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Ong Kok Hua, Albert
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Very patient and gave me a lot of advice and encouragement. Passed my driving test under him.
- joylin_bb

Very good

He's very good, went thru my fren's recommendation. Doesn't require any deposit.
- Daphne

Really good

Really good instructor who is effective and patient. Makes me look forward to my lessons. Hope I will be part of his first time passers.
- dutchess

Good instructor

His students' passing rates are consistent and impressive. However, I only managed to pass on my 2nd attempt. But still, for a slow learner like me, Albert is very patient and not fierce.
- Jol

Very good temper

My instructor has a super good temper. He is a soft spoken man but will always guide me. Quite flexible also won't force me to take up more lessons.
- moment91

Not that patient or encouraging

I don't find Albert really patient or encouraging. Every time end of lesson, I feel discouraged and pissed.
- Poket

Totally Unreliable, Cancelled Minutes Before Start of First Lesson

I made arrangements to take driving lessons (Class 3) from Albert about 2-3 weeks ago. The first lesson was booked on a weekday morning at 10 a.m. and I specially took leave from work to attend the lesson. He asked me to wait for him outside gate 1, Comfort Driving Centre (Kampong Ubi) ("CDC") and confirmed the meeting location 7 minutes before the lesson. When I made my way the designated meeting place at 10 a.m., Albert was not there. I checked my mobile phone and noticed his text message that he was at the "very far right of gate 1 (200 meter)", with the message ending with a request for me to walk over. I followed his instructions, but when I could not locate his car and asked him exactly where he was, he simply replied "near yellow box towards traffic light". I asked for clarification saying "What yellow box? I'm outside gate 1" (as I had walked down to the right of gate 1 and was trying to locate Albert outside to the food centre) and was generally feeling lost and confused as I was unfamiliar with Kampong Ubi and this was only my second time there. Albert called me and I tried to ask him to clarify his directions so that I could locate him. I kept asking him to clarify what "yellow box" he was referring to as I could not see any such box along the road parallel to the food centre. Albert either failed or did not want to try to give me clearer instructions so that I could locate him. He simply said something along the lines of "Aiyah. You don't want to walk over, then cancel. Cancel." and proceeded to hang up on me. When I tried to call him back immediately (I made 3-4 attempts), he refused to pick up my call each time. I was shocked beyond words by Albert's conduct. Albert was the one who told me to wait directly outside CDC gate 1 when we first confirmed our lesson and 7 minutes before the first lesson started. When he suddenly changed our meeting place at 10 a.m. (when the lesson was supposed to start) and I was trying to make a genuine effort to locate him, it appeared that he neither had the patience or the ability to give clearer locations for a student to locate him. Like all instructors, Albert charges his students if they cancel a lesson at the last minute. However, he got away with cancelling my lesson right when it was about to start, after I took leave from work and went down to CDC just for the driving lesson (which Albert was aware of because I texted him to let him know again after he cancelled the lesson at the last minute and then refused to pick up my calls). I felt that his behaviour was really unreasonable and unbecoming of a responsible driving instructor.
- KK

Very good instructor

Mr Albert is a very patient instructor. He corrected me only when it was necessary. He doesn't use all those funny shortcut methods to teach. Usually gives a quick debrief after the lesson and books the next lesson right after. Managed to pass after learning from him. His Mitsubishi Lancer GLX is ready to drive as well. Payment is only in cash, right after the lesson.
- Dharu

