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Honest and Excellent Instructor

Mr Peck is highly experienced and competent. He helped me pass first time with low points. He is also honest and helped me save a lot of time and money.
- Anonymous


Don't ever learn from this private instructor by the name of Peck Chin Huat. I felt so stupid trusting the testimonals from his website and the reviews I saw from certain forums about this PDI. Here is how it started, I was looking for a auto PDI and I couldn't decide who I should learn from, so I simply googled for PDI who teach auto car lessons and I saw his website. I read the testimonals and thought that he seemed reliable and a good instructor judging by the positive reviews from his website and some forum posts. So I called him and booked some lessons with him. Then he told me I need to pay an enrollment fee of $50 and also additional $90 for the first two lessons. Then I started to realise how $$ faced he is cause he would always make u pay $ 2 weeks before your actual lesson. (if you don't pay earlier he would give up your driving lesson slot to someone else) Ok now to the main part of the rant.. During my first lesson, he used only 5 minutes to go through the different components of the car, the buttons, etc.. and his speech was so slurred that I couldn't really understand every single word he said. From this point onwards I knew he is those "heck care", very impatient kind of instructor. After he went through the different components of the car, he told me to change seat with him and then told me to drive. So during the first lesson he told me to drive around ubi, eunos, paya lebar area, and then later he told me to practice my driving in this empty car park. This is when he started to scold me because I did not know how to do the "hand over hand" steering properly. He would get annoyed when I was unable to do it the "right way" after a few times and he was very demoralising and told me if I cannot even do this right I would not be able to drive. But the thing is THIS IS MY FIRST LESSON, of course I would make mistakes and you should be more patient and explain to me the steps slowly. OK so for the rest of the lessons he would also be very impatient and rude, scold me whenever I make mistakes( for example during parking). If you ask him to explain to you the steps again he would get very annoyed that is why whenever I have questions, I don't really dare to ask him. Another thing that bugs me about him is that he would eat into your lesson time because he would talk to his student during ur lesson timing, or he would be late, or he would go toilet, make u drive to some place to pay for stuff. He also have this bad habit of talking on the phone/using his iPad to surf the net during your lesson. He is very blur and whenever you book lessons from him, he would write down the wrong timing on your card, so basically I would need to call him and check if the timing for my lesson is right. That time when he booked my TP, I specifically told him to book at a certain timing and then he booked the wrong timing ,and scared me to death. But he managed to change the timing 2 weeks before my TP. When I was taking circuit lessons from him, he would be very demoralising even during my first and second circuit lesson. He assumed that I knew how to do all the stations and whenever I make a mistake he would scold me. For example the ramp & slope station , I did not know the proper technique for that station during my first circuit lesson and he would scream at me and said that I am stupid and lack common sense. He is such a lazy PDI and whenever I have difficulty getting into the parallel parking lot in circuit he would just sit in the car and scold me unlike other school instructors who would step out of the vehicle and explain to them their mistakes. During my second last circuit lesson before my TP, he would not take the time to point out my mistakes and instead use the time to watch VIDEOS ON HIS IPAD. YES HE WAS WATCHING SOME TAIWANESE REALITY SHOW on his ipad during my lesson. Thanks to this horrible PDI, I failed my first TP. So guys, please don't learn driving from him. He is very irresponsible and his english is HORRIBLE(so i hv no idea how the malays/indians students can even understand him. Even his explainations in mandarin is not clear. I had to learn all the driving techiques by myself and through the tips I get from my friends/forums because his driving tips sucks. My PDI didn't even teach me how to do safety checks for each circuit station, and I only learnt how to do the safety checks properly after asking people on HWZ forums/other forums. So guys, please DO NOT LEARN FROM PECK CHIN HUAT. HE IS A HORRIBLE PDI. BLACKLIST THIS PDI.
- geraldine89

Please do not engage him! Lousiest PDI ever

Most of the time he 迟到早退, refuse to book me for circuit. I ended up going for 4 circuits only before my TP. And on my practical test date, he doesn't even know I am going for my Test. And he cheated me half an hour of my time. He doesn't ask me to check blindspot too. All he does is rush and scold while in the circuit. So, please don't be like a fool like me to engage his service.
- Charlie


