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Thumbs up

good attitude. very experienced
- Anonymous


A good instructor I would recommend would be David, he is very patient, really nice and encouraging
- cstrikecz


Wanted to recommend my instructor. He very patient, funny and friendly. And will not scold u or give u the black face at all. he will answer all your questions. He is my second instructor. Lucky I found him. Really thanks to him
- celest1987

Recommending my PDI

I must say he is really a buddha person, very nice, good temper, won't scold you and won't cheat you (many ways possible. e.g. take break, sleep etc). Very encouraging as well, and will answer all your questions ones, don't hesitate to ask him if you are not sure. Before my TP test, he even brought me to the room where you watch the video and apply for driving license when you pass because he was that confident that I would pass. We definitely need this type of encouraging instructor, instead of those anyhow scold and demoralise people one. Thumbs up for Mr Puan.
- limyannyun

Highly recommended

Really thankful to have this PDI. Really nice to me and patient. I am late occasionally and also a slow and kan chiong learner, but he still remained very patient with me. He is nice, friendly, funny, hygienic, not tiko, damn caring and patient. His first time passing rate is quite high as well. The best part is he NEVER gets angry. I don't know how he does it. I highly recommend him and I guarantee you won't regret.
- Freda

Highly Highly Recommended

The only instructor that I will recommend will be my instructor , Mr David Phuan .i have just passed my driving yesterday . He is patient and encouraging . I am a slow learner but Mr David Phuan is really very patient with me and always telling me that I will pass my test . Just relax .I am staying in Tampines and the fact that I am willing to go all the way to woodlands to learn from him . But I can tell everyone he is the one if anyone wants to learn driving . I
- Sally Tan

Patient and Understanding

Mr David is definitely the instructor that you should be looking for. He is very patient with his students (never shout at me before even though I mount kerb a lot of times before during practice), and a really understanding person. There was once I had to reschedule my driving lesson because of a last minute plan and Mr David was nice enough to reschedule the lesson for me. Really thankful for that. Also, I feel that he is very experienced. Even though he is a private instructor, he does know the test rules well.
- Zoey

Highly recommended!

David is the most patient and nice driving instructor. Failed my driving twice while I was attending lessons in school so I decided to switch to private and with the help of David, I managed to pass! Driving lessons with him are always relaxed and fun and he will definitely teach you the best driving and parking techniques. So thankful for David!
- Valerie

Truly recommended

A very reliabl, funny, skillful & very down to earth man. He motivates me to go for my TP after i failed the first within a week. Always believing in his students potential. And you'll never be bored because he talks alot.
- Ailah

Patient and Encouraging

Mr Phuan is my 3rd driving instructor. Compared to my previous two instructors, he has given me the best rates and has taught me the most. He is really patient even though I'm such a horrible driver. He is truly very understanding and will help you as much as he can.
- anonymous


Patient and reliable, can count on him to give you good rates.
- anonymous

Good instructor

He's a very patient instructor, so it's good for people who are sensitive to/scared of being scolded. He's also pretty on the dot in terms of lesson time. I learnt only from him from Nov 2016 - Feb 2017 and passed my driving test the first time.
- FQ

Amazing instructor

He is very chill and nice when it comes to driving with him!! Little details in the car allows you to learn more easily !
- Hui ee


Definitely the best instructor in the north region! Very patient and honest, never once has he ever raised his voice at me. Most importantly is the learning experience. Remember, quality over quantity and this gentleman can achieved it without a doubt. (Yes, I am that confident) Trust me Mr David, is a very responsible instructor not only will he remind you for your next lesson, he will never ever cancel or make last minute changes for his lesson. (*CAUTION*: There are instructors out there, who will waste your time and make last minute cancellation and make you wait for another 2 weeks before you can book a slot) Mr David constantly update his schedule so you will never have to be worry about last minute changes. The effort and believed he portrait towards his students are incredible. If you are looking for an efficient driving instructor, I highly recommend Mr David.
- Annoymous

Highly Recommended

He is very patience, on time, knowledgeable, good temper and sometimes quite humorous too. He shares many information and advises too. The price is reasonable too. I would highly recommend David as your PDI.
- MxiuHuanS

Great instructor!

