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Sai Chew Hwa
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Overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

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Helped me pass

Very patient, friendly and don't scold. Passed under him. Had failed 4 times before another PDI - Mr Wong
- DeathDemon

Very good

Drives a Toyota Vios, manual. Found him to be a very good driving instructor.
- xinism

Review on Mr Sai

He's very patient. Even when I do bad mistakes such as almost mounting onto a kerb, he'll just tell me my mistakes and laugh it off! He has over 40 years of experience in teaching driving. I always look forward for lessons. He's funny too. HIGHLY recommended.
- Puteri


like to cheat money not recommended!
- .

Friendly, experienced but...

He's friendly and very understanding. Usually on time. Won't scold. Extremely experienced in circuit tips. However, he charges a lot more for practical test fee, so pass on your 1st attempt
- bondon


Strongly NOT recommended! First few lesson with Sai Chew Hwa was alright. At lesson seven onwards, he starts to lose patient and attitude changed.
- K

better than average

The first lesson was good, he gave alot of encouragement and even said things like" Free if you are not satisfied". Then subsequently he sounded impatient when he needed to repeat himself. abit condescending when you can't do or ask him the same questions a few times.I think it's a old people thing lah. I think he is okay, quite patient, generally quite calm. but not someone i will raise my hand to recommend.
- Westlife

Legit af

Very experienced private instructor. Friendly and honest as well, he was late for one lesson and promised to make up for the time. Needless to say, he fulfilled that promised. I've been very honoured to learn under him and would definitely recommend him to anyone. To those saying his attitude sucks, I can attest that his attitude is way better than most other instructors. Like I've said, he is extremely patient, whereas other instructors would probably make every lesson stressful, lessons with him feel relaxed and enjoyable even. The only caveat I can think of is during lunch time, he takes a few minutes to pick up his food before continuing with the lesson. Those are only lunchtimes though, and he usually will make up for the time lost.
- neoseoul

Do NOT choose this instructor!

I had several lessons with him. He likes to delay the start of lesson, goes toilet break and NEVER extend the time for his students. The bad reviews written regarding his attitudes are true. My regret is not finding these reviews about him before signing up. I would definitely avoid him!
- Tessa

Taught Extra Stuff

After I have passed my driving through another instructor, I notice some differences in Mr Sai teaching method. He tends to over teach which complicates the test. As most private instructors is entitled to their own learning matrix in terms of charting your progress,i believe that some of those could hinder the progress. For example, When learning to park your car, Mr Sai would have his many steps and diagram to aid in performing the action. There seems systematic in aiding the learning process, however upon consulting other instructor and passing my own driving, I find those steps simply hindering. These Self created steps and methods were used to prove whether you have "progress", became an excuse for delay booking of your test date. In reference to the test, No scores are given if you have checked the mirrors in a specific sequence, it complicates the driving experience.
- Kuey


He is very patient and methodical when he teaches. He is very experienced and knows the formats of the testing, so he can help explain everything about the test to help you pass

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