Don't waste your time

---IN DEPTH REVIEW--- After reading good things about him and seeing his high rating on this site, contacted him for lessons. Took over 20+ lessons from him and regretted it. The other reviews on this site seem to speak well about him, but from my experience, I can safely tell you that if you do book him, you DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Why? Read on. PROS: 1) Helps you get fast dates for your driving test. 2) Good in the first few lessons; helps you ease gradually into driving. This may be his only strong point. 3) Teaches you relatively quickly and points out your mistakes during driving. CONS: 1) Does NOT teach you to be exam-smart during the test. Some things like blind spot, acceleration, etc will only be occasionally mentioned in passing but he will never tell you specifically what to look out for - probably because he either doesn't know or hopes you fail so you can retake the test again and pay him the crazy fees again....which leads me to my next point. 2) $50 Enrollment fee, and $250 Test Insurance Fee (not inclusive of car rental and CDC test fee). If you fail you will have to pay him everything again, so ENSURE YOU ARE READY FOR THE TEST before you agree. Sometimes, he will pressure you into taking the test early - DO NOT AGREE UNLESS YOU ENJOY FAILING AND HAVING TO PAY HIM AGAIN. 3) He will not be able to correct certain strange technical habits you might develop when you drive. If you do ask him, he will simply tell you "everybody else doesn't have this problem - only you have!" I think Google is more helpful than him in this regard - and it's free. 4) Patient and good tempered? This is debatable. He will be patient for the first 15 minutes, or if you're a new student just learning how to drive. However, if you have taken 10+ lessons and you haven't practiced for a while and are quite rusty, then suddenly make a few mistakes, he will start to raise his voice and get annoyed. If you then make a couple more mistakes, he will quickly get angry and shout at you...sometimes even angrily grabbing your steering wheel while you're driving on the road, which is dangerous. 5) Always starts the lesson either on time or late by a few minutes. Always ends the lesson early by 5-10 minutes. If you're late, he will not give you extra time, but if you're early, he will never start early as well. In short, you lose either way, and if you point it out, he will get angry. 6) Extremely sarcastic, especially when you make mistakes like not braking before a Zebra crossing or jerking the car because of insufficient acceleration. If you point it out politely, he will get angry, so you have to keep quiet and take his incessant insults while maintaining your focus on the road... 7) His teaching can be very contradictory for the inexperienced driver. Sometimes, he will tell you to go slow, and when you follow his advice, he will scold you and tell you to go fast. When you obey and go a little faster, he tells you to slow again, confusing the heck out of you. Same thing for other things like Zebra crossings, junctions, etc. The worst thing about this is that he actually gets angry and scolds you for not listening to him (good tempered eh?) when you've actually been listening to him all along... In short, I'll do his job and just make it clear here: Go slow or fast depending on the situation, type of road, and traffic conditions. There. Was that so hard? Jesus. 8) $30 per hour. $45 for 1 hour and a half. Expensive considering the wealth of options you have at your disposal, and the fact that he's, unfortunately, really not that good. There are plenty of other PDIs with $22 or $26 per hour rates after all. 9) Not so sure about other PDIs but every lesson is just driving the same old route over and over again. We never "explore" other areas to practice different things like U-turns, slope balancing, etc while driving. All we do every lesson is drive the same route, so maybe it's a cash grab here. ---MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE---: I cannot, for the life of me, understand why I even bothered to take 20+ lessons with him, and even let him pressure me to go for my driving test (which I failed and he immediately asked me to go for a next one and pay him another Enduring all his incessant insults and sarcasm was the worst part though. Initially after reading all these great reviews I thought he was going to be AT LEAST patient and good tempered but NOPE - I don't even know how he gets even a 1 Star Rating with his standard... Anyway, my experience with him was positive for the first 5 lessons as a beginner but after that it all went downhill really, really quick. ---CONCLUSION---: Good Instructor in the beginning, but quickly becomes sarcastic and insulting towards the later part of your driving experience. The fact that he doesn't teach you to be exam-smart, charges expensive fees, and is incapable of correcting certain technical flaws that you might have all contribute to his 1 Star Rating. Not recommended even if you're rich - you'd be better off looking elsewhere.