A very patient person when you keep asking him the same question over and over again and he will explain to you. I will definitely remember when he place something on the floor so that I will know when or where to turn, I forgets easily most of the time. It also requires the student to make an effort to remember what he taught during the lesson. He can talk anything under the sun, so most of the time you won't be stressed out on the road. I failed twice, pretty depressing, yet he still encouraged me to keep trying till I passed. A great instructor worth recommending! 🙂
- Jx

Great, highly recommend

I have finally passed my practical test on the last week of may. Thanks to my instructor, David who For sensitive people, David is relatively a patient and he would talk to his students a lot. He will try push the student's confidence level, share a lot of driving tips and he will answer every question that you asked him. High recommended!
- -

Superb Instructor

He is a very patient instructor. He had never raised his voice at me during lessons. He guided me well on different techniques during circuit and on the road. He even went the extra mile by sending reminders the day before lessons and test. He is my first and only PDI, under his guidance, I passed my practical with 10 demerit points on first attempt. Definitely someone to recommend!
- Austin


Mr Puan is an excellent, friendly and easy going instructor. He will give you easy but effective tips with regards to driving and won't complicate things. It is not always about learning. He will make small talks and give advices to make the learning journey more fun and fruitful! He would encourage you if you didn't make it on the first try, just like he did to me. So don't give up if that ever happens to you!
- k31mz

Very experienced instructor

Mr David is a very patient and experienced instructor! Got my Class 3A license under his guidance!
- Roy

An amazing experience

David is definitely the person you should take as your driving instructor. He's very calm, patient and funny too. He will make your lessons fun, no stress and he's not stingy in giving a lot of useful tips. Overall, an amazing experience learning under him.
- Rin

Highly Recommended

Three words to describe David - Patient, responsible and experienced. David is not the typical grouchy PDI you read from forum or heard from your friends. He is very patient and very willing to teach, you will feel motivated after his lessons because he never lose his temper. This is very important especially if you are learning after work, you probably wouldn't want additional stress after a long day. David will not ask you to go for extra lessons if he feels that you are ready for test. His service is really good - he plans his schedule very well and willing to make the effort to remind his students before every lesson. North people, I will highly recommend David to you. You can contact him via 9712 0290. Cheers, PS

Very Patient!!!

The most patient instructor. Very friendly as well. Felt comfortable driving with him and stress-free. Useful tips always given. Highly recommended!!!
- Liana

Awesome teacher

Very patient, punctual and friendly. Its been pretty cool learning lessons from him. Lessons arent so terrible with David. Very different from my previous 2 instructors that werenot so cheery. Learning driving isnt such a chore aft sch with David.
- YM

Best Intructor ever!!!!!

Why is Mr David the best? He is a person that is very chill and understanding to his student and he never ever raise his voice at you unlike other Instructors getting angry and making us very stress while learning. He have a very awesome Mazada car that is very easy to drive. More over he takes care of his student a lot! REALLY RECOMMEND MR DAVID TO ANYONE THAT DONT WANT UR INTRUCTOR TO SHOUT AT YOU. Thank you Mr David for the past 3 months 😀
- Adam

bad attitude

contacted him via watsap and agreed at 8am to lesson. upon reached i call him and he simply said he cant make it at 7.58am and come out with many reasons.
- john

Amazing instructor and friend

Mr David my not be for everyone. He appears very laid back intially but as you learn more from him, you realise that he has such a unique style of teaching. As he teaches, he doesnt put pressure on you and sometimes it feels too laid back but, when you go for your test, his voice will definitely be in your head guiding you. I highly recommend him as, he really puts the student first. I passed on my first try after only 11 lessons!! He is definitely not doing it for money and really pushes you to pass!!
- Praethamesh


Paitent and understanding. Achieve in helping me for one time passed!
- LuJiang

Very good.

2 word to describe mr.david, very patient/very helpful. Have many bad habits but he still didn’t give up on each and every student, he will give tips and advice on anything and everything, definitely your no.1 choice to look for a PDI.
- M

Experienced Instructor

Mr David is a cool, calm, patient and has a sense of humor kind of instructor. His teaching will help you gain the confidence in driving and pick up all the skills you will need to pass your driving test. He will update every lesson with you as well, he is positive and also encouraging. It’s was a great opportunity to learn from him and pass my practical test at first attempt. Thank you Mr David. Do look out for him if you’re finding for 3A instructor.
- Nadia

Punctual and Patience towards learner

David treats his student with good attitude and will remind you constantly on any mistake you made so you do not make them during test.
- Jiunn Woei

Amazing Instructor 🙂

David is by far the most amazing teacher in all of SSDC. He is calm, high spirited, and knowledgable in teaching driving to beginners. He gives you his undivided attention and will give you the most essential tips in making sure you pass your TP. He is a honest man who will not cheat you in costs. I wish he had been my first teachers, as my prior instructor was rude, impatient, violent and aggressive. But, worst of all he cheated me in the pricing of the lessons and TP itself (I got 36 demerit points with my first teacher).Thankfully, I got a hold of Davids contact and on my second test I passed with just 4 demerit points and in just 3 revision lessons. Thank you so much!

