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Siew Oong Sing
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Good but ends early

Pass under him 1 time. He will reach on time but end 5 mins early
- elvintan92

Very patient instructor

Very patient instructor and doesn't scold. Passed on 2nd try, but still keep in contact with him.
- Linus


Just 1 circuit session with him and I had all the circuit test stations down. Very clear cut instructions and friendly. Strongly recommended.
- Julian


I don't know how this instructor can have such good reviews. While he is a tad better than another instructor i tried (who was constantly on the phone, fell asleep, never comment about anything) he is still by far NOT a good instructor. He is rude, impatient, and doesn't offer any useful tips whatsoever. He gives short unhelpful answers when you try to ask him something. He doesn't give any tips on how to pass the TP. He will scold you if you make a mistake, but not be helpful in helping you understand your mistake. I took my basic theory 12 years ago, so clearly i can't recall a lot of it. When i asked him a question about the lines or road sign, he rudely said "wa lao i think i should call up the driving school and check if you passed ur basic theory, like that how u pass.." when i tried explaining i did it 12 years ago so i don't remember, he totally ignored me and just kept repeating the fact that he should call the school and check if i passed, and went on and on about it without even listening to my reason. STAY AWAY.
- Anonymous

Greedy with atitude problem

Got my army driving license, could drive on the road, he still insisted on more than 10+ lessons just to earn money. each lesson was driving on the same roads. terrible
- HanZ

Impatient and sale person

Will keep pushing you to take more lesson per week...eventhough i told him my scedule is already very pack.. he will scold and become grumpy if you make the engine die. Will buy 4d in middle of the lesson too
- Samuel

Stay away

He is late for all my lessons like 5 to 7 minutes late and yet he end on time. He is patient when teaching but he is the type that will teach you slowly so that you have more lessons with him, so he can earn money. He is also quite tricky based on experience which I am not keen to point out. Monday to Friday before 5pm is $30 for 1 hour and $45 for 1.5 hour. Weekday after 5pm, sat and sun is $32 for 1 hour and $48 for 1.5 hour. Registration fee $50.
- nil

No Go!

Pick him if you are looking for an instructor who: 1) is seldom on time to start lesson. 2) ends 5-10mins in advance 3) plays candy crush during lesson 4) watches video during lesson 5) tells you that his duty is just to make you pass, outside parking is your own problem. 6) spends one whole lesson on the phone talking 7) fails to point out weak areas during lesson 8) technique wrong but doesn't point out to you. Avoid at all cost.
- please avoid him


This bastard will only treat girls good.. If guy he will ask them to book more lesson n scold them.. What a life
- Anoy

Dont even think about this instructor

Have an army license, had 2 lessons with him and ask if i can practice parking. Replies with an attitude "you think you comfortable or i think you comfortable, gimme your bbdc acc and pw i book tp for you" nasty attitude, poor command in english and impossible to reason with, dont even think about having him as an instructor. Save your money
- matt


Reaches 10min late and has the cheek to end 10min early. Doesn't pay attention to your driving during lessons and is impossible to reason with. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
- Anon


Yes he teach you how to do stuff. But he doent teach you how to pass the test. Things that TP look out for, this chee ko pek wont tell you. When u fail, he will say "i tell u so many times". When in actual fact he sleep in the car all the time
- Albert


His teaching and all really depends on his mood. I ask him when can I go learn parking or circuit he keep say I wait wait. He will not teach you how to release clutch properly . Do wrongly get scolded get shouted at. I wasted 11 lessons on him and decided to change instructor. He is really really bad
- Jo


Wasted 10 lessons with him. He has the cheek to turn up late, make u drive to the petrol station, smoke a stick and then end early! Do not waste your time and money with him! He'll be busy scrolling facebook, talking shit bout the PAP and scolding you when do something wrong. When I asked him how to rectify my mistakes, he goes "I told you so many times already!" The only time he's smiling at you is when you hand him the cash. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID AND LEARN FROM HIM!
- May

Wasted so much money

Very horrible. No way of telling what you did wrong. went lesson with him and he plays on the phone but still ask for more and more lessons. He doesnt scold or anything cuz he is not paying attention. However he can be a nice person regardless of gender. Wasted so much money on this fker.
- wasted money kiddo

stay away

only out for ur money comes late, ends early lets u practise parking, then will proceed to smoke outside, sleep in the car or watch phone videos with earphones on
- anon

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