Not a good instructor

He was quite impatient and scolds me everytime I make mistakes. Sometimes he will get angry a lot also. Not recommended.
- Dan

Not Recommended

I don't know why so many good reviews about him. After taking his lesson, I found the behavior is totally different. I don't see him being patient, like to scold. Not giving enough guidance. Overall, it is disappointing and I don't recommend taking his lesson.
- Jimmy

Very bad instructor

Albert is rude,demoralising and very impatient.i read his previous good reviews and that is the reason i choose to take practicals under was my biggest regret!he will scold you,shout at you,raise his voice on you,pull the steering wheel on u,told u ur never going to drive after only practical 3 with him jz because ur tense and im sure its alright to worry or be tense as the car ur driving is not urs,or when u hv never driven before.but his best move to me is when after practical 5 he told me "just do whatever u want""i will return u your registration fee as i m not teachin manual anymore.out of the blue!so he left me by the side of the road still thinking.never once had i paid for something just to get demoralised and scolded.little did he know i knew he was lying.i did try calling again pretending to be a different person.and yes he IS STILL TAKING MANUAL classes!he md me fil im d worst driver..when i neva bang any tree..anyone or break his gearbox nor did i eva jam u cn imagine his level of order for him to be nice to u..i guess u need to learn how to drive beforehand then take lesson frm if u dont..then ur up for a swell time wf his crancky n rude me he DON'T EVEN deserve 1⭐!
- Hana

Super bad attitude instructor

I was introduced to Albert. KNN first few lesson was ok , he was friendly. KNN second lesson cancel as he claimed that he's car aircon need to be fix. But it's okay I suck it up. WAH KNN CCB third lesson show no patience at all , he teach me turning then I cannot do properly he straight away say " go home go home no need learn" I was like wtf? What kind of instructor is this? Damn bad at teaching don't know how to teach at all. No patience at all , just don't go and learn from him. SUPER BAD SERIOUSLY.
- Char

Not Recommended for Guys

Instructor is bias towards female students. Me and a couple of my friends engaged Albert as our class 3 instructor not knowing the horror we will be facing. He is extremely rude and impatient. Demanded us to leave his vehicle a handful of times just because we did minor mistake as a student. During the lesson, he often give harsh and insensitive remarks that is hurtful and can cause trauma to anyone new to driving. Engage at your own risk.
- Paul


Not patient nor friendly. First lesson, he's okay. Second lesson onwards and all his pattern come out. Very impatient and will make you feel demoralised. Will also cheat your money. Cancelled one lesson more than 24 hrs in advance and demamded i still pay for the lesson because i 'last minute' cancel. When my sister cancel her lesson on the day itself, he was okay. Dbl standard, duno why as im also a girl. So DO NOT ENGAGE HIM!
- Meow

Worst instructor

Cancels appointments without warning. Unnecessarily hostile and rude. Engage at your own discretion and if you want to have a miserable time.
- Elisa

dont bother

- dont bother

Good enough

I've engaged School same instructor before by paying extra. Have to backout due to schedule and the not so friendly advance booking system. Decided to engage a private instructor and was introduce to Albert. Having exposed to 3 different teachers. Albert is straight forward with the lessons. Yes he does became impatient if i made mistakes no matter big or small and sound a little mad. But I understand because the school instructors did the same to me so that to remind me that driving can be dangerous not only to myself and others or even my family who I will be ferrying. I think his tone is fair enough. He always give me heads up if he will be late. Schedule for next lessons immediately after time up. able to plan like 3 lessons in the following weeks as well. Good experiences for me with schedule. He can be repeating his "nags" but its always about safety, blind spots. I do sometimes dont understand his terms used. His parking/ reversing lessons is quick. But the keypoints are taught. Overall is good enough.
- James

Instructor with SPLIT Personality.