Recommended PDI

Mr David is a patient and friendly instructor. He will teach you all the techniques to drive and parking. And tips to park nicely. If time allows or space allows, he might let you try the drive on your own in the circuit before your practical test. Highly recommended PDI.
- Christ Tay

Best PDI

Mr Puan is a very patient & fatherly instructor. He is very detailed during his guidance. Under his wings for only 3 months and I passed. Highly recommended
- Dhan

Patient, Experienced and Great PDI

Mr David was an extremely patient teacher that never raised his voice and was very helpful with any questions I had regarding driving. He is extremely experienced and teaches well. It was always a pleasant experience going for his lessons and I would strongly recommend his as your PDI if you are looking for one at woodlands.
- Y.H.


Recommend everyone to take him as a driving instructor! He is reliable, patient, nice and encouraging. Although I did alot of mistakes and I feel stress, he will calm you down with encouraging words and guides you through it. thumbs up to his service!!!
- Nisa

The best of the best

Awesome instructor. Hes very patient, never raised his voice, never late and never try to cheat you. If he finds you're confident and can pass earlier he would ask you to book your TP insteaof wasting money on lessons. He has alot of experience as he use to be a school instructor for many years. I'm forever thankful to Mr David for teaching me. He is really good, worth the wait if he's busy and can't accept you yet. Just wait and you won't regret it
- Asri

Highly recommended

Friendly, very patient, experience and will teach you all you need to know to pass your driving test. Got mine in first try.
- Sol

Great instructor!

Just took my TP, and passed after 2nd attempt. Was under another instructor and wasnt properly guided on all the safety checks etc. With just 6 lessons under Mr Puan, I've learnt a lot more of the correct techniques than from my previous instructor. Mr Puan is patient and give Reminders to do your safety checks. He is punctual and not like other PDIs who wanna cheat your money, since i was a re-test,he said i only needed 6 lessons. He also sends whatsapp reminders to remind you that u have lesson the next day. Overall, very happy with Mr Puan!
- Jack

Definitely one of the Best PDIs around

Just like the other reviews here, I think Mr Puan is an excellent instructor. He is very patient, encouraging, and surprisingly funny. His lessons are well paced, he never raises his voice, and the occasional jokes make his lessons very lighthearted and stress free. Although he doesnt really scold students for mistakes, he does point out mistakes in a straightforward way, making sure you know where you messed up and how to correct it. I highly recommend Mr Puan to anyone looking for a PDI.
- Hansel


A really patient and encouraging instructor, will share tips to students. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
- fyx


Mr David has been an amazing instructor for me. Throughout my entire journey with him, he has never given up on me or demoralize me in any way. Mr David never fails to encourage you. He also does not waste your money. If he needs to go to the toilet, he’ll make it super quick . He’ll rush to the toilet and back to ensure that your money isnt wasted. He is always punctual as well. 10/10 wld recomend.
- Danial

Wonderful instrcutor

He is very friendly and knows what he is doing. Grateful to have him as my intructor
- Ryanhazrull


Mr David is patient, good-mannered and kind. He doesn’t lose his temper or raise his voice while coaching. He takes the time to drop at text message to remind students of their upcoming lessons which is very much appreciated! He advised me to book my test when he felt I was ready, and not to waste money on more lessons, highly recommended!
- Leroy

Highly recommend Mr. David

Mr. David is my second instructor, I have to say I’m so lucky to be transferred to him when my previous instructor stopped teaching. Mr. David is so patient and friendly to everyone, you will feel very relaxed and encouraging going for his lesson, especially for those who scared to be scolded. He always send reminder one day before your lesson. If there is only one instructor I have to recommend will be Mr. David !
- Milan

Great PDI Instructor!

Did my test today, after like 10 lessons with him, and I passed! David provides many tips for the circuit and the public road. With a bit of road awareness + his tips, you are bound to pass your traffic police test. I highly recommend him, he doesn't scream or throw his tantrums!
- Keith

Awesome instructor

He never shouts at your mistakes or pulls a face. Always calm and composed, he patiently teaches and guides me along during lessons which puts me at ease and makes every driving session one that I look forward to. I would definitely recommend him as he has all the attributes of a great mentor. Thank you so much Mr Puan!! (Recently passed my driving test on my first attempt!)
- Carine

The only instructor you'll need

He may be the closest person to being your loving grand-dad, or a monk who has disguised himself as a driving instructor. Warm-hearted, humorous, and patient; the lessons instructed by Mr Puan is not one that was filled with strictness, rigidity or anger, but in fact, it was one that I had always looked forward to each week. Albeit the mistakes that I had made, and the difficulty in catching some of the technicalities, Mr Puan always made an effort in finding strategies to accomodate to your speed, and way of learning.
- Chris

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