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DO NOT ENGAGE this private 3A instructor BENSON ONG Hock Chai (Light blue Honda Jazz) I got him through an agent LE DRIVING. He appears to be friendly and approachable on the first lesson but second lesson onwards you will start to see his true colours. His teaching attitude is just horrible beyond words and he tends to criticize your mistakes so badly by shouting at you every single lesson to the extent that you feel like slapping him. He keeps on harping on your mistakes throughout the entire lesson which makes you extremely nervous on the road. When you tried to correct it by asking questions, he doesn‘t even explain it thouroughly but simply briefly telling you what he expects to see. He does not have the patience and passion to teach at all. At once, he even blasted his Hokkien songs during the lesson, and ate his lunch in the car WHILE TEACHING YOU. If you repeat your mistakes, and he got tired of scolding, he won‘t patiently correct it again but simply keep quiet, hard brake suddenly and turn the steering wheel for you, without knowing where you went wrong. There isn‘t any lesson planning at all, and he‘s just an impatient old crude that is eager to end the every lesson quickly. (ENGAGE HIM AT YOUR OWN RISK)
- gummybear77

Avoid this instructor!

WTF is with this instructor. scold scold scold. Every word from him is vulgarities. Start lesson at 7, he went smoking.smoke until 7.15. always end class at 7.45. One hour lesson become 30mins lesson. Damn pro seriously. Avoid him or his car plate number SJM2208 Honda Jazz.
- Jaden


Firstly , I would like to mention he don't even deserve a one star rating. Engaged him through an agent called Le driving, after that went online to see reviews about him, saw bad reviews posted by others during 2009 times , hence thought it was so long ago and maybe he might change for the better so gave him a chance to teach me and I just gave it a try, first lesson everything was still ok still fine seems chatty and good , (mind you agent states that if you wanna change an instructor you have to change after first lesson otherwise gotta pay another enrollment fee) so probably this might be the reason he is acting on the first lesson. Second lesson onwards , he slowly start scolding , he doesn't go into details when teaching and just briefly say out what should be done and all without even teaching it properly, ask 1 time he explains but second time still unsure he starts raising his voice , no patients at all, eat during lesson, end lesson super early , still asked me to stop by and he went to buy newspapers and chat with his friends ,kept on scolding non stop, when you make mistake and he keep question why why why, and you do not know what to do and just keep quiet he will just scold you and say Aiya don't want say already la, say already also no use , not happy learning with me go find another instructor , no instructor will even want to teach you. Oh so he is stating his so good so patient ? Definitely not . went for 7 lessons with him , he wasted my time and money, kept asking me drive around , keep saying my driving not good and all , aft passing FTT told him I want to speed up and learn faster to go for TP faster , he just refuse to teach me other things yet stating that I still can't drive well. oh and remember I mentioned he said I was bad at driving and no instructor would even want to teach me ? Haha sorry but I got to say no the problem lies with him. How can I be so sure ? Because when I cannot take it anymore so annoyed by him feeling that I'll slap him anytime if I continue learning from him. I decided to stop going for his lessons and just take up another PDI and change to SSDC instead. My new PDI is super good for sure 100 times better than BENSON ONG HOCK CHAI LIGHT BLUE HONDA JAZZ 2208 . My new PDI , on first lesson he get me to tell him everything why I change PDI and all, he need to know my back ground before knowing how to teach, he let me drive around for the first lesson in order to see how well I drove , my new PDI has 41 years of teaching experience and is really good , he is very specific in teaching , he is funny and chatty , he is really good , on second lesson with him he taught me directional change and told me that I was a fast learner and that he taught me once and I know how to do it already, and so on third lesson with him , he taught me vertical parking and train it together with the directional change and once again he too said I learn fast and will proceed to learn parrallel parking on next lesson. He even told me that my driving skills was ok, i could manage oil and brake well. He mentioned he have seen worst students and that he too does nag at student who are really too poor , and help them to improve . He too is very shock on why BENSON ONG keep says my driving is not good and does not want to teach me other stuff . Now I've proved BENSON ONG wrong because he once said my driving not good and no instructor will want me . Sad to say I can go in circuit very soon after I picked up parrallel parking ! I'm glad that I've changed PDI, luckily to a 100 times better one . I do regret not changing earlier and ended up wasting my time and money for 7 lessons with BENSON BENSON ONG don't even look down on your students , you don't even look like a PDI! Sorry to be harsh but he really tested my patients , you guys can go ahead and give it a try and you will know why I'm so pissed ! WILL NEVER RECCOMEND HIM! He is too much!


