents above, but what really irks me is their cancellation policy (at least 24 hours in advance). I don't know what the market rule is, but I have heard of many private instructors who allow last minute cancellations. Soh and his gang don't, for whatever reason. To be fair, I once managed to wrangle one out of him during one of the MRT breakdowns, but it was painful. Subsequently, I tried to cancel my lesson the night before my lesson as I was having a terrible flu. But Siou not only refused, he even said that I couldn't be that sick if I could call him. Can you imagine how furious I was? So I went and spread my germs to him, his car, and unlucky students who had lessons after me. This time around, I made sure I called 48 hours in advance to cancel. And guess what? He called me half an hour after the lesson was supposed to have started and asked me where I was. I told him I had already called 2 days ago to cancel and he gave me a cock-and-bull story about how my call wasn't valid because he a) thought I was calling abt my TP (i have no idea why he would do tt) b) not in Singapore and c) did not have his organiser with all his lessons pencilled in when I called. And I was supposed to know about b) and c) because ????. I called, he picked up and acknowledged what I said. End of story. But now he wants me to pay half of the lesson fees (he wanted me to pay in full at first). There is no way I'm going to. I've booked my next lesson though, and I'll see how things go.
- greystorm


No form of responsibility. Mr Soh and his company keep switching your instructor and always say you're really bad and slow. Still got schedule screw up. Day before say got lesson, next day say no lesson. Not just Mr Soh, the other instructors under him also just change timing last minute, while if we change, need to notify within 24 hours or have to pay full fee. TP test near, don't give you more lessons also, when their lessons already so hard to get.
- sharingtruth

bad impression

a time wasting instructor
- chun


Like many others who posted here I too contacted mr soh, asking directly for him to teach me. I got assigned mr teo, who did not teachieved me the basics properly, did not answer my questions and FELL ASLEEP on the 2nd lesson. On top of that, his vocabulary was extremely limited, to the extent that he could not even articulate the basics of driving to me. For example I asked what exactly is blind spot? To which he mumbled as usual in incoherent madarin and gestured to the windows, and that was the end of my learning as to what blindspot was. Don't get me wrong, I AM Chinese and speak the language, but this guy was far less than eloquent. After 3 lessons, I messaged Mr Soh, once again asking if he could teach me since my friend recommended him, he once again assigned me to another instructor and finally taught me himself when I asked about it again. He called me 'stupid' multiple times after he was looking down and realised I missed the turn, or was too slow. On my last lesson, I waited for him for 45 mins only to get a call that he was not coming and apparently it was my fault for not picking his calls, but there were NO CALLED OR MESSAGES FROM HIM, and I didn't even get an apology from this man who calls himself and instructor.
- kei

Use at own risk

The good: He has means to help you get very early test dates, and he does all the test registration stuff that no other instructors would. The bad: He gives one of his associate instructors to teach the basic skills, then when you're ready for the test, he'll teach you personally to make sure you don't fail and bring down his rating. Problem is, he's always busy, promising he'll call back and not fulfilling it, then when you call at a later time, he'll act as if you never called in the first place. When things get tough, he can even be very impatient on the phone, or scold you for not asking earlier when you already did earlier. The ugly: When you do finally get to learn under him, he's really rude and unfriendly. He's fierce and scolds you at every small mistake. What makes him particularly annoying is his overusage of his handphone during the lessons; when you miss a turn or do something wrong while he's not paying attention, he'll get angry and scold you for it. Just a personal experience, he did not know that I spoke fluent Hokkien even though I'm young, and I overheard him complaining to his groupies about me being slow, or being grumpy after getting scolded by him (who the hell wouldn't be pissed after getting scolded incessantly??) on multiple occasions. I just chose to ignore it and continue driving, on the account that he's one of the best instructors statistically. Also, he always arrives 5-10minutes late, and ends 5 minutes early. He also takes a lot of long toilet/coffee breaks during the lesson, or sometimes makes you drive to the petrol kiosk to pump petrol (WHY IS THIS NOT DONE BEFOREHAND). With all the time wasted, he could've given me five or six full lessons at least.
- qTaratino

