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Phang Yok Phut
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Super sucky

Super sucky. dont recommend learning from him. drove 22 lessons, learn 1 reverse parking, no circuit and 14 more days to TP !!!! GGGGGG to me
- bbishan

Lousy PDI

Was told i need to be ready before i could book my tp (standard technique by PDIs prolly). as u guys all noe, private candidates are given less priority as compared to sch, so by the time tp was booked, i took a total of 9 months and extended my pdl twice. True that most PDIs have a wealth of knowledge but tat depends on whether they willing to share. from army take lsns till ORD still haven take tp. All the parking skills he imparted could be condensed in just 3 lessons yet i took >40 lsns. most of my lessons were driven on th road to "boost my confidence". Took my TP ytd. before my TP, PDI arranged revision lessons. In total, there were 3 circuit practices (nt enuf fr slow learners like me) Revision supposed to build ur confidence rite. bt my PDI keep gan me, telling me not to do this, not to do that. explanations oso not clear and that made me stressed out. explanations mostly vague and nvr even did a 1x good circuit before leaving. bobian i tell myself tp in 2 hrs, now thn u tell me all these, how to pass?? during my lesson, he went back to take his medicine and took ~10mins. apparently he is sick but u cant let it affect ur work. tats nt professional. true enuf, i failed my tp coz i mounted kerb and raked up so many points (if this is O lvl, can go jump alr) Aft tp, he was on th phone and seems to be in a rush. dint manage to talk to him or call him and he just zao alr. mayb he doesnt noe i failed. nvr heard from him since i failed and tat is very irresponsible. all in all, he is very patient. so patient and so slow tat u can expect to take arnd 40 lessons before u are rdy fr tp. a risk tat private students take and sadly th worst realities came true. so moral of the story; do thorough research into ur PDIs.
- NertCY

Not recommended

Knows how to keep your motivation and confidence level to the minimum. TP nearing you will hear him say aiya you gonna fail la fail liao la blablabla. shouted at me for 30 mins once because of one small mistake. can you imagine sitting in the car driving and someone is beside you shouting? should have crashed his car then
- YuBao

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