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Phua Peng Huat
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Lousy PDI

This PDI expect you to know everything after explaining once. He did not give clear instructions. He is more concern of his car than anything. He is very impatient. He also try to make u take as many lessons as you can. You have to book him at least 2 weeks in advance in order to get a slot. His theory is inaccurate.
- Anonymous

impatient and rude

shouts and scolds you in an overboard manner, trust me i'm not petty. really impatient about teaching you concepts. made worst with his poor english and pronunciation (even for mandarin). don't get it in the second explanation? prepare to get whacked. micro-manages you like your encik in army. you don't get a chance to train your own judgement. don't waste your money here.
- annoyed

Rude Uncultured Ridiculous

If the rating can allow me to give 0 stars it will definitely be a zero stars from me. Honestly this old fickle guy seriously lack of patience to teach which make me think he should just retire and stay at home instead of making his students suffer. He not only scolds and shouts at you he also blame everything on you saying that it is the learner's problem and indirectly scolding you stupid. He expects you to know everything at one go and once you make mistake good luck to you and prepared to get scolded with his black face. He like to brag about his other students that pass but honestly how knows if those students really pass and the most ridiculous part is that when the lesson is nearing and when you are paying that time his face will change to be one good old man. Seriously this is just unacceptable what he does is to insult you and judge you based on your skills. FYI he said that i am a super slow learner and i cried like tons while driving. So I sincerely hope people dont get attracted to the cheap price and enroll to be his student cause you will definitely regret. Anyways last point is he didn't even state that when you cancel lessons you need to pay this is so ridiculous because he cancel my lesson before when it shld start in 15mins time. Good luck to all his students out there.
- pissed off

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