This light blue honda jazz 2208 is the car of horror, instructor benson ong doesnt teach blind spot always say ur driving skill cfm fail for tp. Always shout at u which make u nervous on the road. He think he very experience and tell u listen to him n he even help u turn ur steerin, How the f... u will learn frm tis. Don not engage tis bugger, u jus wasting ur money Horrible to the max 1. End ur lesson early, start late fr every lesson always went to the toilet before ur lesson start and walk lik some slow turtle. 2. Sleep and eat during ur lesson 3 always waste ur time 4 good in acting for first lesson so u need to pay if u change instructor 5 when he ask u fr next lesson always have tat better tone 6 love to scold ppl Half female he can pms to the max (amazing)
- Willywonka


As the title said...
- sierra11

Violent instructor instructor

Will beat student rather than explaining
- Real

Honest Review

Mr Ong is an impatient teacher and he does not put in effort in ensuring you understand the basics. For the first two lessons, he did the steering for me when I had to turn. As such, I was unable to gauge how much to turn subsequently and thus got shouted at. Subsequent lessons became dreadful as he became contradictry in his scoldings. He could scold me for being too slow at 30km/hr but too fast at 40km/hr. He enjoys asking 'why why why' when you make a mistake And has two set responses. If you give him a reason, he will mimic your voice, jeer at your 'incompetence' and shame you for even giving him a reason. If you do not give him any reason, he will angst that he is too tired of picking on your faults and that you will be doomed to be a bad driving. Therefore, i suggest that if you are serious in wanting to learn how to drive and you cannot tolerate bad attitude from your teacher, do find an alternative. I found him through LeDriving and i will never recommend the agent to any of my close friends.
- Dissapointed student

Ridiculous/waste of money

he is the most unprofessional instructor there is. extremely rude and abrasive. overreacts and shouts every few minutes. there is no proper lesson plan. he just gets you to drive round and round without moving on to teach you parking techniques, circuit tests. wasted 11 lessons and he just says if you are not happy just stop learning from me... completely terrible attitude... just a waste of money!!!!!!
- extremelyannoyed

Don't choose him.

If can I would like to give less then one star but sadly can't, he have changed his car to toyota white and his number remain the same. Don't recommend him. After my 3rd lesson with him today I've decided to change instructor all he do is scold scold instead of explaining he demand you to reach his standard in your 2nd lesson. The only time when he have a good tone is when he ask you when you want for your next lesson. He will just keep scold you makes you nervous and makes you feel weird sitting in the car while driving slowly the mistake will come up due to it.
- Alan

Absolute waste of my money, pure regret

I really regret not checking this review site earlier because I have to say, my experiences are EXACTLY the same as the rest. Mr Ong is a really bad instructor. I wasted 20+ lessons with him because being a new driver, I really thought I was the problem, and hence his shouting/name-calling of me was ok.But as I've found from the site that he's doing this to every single student, i think there's something really wrong with him. In fact I have cried a few times during his lessons because I was so stressed, he kept saying derogatory things like "不要说是我教不好,是你自己很差!“/”我一看你就知道你驾车很差" if I don't react fast enough, but HELLO I'M A NEW DRIVER you can expect me to be good?? Oh yeah, and he says that multiple times to me every single lesson. EVERY. SINGLE. LESSON. If I were good I wouldn't have to learn??? and if I don't know what to reply him cos I know wtv I say he'll just scold me for it, he'll scold me for not replying as well and call me "你是耳聋还是哑巴“. Each lesson is supposed to be 1.5h, but he always ends 10mins earlier, CONSISTENTLY every lesson. In fact I have NEVER had the full 1.5h before. On top of all the verbal bullshit and eating up of my time, he's also always distracted during lessons, always snacking, chatting with others on the phone (like legit, chatting with his friends about plans after), watching videos on his phone, and even cutting apples to eat with a freaking knife while I'm driving. And none of these are one-off things, he did each one several times throughout all my lessons with him. He even fell asleep while I was driving once. I think that is really unprofessional behaviour. Worst of all, just like the other review, we just go round and round aimlessly for the past 20+ lessons, he really has no lesson plan. Even though we're doing the exact same things each lesson and I'm not making any new mistakes, he doesn't teach me new stuff either. Like I haven't learnt parking or tried circuit. I really think he's just trying to scam my money. All in all, just don't be an idiot like I was and find ANY OTHER INSTRUCTOR other than him.
- angrystudent



dont look for him

look for him if u are ready to fail and waste money
- tian le


Please note that this review is written in 2017. He pretends to be nice at first, then over the next few lessons shouts until you get into near accidents. he should be DISQUALIFIED as an instructor, people like him encourage road rage, do not allow proper learning, promotes laziness by coming late and leaving early and thinking that he can get away with it by giving a few dollars discount. He gossips about other students, so that he appears right. If any agency is reading this, please take action as I think no employer would want him to tarnish their good name. Many people have put engage him at your own risk, but I say that risk is not even worth it.
- Saving you


Trust me, i bet on my life you'll regret taking lessons with this instructor.If you're going to take auto lessons just sign up with the school. My friends spent a total of 1.7k with school and 2 TP tries while i've spent over 2.6k with this instructor and he still blames me for not booking enough lessons. This instructor only pretends to be nice for the first few lessons. Dishonest, makes you constantly book lessons and drive the same route at gombak for your WHOLE experience then try to squeeze everything else into your last week before TP. He will do anything to make you book lessons as he does not have many students due to his reviews.


worst instructor anyone can have. 1) come late, leave early 2) rude 3) scolds u as if u r an experienced driver and u cant make mistakes. make me stressed out and commit even more mistakes 3) eats in the car and uses his phone. unprofessional. 4) not nurturig or patient at all. pls do not have him as ur instructor unless u r out to waste your money
- j