He's the most horrible PDI ever, why do I know. Because I asked around my friends and discovered all the things that he did not teach me! And on the day of practical test itself, he even forgot that I have a test?!?! Irresponsible much? And he always always end the class early and turn up late. He asked me to drive to his house carpark where he run up to do his stuff. He would even asked me to drive him to places where he run errands. Wth. I gave him chances still. the thing I can't stand is he always scold and rush me while in circuit. Doesn't teach me at all but just kept scolding and scolding. I really really hate him to the core! Please don't be a fool like me.
- Charlie


He's an extremely moody person He's extremely rude and insensitive at times Expecting you to know every detail like you already have a license Doesn't spend time teaching you rules but instead scolds you when mistakes are made when Clearly you didn't know that it was not allowed. He insults you in front of other instructors saying how shit you are, on the 1st try of your circuit course At times he chats about his life and complains about many things. There was once he made me look at his phone to change some settings and to watch a video with him WHILE I was driving. I feel that he is quite money-faced. He is reluctant with booking circuit or tp for you if you have had little lessons, not because you haven't finished learning, but because it's just too little lessons. So he'll just book you for normal lessons and teach nothing. It's rather disappointing and upsetting. His rule of 10 mins late no refund applies only to students. He didn't turn up for my lesson and did not make up w an extra lesson. And the worst thing is I can't speak up for myself knowing he would be less sincere with teaching than he already Is. Judge for yourself. If reviews said he were good, (which I believed and called him for lessons), remember how dated those reviews were.
- Current student 2015

money grubber

No stars... He refused to accept student if he cannot get enrolment fee... says not worth his time
- beginner


I passed my tp 3months ago learning frim him. Very moody person and always gives attitude. Will demoralized and look down on you whenever there's a tiny mistakes. Not professional at all, learn at your own risk.
- J


Moody instructor and rude. Got communication problem. This man unable to express himself properly!! Don't ever learn from him!!
- Sng

Dangerous. Avoid!!

I second all the negative reviews out here. Here are a couple of my thoughts. 1) He propagates dangerous behaviour. He asked me to look at his phone to change some settings WHILE I WAS DRIVING. Can you say D-A-N-G-E-R? 2) Not patient at all- gets irritated when you don't get everything 100% correct on your first attempt. Sensitive folks might crumble under him. 3) Unclear about payment policy. He is quite money-minded, and I was in the dark about his policy of "pay as soon as you book" hence I was caught unawares the first time. 4) Odd use of time during lessons. He uses the time to make phone calls and even told me to drive him home, for him to pick up his China girlfriend/ wife's Vietnamese visa application- and filled it up in the car while I was driving. Can you say what?? The testimonials on his website are overwhelmingly positive, but frankly speaking, I just don't see it.
- Ann


