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Pang Kok Kay
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Overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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Helped me pass 1st time

Super happy cuz I passed on my 1st attempt and saved losta money and time. Have introed frens to him and all passed 1st time. Got to know him through my fren recommendation. He looks quite fierce but actually doesn't scold one. Teaches west n north side.
- intoboy

Highly recommended instructor for manual

Very experienced and well-versed friendly instructor who knows his stuff well and possesses lots of tips and teachings to help students pass, and is very attentive during lessons, very knowledgeable, and punctual. He knows what examiners expect and will drill you in all the basics since day 1 (eg. checking blind spot etc.). He can be a little fierce at times but it's for your own good! Thanks Mr. Pang for helping me to pass tp!
- SM


Certainly has experience but has no patience and a tad bit arrogant. Nags non-stop when you make a minor mistake while learning and tells you better not to drive. Car smells bad from the sweaty tee shirt pulled over the car seats. I chose him because I trusted those 2 five star reviews here. You can decide for yourself.
- argh

The Best

He is the best instructor out there if you're hoping to learn how to drive a manual. Passed on my first try last week. I had a terrible time with a couple other instructors whom I will not name. I was not able to book lessons with the instructors although I was free everyday and at any time of the week. They were also late most of the time. It's easy to book lessons with him and he is always punctual. He takes note of the lesson timings of every student on his schedule book so he will never double book or forget about any lessons that you have with him. He also will send you a WhatsApp reminder the night before, which is useful sometimes if you are a little forgetful. He is very systematical about teaching you all the skills necessary to drive safely on the road. Happy driving! PS. (Don't have regrets before your TP test. Make sure you take enough lessons with him and you'll be fine!)
- ORDGuy

So so

Comments written in the five-star and two-star reviews are largely true. The five-star reviewers were probably fast-learners who took few lessns to pass. He was experience and competent, was never late, paid 100% attention during lessons, had loads of tipsto pass, and was super familiar with testers' expectations. During the first few lessons, he was really nice and friendly. Sure,he was arrogant, impatient and would yell at you for mistakes you made, but it was still acceptable. Subsequently, when he realised I was slower at learning(in terms of driving), his attitude changed drastically. Towards the 15th lesson, he started calling me "hopeless". At one point I dreaded going for lessons with him because of his constant criticism. When I couldn't take lessons because of work commitments for two weeks, he made it seem like I was overconfident and lazy. Choose him if you think you will be able to learn driving fast and do not mind an instructor yelling at you. But you never know if you are good at driving until you actually sit behind a wheel can drive on the roads.
- Sigh

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