Big no no

Checked online to find out his passing rates are high so texted him for lessons. Keeps calling me instead of replying and asking me for a slot and his reply was quite impatient and rude. First lesson i was shocked that it was not mr soh but some instructor who was really unprofessiona and did not teach me ANYTHING. He just said okay you can drive now. (?!?!) bad experience and kept using his phone while i was driving. I still dont get why he assigned me to another instructor. and when i texred about my other lessons, he does not relply to my messages at all! Not continuing learning from him (his other instructor/s) again.
- Angry


Remember this name: MR. SOH GUAN HONG. Do not get him as your driving instructor. He is a very irresponsible person. When I first spoke to him, I told him my son has barely one month to learn driving before his NS enlistment date. Can he give him enough lessons by then to pass his practical test? He said can. In the past two weeks, my son had only THREE lessons despite several calls and sms’s for more lessons. He kept saying "I will, I will. Don't worry." Just last week after my son took his FTT, he told him to set up an account and he will get a test date for him before his enlistment, no worries. He called today to cancel my son's only lesson this week. Said he will call and let me know when the next lesson will be. When I asked him about a test date, he said "I didn't get a test date. There's no way your son can pass after 3 lessons." WTF??? He then said "I am very busy. I have many students, you understand?" I said he should not have accepted my son from the start if he doesn't have the time. I could have looked for another instructor. He repeated how busy he was. Not a word of apology. I demanded my $50 registration fee back and he said ok. The earliest test date for private students is now too late for my son as he would have enlisted already. DO NOT take this Mr Soh Guan Hong. He will accept you as a student and not care if he has time for you or not. He is not a man of his word. Totally unreliable and irresponsible.
- Upset


Mr Soh had only taught me for 3 lessons when he transfered me over to another instructor Mr to and said that my timings do not meet his schedule. Also, during driving lesson, he took a long toilet break and even stopped to chat with his friends. He wasted time by doing errands during lesson and after I became better, he grew more slack and would read newspaper or chat on the phone with other instructors. He would even count his earnings during lesson which made him seem money faced. He is irresponsible and rescheduled my lesson just before it even begin, causing me to waste my time. He criticises quite a fair bit and has the habit of using newspaper to block your steering wheel because he believes your eyes are glued to the wheel and not on the road. However his first lesson had good explanation on the control of the car and the basics. But overall, I would not recommend him.
- A

Irresponsible and RUDE

I had only 3 lessons form him before i started looking elsewhere. A friend recommended him to me and I thought I was in good hands. NEVER WAS I MORE WRONG. I could only take lessons from him on Saturdays as i work full time 9-6 and i stay relatively far away to travel to Eunos for lessons. Sure the first lesson went well, but 2nd lesson onwards it just went downhill, he asked me to drive the car out of parking spot just one my 3rd lesson, claiming that he already taught me how to do so, when all he did was teach me to turn left and right. He is very impatient and nagging, says one thing and do another, doesn't teach you step by step and claims that it his 'style'. He wanted to change me to another instructor cause he claims eh was not able to 'communicate' with you. His phones kept ringing throughout entire lesson and half the time he is doing his own things, or on calls. Wished I never wasted my time on this.
- BeingHonest


he is not responsible,constracted course timing n schedule is 1.5hours per lesson.However,most of time,he only gave a one-hour lecture without any advance notification.every time,I hurry to go practice by taxi after koncking off,the fee is expensive,but he suddenly shorten the teaching time! I have learned 2 months,but make a little little progress!
- AM

lousiest instructor in Ubi

Where should I start with this irresponsible and lousy instructor? - Always comes late for lesson by at least 5 mins, - End lesson, 10 mins earlier - Always on the phone / newspaper - Always stop during lesson to buy food and drinks - Whole time in the car busy with his stuff. - Doesn't even teach and blames you if you did smth wrong "while learning" Please don't bother to even think about engaging him. He should leave this industry and never come back.
- Angry

What da fug

How is this guy even a qualified instructor? Always late. Once I found him at the nearby coffee shop eating lunch 10 mins past my lesson start time. Ends lesson way earlier. Just wanting to eat people's money. Bullshit. Always using either his phone or reading papers during lessons. Sometimes even counting money. How about you count your luck that you're still an instructor..
- Alien


