Osman Bin Asi'an

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Osman Bin Asi'an
2.3 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 2.3 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.

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Damn good and worth the money. Helped me pass first time. Also offers pick service at Eunos MRT during my time.
- Ashvinhariharan

Bad service

Very irresponsible attitude towards his students. Often forgetting to call me back when he asked me to give him time to check his schedule (checking of schedule can take up to two hours?!). And when I call him back, he never picks up most of the time. I am behaving like a loanshark begging for my money for driving lessons with this "teacher". Really really unpleasant experience with him.
- Ning


very sexual. dont take him
- annoy

Very bad

Dont take this guy. Often never call back. He can say he has available slots when i speak on the phone but on the day itself he doesnt know he got a lesson with me. Got to 'beg' him to book circuit for me and often he never does. Falls asleep frequently while i was driving. Very hot tempered.
- Irritated

Hot Tempered, but not a bad instructor.

He gets easily hot tempered, but he's not a bad teacher. But I haven't met a PDI that it's hot tempered. Although I have similar views with the other reviewers. He often doesn't call back, and has bad management so you have to call him sometimes as much as 4/5 times before he gives you a class.
- bad time management

Very very Bad

The worse pdi I have ever seen. Better not to take him as ur instructor or else u will be wasting ur time. If can report to cdc because he is not fit to be a pdi at all.
- Tesla

Not fit to be a pdi

This old man is too old to be a pdi.Cannot teach,cannot manage and be taking all your money for nothing. Before anythinh happen let the driving centre be aware of this guy.
- Sam

just for attempt circuit tp is fine

If you are already good in driving (previous experience/drive in other country)., then its ok to practice circuits and attempt tp, don't expect much, just use his car !!!
- lax

Old man pdi

Dont expect much from this poor and slow old man. If you want to pass and have your money spend wisely pick a proper pdi if not its just wasting time.
- Gan


very patient pdi unlike some instructor.yes i must agree that he sometimes never call back but i can relate that he must be busy or maybe forgot to call back.well gotta be a lil patience as a student right?whatever it is i passed my test. thank you!
- -good service-

Not bad

So far he is ok. Except late and slow to reply. Other than that he is good
- KIm Jong Un

Nothing Good to say

Irresposible towards the student.Sleeping inside the car while teaching,hot tempered, forget about students and the lesson, cannot manage anything and very lazy as a pdi.
- Johar

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