He was nice and patient for my first 4 lessons on the road. Nothing major, abit of pointers here and there. Then on my first circuit which is my 5th lesson, he transformed into this super rude, impatient and SARCASTIC Albert and he nice and patient Albert never appear again for the rest of my other 12 lessons with him. His worst habits : 1) He loves to pull the handbrake on you. He does its purposely.. he tells you to turn left then waits for you to turn at the no left turn sign in the circuit then he pulls the handbrake on you then tell you "Can turn anot?? Did you see the sign??" in a very sarcastic tone. the stop line and pedestrian crossing is also one of his favourite spot for pulling the handbrake. 2) He loves to open his side of the door and tell me sarcastically "can see anot?! got space or no space? (between the car and the curb)" 3) He loves to grabs steering wheel while you are driving. 4) He EXPECTS/Demands you to brake without any jerking of the vehicle. 5) He is too sarcastic - when i told him nicely like "i dun know why i kept forgetting to check my right blind spot when i remembers my left" he replied sarcastically "nevermind dun check dun check lor, go tell the test instructor you dun have this habit lor! 8 points only mah!" when parking.. he taught me to turn the wheel i did.. then he say "wah you turn the steering like a RACER!" when i forgot to reverse after parking to get out of the lot. he commented " wah! i never teach someone like this before! dun reverse how to come out??! He then insist i come out of the car to see the distance between the front wheel and the curb when i already acknowledged that i have to reverse and i forgot. 6) Confusing instructions from him : sometimes i drive too slow on this road, the next time i drove faster he say i'm too fast. In the S-Curve he will ask you to "look far! look at the building!" then another time he say " why you never look at the front of the car?! kept looking right for what??!" After i failed my 1st test, he quickly booked another slot 1 month down. but when i contacted him for circuit training he say okie but he nver book for me and he was not apologetic that he forgot. he also say he is very busy and i only got 1 more slot for circuit training before my test date. His attitude is also quite heck care. So i think he is just not interested anymore in coaching me. Like all the reviews here.. i do not recommend Uncle Albert unless you are someone who strives under sarcasm and loves being scolded. Not recommend for first timers as he will make you feel super demoralised.
- mel

Demoralised but Passed

I took driving lessons with Albert and passed my test at the first attempt but was totally demoralised by the whole experience. * Albert got a test date for me relatively quickly. He is punctual and responsive to messages. * The first few lessons were encouraging and I was enjoying the process. He was attentive during the lessons and gave lots of feedback. * As the test date approached, Albert became more impatient with errors and at times grabbed the steering wheel as I was driving. I felt demoralised and, at that point, would have preferred to switch to another instructor. I was unable to do so as I had already confirmed the test date using his car. * I passed the test at the first attempt. Much of the feedback Albert gave me during the lessons prepared me well for the test. I spent about $1.2k to get my driver's licence including test fees. Despite passing the test, my experience overall was still negative.
- Walabaloo

Sarcastic and unprofessional

Dont kena bluff by his first lesson, first lesson very calm and teaches you How the car operates, second lesson all the pattern come out doesnt really teach you how to be a good driver. This 4 points this 8 points but never teach you how to correct it, ask also no use his answer doesnt relate to the question and goes on about demerit points. Often dam sarcastic when u make a mistake “like that can ah good Show your skills confirm pass one” often doing his own things instead of teaching “do whatever you want” new people should avoid unless u enjoy paying the old man some kopi money for him to insult you
- GB

Good instructor

I feel that Mr Ong has a lot of experience teaching driving. He knows all the “cheat codes” and even hands you the tester rubriks for you to study and look at the things you should avoid doing. Yes, he can be sarcastic and fierce at times, but in my opinion, all driving instructors are on some level, as they should be (driving can be a very dangerous business, and may even lead to fatal accidents, hence I understand his “hostility” at times). I passed on my first try and spent about 1k. Learn with him if you are patient and want to finish quickly.
- GH

Good instructor

Mr Ong is an instructor who will help you to pass on your first attempt. He is quick to point out your mistakes and if you are able to learn from them quickly, you can improve a lot. He also provides a lot of good tips on how to avoid striking kerbs or making mistakes on the circuit and on the road, such as "shoulder outside the kerb before turning" or "window at the center of the parking lot before parking". Provides a quick debrief at the end of the lesson as well, which helps you to remember your mistakes and learn from them for the next lesson. Would recommend him. I managed to pass on my first attempt after about 13 lessons.
- Matthew

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