This whole thing felt like a scam. Called him after seeing that he has a high passing rate but he got another instructor, Steven, to teach me. I have taken practical lessons from school previously and was hoping that the learning process could be expedited. This is also the main reason why I chose to take private lessons. Steven was clear about my background and my purpose so he assured me that he would help me get a practical test date upon passing my FTT. I passed my FTT after taking about 15 lessons and asked Steven about booking my practical test. He kept telling me that he would find an opportunity to let me try out the circuit first. However, days turned into weeks but he still did not do as he say. After repeated questioning by me, he finally told me to approach Soh as Soh is the only one who could book circuit and the practical test. Soh took me for my 18th lesson and we finally went into the circuit. During that lesson, he told me that my steering was not good enough. I was astound. After taking 18 lessons he criticised my steering. I thought steering is a basic part of driving and Steven should have already corrected my poor skill in my first few lessons. Why did this bad skill even followed me to my 18th lesson! Soh then referred me to Steven again after 2 lessons and told me to learn my steering from Steven. I am now past my 19th lesson and I believe that I should at least be proficient in turning the wheels. What have Steven been teaching me then? Seems like they are trying to make me take more lessons so that they can earn more. Really disappointed! If you would like to get your license faster or save money, do not try him and his gang.
- Dismay

Don't bother

Called him for a lesson and he was really nice on the phone but he was an ass the moment I met him. I never drove a car in my life and he expected me to know all the road signs?? After the 1st lesson, he told me I was practically "unteachable" and told me he will get his friend to teach me the basics. His friend is a bigger ass and kept yelling at me during the lesson. He was always on his phone or dozing off and when I went off course he would call me a dummy or brainless in Chinese. Had enough and switched to school to learn. Got my license after 5 months and passed on 1st try. If I was under him I would be still learning after 1 year.
- angryguy

Never take lessons with him

I don’t oftenly bother to write reviews for people but Soh no doubt deserves one . Unprofessional and every post written above was exactly what Id experienced and went through . 1. He is always late, he would talk and drink his kopi despite after seeing me at the coffee shop . I went over to talk to him and he would ask me to go in the car first and after his kopi and chitchats then he would come to car and start his lessons which is probably 10mins after our supposedly scheduled class . He also ends class early by about 10mins which adds up to 20mins of your lesson time. Sometimes he even ask me to drive a certain route so he could purchase his caifan and eat in the car . Imagine driving in car which reeks of food and your instructor directing you with his mouth full of food . 2. He run all his business while “teaching” you how to drive . Scheduling his next classes and collecting money from his kakis, he also calls me baobei and put his hands on mine while directing me to steer . I mean this is subjective and I might be overly sensitive but I’ve took driving lessons with another instructor before and it’s possible that the instructor not touch your hands but only parts of the steering wheel and what’s worst he calls me baobei during lessons . As a female learner this makes me very uncomfortable . 3. He cancels last minute as and when he likes but you can’t do the same . I remember once I as I’ve got work commitments, I called him to reschedule my lessons 2 day prior and he said it’s not easy to reschedule lessons anytime . Quote “ IF you think your work is more important than driving then go work lor, you think for yourself”and demanded that I were to miss the lesson I’ll still have to pay for my circuit . Honestly duh! Of course my work is more important . From the things he say you could really tell he’s full of him selves and things everything resolved around him . I really hope no one takes lesson with him again
- L

Professional private driving instructor

Had several lessons with Mr Soh to prepare for my TP. All i can say is that he’s really a professional driving instructor. With many years of experience, his technique for teaching his students are really specific, accurate and detailed. Highly recommended, thumbs up!!!!
- CL


That guy is just a waste of time. I booked him cos my friend recommended him . 1st time, he was quite friendly. 2nd lesson onwards, he started being a bastard. Few lessons later, I was taught to parallel park. When I was parking, he asked me to step on the accelerator harder & when I did, he scolded me. After that, he said that I anyhow damage his car cos I don't know how to drive. Dafuq! PLEASE DO NOT HIRE HIM. HE WILL JUST SUCK YOUR MONEY!!!
- Thomas Cheng

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

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