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Sim Kuo Hong Steven
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depends on individual

He is nice and friendly person some times joke with you . however when you are driving , he tends to hold the steering wheel in case your steering wheel not turning the right amount. he has his wife mrs sims to help him run this. his wife will help you book everything and tell you when is your next slot , he will also ask you go for more trainning and refuse to book for you first because he doesnt want you to waste money and second he doesnt want you to waste his time . sometimes when he talks you wont understand because he is old but experience . i had my 20 lesson with him and did my first TP attempt but failed not because his fault but is me panicking . however i need to pass fast and he just refuse to book for me , so i have to change instructor to pass faster . he doesnt eat or talk on phone , he also off the radio so you can hear clearly . however some times he tends to fall asleep , but when you ask which direction to turn to he will tell you. please understand that he is in his old age so bare with it . overall is a nice instructor he doesnt scold you but tell you what to look out for but he wont keep reminding you .

Nice person, but difficult to understand

Mr. Sim is a nice gentleman. But he is quite old and it is quite difficult to hear him. He has the best of intentions, but not very effective. He has a great taste for music and a nice sense of humour.
- JP

Too Old Man

I go for tha test 4 time but still fail. So many things he didn't teach me. When i fail Practical test than i Feel what was my mistake. After i change him and go Comfort for Express course and feel so many things i don't know. Only 8 lessons than i pass rady first time. However he is a good person but too old.
- Shobuj

nice instructor, quite well recommended

I think i like the way he teaches the lesson. my previous instructor keep yelling at me, but Mr sim is much more patient and i think maybe that's because he seems much more experienced than my other ex instructor. Anyway, I passed on 1 try hehe ^^
- Cheryl

nice instructor

definitely one of the better ones i've had/seen at bukit batok
- jaymie

very friendly and experienced

definitely very friendly. It's a little busy on the weekends but from what i've asked around, every instructor is sadly busy on weekends :/. but if you can make it on weekdays mr sim is definitely a good instructor
- Jaclyn


good. passed on first try. First learnt with him back in Dec.
- Mhd Narul

At your own risk

The reviews written below is fake. 1. Sells you a book which is copied . Cost 7 dollars. 2. Charge me 36 dollars when the usual is 34. If you are rich and love to get carrot chop, go ahead and be his student:)
- Muhammad


If you want to waste your money nd just play play around with this old man ... then go ahead .. he cannot even teach you how to check your blind spot.. rest up to you .. save your money all review fake here his passing rate oso super lousy Wasted my 900+ got nothing in return... jess
- Jeslyn


Very Old and yet very cranky at times , Sometimes u wont understand what he is talking about , will try to take ur money away. Doesnt teach you proper ways or even remind you to check blindspot. Will control the steering wheel alot of times. Overcharged me once , I chose not to pay the extra hours and he slammed a very thick book in the car and threw my change on the gear box.. He also said he's not going to teach me anymore 🙁 miss that old man
- Syed


I gambled to take him up as my instructor because I didn't know how old he was until the first time I met him. He is literally older than my grandparents who unfortunately has already passed on. I was sooo shocked when I first saw him and when he started talking, my jaw literally dropped. After the first lesson, which was clearly useless, I quickly gave the agency a call to change my instructor however they refused as they say it would be really troublesome. So I gave it a shot and continued taking lessons. Guys, its been 1 year plus going to 2 years and I still dont have my liscence! So here's the story, I finallyyy learned everything after 1YEAR PLUS, I was about to book my TP with his wife when she called to say that he has already sold his car and changed to auto car and was literally forcing me to change to auto after paying her dear husband SOOO MUCH MONEY over the period of time just to learn driving manual. And even though his lessons sucks the life out of me every damn time, I always respected Mr Sim as he's an elderly but this has gone wayyy too far! They're both really old and I think I'd reach my graveyard earlier than they would! Extremely pissed me off! Lessons are useless, he can't even speak properly as his denture is lose. I'm a dental nurse and he's asked me a MILLION times about making a new denture. Like, seriously? Get a freaking new denture instead of spending it on a new car. Since he couldn't speak properly, I literally took baby steps to learn EVERYTHING by myself because EVERYTHING HE TAUGHT ME WAS EITHER WRONG OR NONSENSICAL. He also has "pets" in his car. Or rather cockroaches. I'm sooo scared of cockroaches to the point where there's once I was driving and a huge ass roach just crawled on the steering wheel. We almost got into an accidnent! Horrible cleanliness, not organised at all. It's really stupid for them to actually have the face to go out there and call themselves as instructors. Such a shame. I would f this couple upside down for the service that was given to me but because I'm nice and respectful, I'm just gonna let them drive themselves to their graves. Fucking hell
- Nuratika

terrible instructor

constantly falls asleep, lessons start late end early, moves super slowly didnt teach blind spots and common test taking knowledge, wants to milk his students for as long as he can. DO NOT USE THIS INSTRUCTOR
- lol

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