He is a grumpy and impatient old guy. Today is my first lesson with him and im done with this lousy instructor. First, he just spend 10 minutes and less going through about his car. Such as which button to press to adjust the mirror etc. He didnt even tell me anything related to driving skills neither did he tell me what is the range i must see when i adjust my side mirror. He just tell me to press this button and adjust the mirror and thats it. After im done and he ask me to just drive already. If i havent had some basic experience driving my friend's car in overseas for fun, i will definitely crash the car. because he didnt even tell me what i have to look out for etc. also, during the lesson, he spend half the time talking on the phone. Also, he didnt even tell me what i have to look out for when i filter to another lane.His instruction is not clear. So lets say when i want to filter to the right lane, because he didnt teach me anything, so base on my own logical thinking and action, i look at the side mirror only, then he scolded me for not turning my body to look and never check the rear mirror etc. This is my first official practical driving lesson and he didnt even teach me a single thing and expect me to know how to drive like a F1 car racer. When i ask him again what is the step to do when i need to filter lane, like.. do i have look at the side mirror then turn my body then look at rear mirror or what?i just want to know the correct procedure. But what he reply is more ranting and scolding. Honestly, i ended my first lesson with him and i still dont know what is the correct step to take when changing lane. I still dont know if i should turn my body to see or just look at side mirror or have to do both because his instruction is not clear and instead of answering my question, he scolded me. LOL Not only that, there is this moment whereby i have to filter right because there is a car stopping on the left lane. I check the side mirror and turn my body and see that there is a van approaching and is very near me. So i intend to let the van pass first before i filter out. However this lousy instructor just keep shouting at me to press the pedal fast so we can filter to the right lane before the van arrive. This might be my first practical lesson but i have observe how other people drive and i know clearly that it is very dangerous to filter to the right lane when there is a incoming van and the van doesnt seems to be slowing down for me as well. After that i listen to him and step on the accelerator and the van almost crash in to my car. After that, that lousy instructor keep scolding me and saying that his skill is better than me so i should listen to his instruction and judgement. And that im a newbie so whatever judgement i made is wrong. LOL. seriously. If it wasnt out of respect for someone who is way older than me and also because he is my instructor, i will definitely have argue and shouted back at him. Also, the lesson fee is $51 but i handed him $52 and he scold me for not giving him the exact amount so in the end he took the $52 and didnt give me any change. and then tell me it will be deducted from the next lesson. Then he ask me which date i want to book. Obviously i wont want to book such lousy instructor anymore. I rather go school and pay more than for this lousy old man. So i just made an excuse to tell him that i will need to check my schedule and will give him a call when i know which date i want. Guess what? He proceed to scold me for not knowing my schedule, ask me how come dont know which day free etc. Honestly, right now as im typing this, i really regret not telling him straight in his face that the reason why he complaint to me in the car that he doesnt have alot of student currently is because he is a lousy instructor and his attitude sucks. And also regret that when i leave, i didnt close the door hard enough to spoil his dirty car thats infested with ants crawling all over. Honestly, i have no idea how other people can tolerate this kind of instructor and have multiple lesson with this old man when he didnt teach anything at all other than to scold you. For those who want to pass your TP, i strongly suggest that you pay a little more money for a better driving instructor who is patient and really teaches you stuff. Definitely not this old man who scolded you during the whole 1.5h of lesson.
- cjy

impatient & moody!

had my refresher course with mr peck as recommended by my friend. saw many bad reviews but decided to try my luck. try enough, no words can describe how horrible of a pdi he is. firstly i told him i forgot everything that i learnt, expecting him to teach me patiently & at least know my background. but he was so impatient. worst of all, he was enganged in personal calls & was surfing the phone most of the time. & yes, he has can't vocalise his instructions properly & gets fustrated when u don't understand him. when i asked him qns abt parking, he just ask me to read his manual. he showed me how to do parking 1 time & said "if u still dunno, then there's nothing i can do" learn from him at your own risk, you will jus be throwing money into the sea.
- kolecai


Never ever engage him as your PDI. He always uses his handpjone when you are learning. Never point out the points that you are weak at and strong at. Always watching his movie or either talkinh on the phone. Never bring you to circuit unless u pay for it. Never plan for your lesson. & No transfer no booking. To me, he cares about money more than the sincerity to teach. He is the worse honestly. If you do small mistake he will shout at you like nobody's business. WORST.
- Wan

Experienced driver but lousy instructor

Knows how to handle a car but is extremely uncommunicative. He shouldn't be teaching students in the firstplace. Always fixated on his phone during lessons.
- Glen

Lousy driving instructor

agree with all the negative reviews about this driving instructor. Impatient and untrusting. Discouraging and not helpful at all. Demotivatong. I attended their refresher course and is full of crap. Will not recommend them to any of my friends. I am not someone who usually writes review so please trust my feedback and shun away from them as much as possible. If there is a zero star, I will give them that.
- Ashlyn

Uncaring, impatient PDI

Would NEVER recommend him to anyone. Yes he has years of driving experience, may have been a good teacher once, but now he is just jaded and probably only doing it for the money. - Uses phone during lessons - would scold/yell if you make mistakes, without properly teaching or explaining, so you'd have to figure out the mistake and the solution yourself most of the time. - and if you're doing okay (I assume), he would just be silent or on his phone. Not teaching at all, not explaining anything. Even if you're doing something right you'd probably don't know. As mentioned earlier, you have to figure out yourself I would suggest he not teach anymore because he is not cut-out to be a driving instructor and his students would just be miserable, broke and likely incompetent/unsafe drivers. I am glad I disengaged his services early enough, if not I'd just be wasting money and not learning anything. DO NOT HIRE HIM AS YOUR PDI, please. Go to someone better, or go to a school.
- JJ

My PDI in 2008

I hired Mr. Peck in 2008 which is over 9 years ago now. He was a little standoffish and curt but I found he effectively covered good driving technique. He won't hold your hand and spoon feed you like a baby and will expect you to be independent which really suited me. He did yell once or twice when I did something stupid but it helped to ingrain the lesson in me and I've never made the same mistake again. If you're sensitive or want someone very friendly and kind, don't use Mr. Peck but if you prefer independent learning, give him a shot. He used to have one of the highest PDI first time test passing rates back when I hired him, I'm not sure if it still holds but that's a testament to him. I would have passed the first time too but I got nervous and did something stupid(mounted kerb with rear tyre) and got an immediate fail even though my points were in the passing range. I passed the second time with no issues.
- MisterT

Horrible PDI ever

Never waste time and money on him, most impatient and incompetent PDI ever. Really regret having my refresher course with him!!!
- Berl

Experienced but impatient and rude

Had my refresher course with this instructor as reviews on his website were quite positive. was not aware of this website..... else will not engage him as my PDI. No doubt experienced driver. But extremely impatient and rude during lessons. Spent most of his time complaining about government and looking at his handphone. Very negative person so will not recommend as he will make you feel you are such a lousy student who will never make it no matter how hard you tried. Feel sorry myself for him as I type this review. Hope it is better for other students.
- Yeo

For you to decide

To speak the truth, he must have someone who is doing good SEO for him that is why his name came up on the first search for PDI. The first impression was he was very money conscious and totally no negotiation if you have to cancel or change the lesson after you booked and paid. As a returned learner, I felt that he totally cannot be bothered about his teachings and in the circuit, he does not even teach you properly. when you ask more questions he gets really impatient and say "YOU SHOULD KNOW". He picks up and returns to Yio Chu Kang, so a lot of time is wasted on the road to SSDC. And like what all others said, he is moody and always on the phone in the car. On a side note, he does have some good points. Needless to say my first time TP test was a major flop , didnt even get out of the circuit and was humiliated badly by the tester. I was left in a spot whether to continue with him or go back to BBDC where I got my first licence. I decided to give it a shot, second time I got out of circuit but was unlucky and failed. I already called up another SSDC PDI, when he personally call me up for a faster one week away test date. I could sense some sense of guilt in him. The third time I passed, I do not know whether it was his help or what. But as a beginning learner PLEASE just go to school and learn or take the more experienced and recommended PDI mentioned here.
- Loner

STAY AWAY - 3rd time failing, no more

If there were a 0 star option for this, i would have given it. The only reason i stuck with Mr Peck after multiple terrible lessons with him is the sunk cost fallacy (oh i've already wasted so much money... or so i thought...) I think many of the other reviews have already highlighted his almost absolute lack of coaching -- who teaches simply by only making grunting noises / barking at you without ever telling you what exactly should be done?? If you're currently with Mr Peck, LEAVE NOW, it's not worth the time and money i promise you. Positive: If you stay near YCK, that's literally the only benefit you get from being his student -- is that he picks you up and drops you off at YCK MRT. Negatives: 1) Absolutely no consistency / proper instruction 2) Extremely moody and impatient 100% of the time 3) Very calculative 4) Unreliable (wrongly booked my circuit date, only realized it after we had arrived there and still charged me for the lesson) Unless someone who enjoys stabbing around in the dark / getting barked at and throwing your cash away, you'd probably want to stay away from this guy.
- Bryan Chin

Terrible instructir

Pls do not hire this instructor. He does not teach , and kept scolding you throughout when you make mistakes. You don’t even know what you did wrong or right. He doesn’t give you good directions/ tips for you to look out for. He simply throws you to the wheel and looks at his videos. He’s only interested in using the session to complain about his life, Govt and China Wife. He’s a bitter man . I changed another instructor and he’s totally wonderful . Do not engaged him.
- Minty

Impatient old man

Had a refresher course with him. Told him that I am ok on the road as I have been driving once a while but my reverse and parallel is very weak. He spend most of the time on the road which I am already quite confidence. So he spend most of his time calling his wife and planning his schedule while I was driving on the road. He only spend less than 30 mins in total to do reverse parking with me. And we did parallel parking for about 5 times. He talk so fast and his instructions were unclear and not specific. Not worth the money.
- Aaron

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