I was recommended to him from and ledrivinginstructor. Extremely unprofessional instructor that does not pick up the phone or reply ur messages when u message him n gives u tons of excuses of not receiving ur message(when the WhatsApp is blue double tick). When I reached the meeting point, he made me wait for him so that he can buy bread? And without much teaching, I was expected to drive the car straight away altho this is the first time I have ever driven a car. He expects so much from u as if u alrd know how to drive?? He does not even bother to correct your mistakes, and just adjusts the steering wheel for u and just uses his brake. HE is extremely impatient and gets irritated when mistakes are made, he just goes , "tsk","oi", "why like that", "u not happy is it". Furthermore, he does not concentrate while teaching u, using his phone at times and eating while teaching, And when I requested for him to speak in English, he said "why Chinese cannot", "then u need to find another instructor" n he just cuts short the lesson just because of this without my permission. I seriously have no idea how did he even get licenced to be a instructor with this type of teaching attitude . I WOULD RATE HIM 0/5 BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE...PLS AVOID THIS GUY AT ALL COST UNLESS U WANNA FAIL:)))


PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THE PIECE OF s***. During the first lesson, he will be super friendly and patient, but it is all a facade. This bitch loves to chat with his friends when its already time for class and you’ve already reached. He expects you to wait for him in his car when its already time for class while he continues chatting with his friend. Also, he will deliberately end class 10-15 mins earlier than what you and him agreed on. He will constantly demoralize you, and shout non stop at you during the session. He probably thinks that he is the only private instructor in the whole wide world, super yaya papaya always say things like “if you dont listen to me, I cannot teach you already. “ How do you learn when he is constantly shouting at you, how do you want to absorb what he said? And when you ask to learn other things, he will just tell you that “ oh you are not ready for the other parts of driving yet, you can’t control the steering wheel yet. “ etc etc, definitely out to scam. Also, please don’t be taken aback when he starts using vulgarities on you. If you are willing to waste your time, and money on this impatient and scammer old fk. Engage him.
- Fk this instructor

Do not engage.

Do not engage this PDI. Was referred to him through Le Driving ,if you get assigned to him REQUEDT TO CHANGE INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY.
- Qy

naggy but otherwise patient

Wow seriously I had no idea that Mr Benson have such consistent bad reviews record. I learnt driving under him too and found him very tolerable, and even nice to banter with during lessons. I was referred to him by, started lessons in Aug 2017. Unfortunately failed TP once in Nov 2017 due to my own nerves (and the darn S course), took a break in Dec 2017, and started lessons again in Jan 2018. I passed on 14 Feb 2018. Here's my honest experience. Things that he did do: 1. Start lessons 5 min late, end lessons 10 min early - Can't excuse him for this, it's real. 2. Speak Chinese only. - Referral website gave me two options, Eng or Chi speaking instructors. I chose Chinese speaking and there's that. 3. Answer phone in class - Not as often as other reviews described. It's mainly other students' calls and rare friends' calls; he hangs up pretty quickly. 4. Snack in the car - Occasional candy or two, and ate a bread once. 5. Loud voice - He only yelled at me once, and that's well deserved as I dashed the red light on a left turn while being indecisive about right of ways. Apart from that, he's simply a real nagger that nags at every mistake I made. Eventually that's how I set goals for myself, which is to avoid his nagging by not making the same mistakes again. 

6. Gruffiness - Sort of understand why some would feel that Mr Benson is rude. To me he’s just a gruff person, not rude. He’s not the type to give compliments, encouragements or mollycoddle students like you’re some primary or secondary school kid. Which you’re not. The closest to an encouragement I’ve gotten out of him is “You’re very good on the roads, but so jittery in circuit. Relax.” Like I said, I measured my own performance by his nagging. Naggy = no good. Quiet = no fault. Chatty banter = doing good. 7. Allowing me to drive on 1st lesson - I’ve got to admit this was pretty nerve-wrecking. On my 1st lesson, he drove us out of Gombak MRT carpark, turned right, went straight across traffic junction and stopped on the side of the road opposite McDonalds. Then he told me to take over the steering. I was like “Whaaaaat? Now?!” and he said “Yeah it's easy no worries”. I've been at the steering ever since. 8. Being brief about initial instructions - His instructions are usually a one-liner and that's it. Most of the time, that's okay as there are indicator markers in the car that helps you remember where to make your U-turns, directional change and sharp corner turns in circuit. But I understand there are several mistakes that we make again and again, and can't seem to get right, which triggers Mr Benson's non-stop nagging. All I can say is, ASK questions. I cut short his nagging by asking questions to clear my doubts. Sometimes I request him to bring me to a similar 'mistake situation' again so that we can go through the right steps clearly and he stops nagging. 9. Guide your steering wheel for you - He did so when I over-steered or when I'm not sure how much to steer to make my turn. I usually keep my hands on the steering wheel while he's doing so, and get the 'feel' to replicate correctly in the next situation. 10. Watch videos on his phone, dozing off Once or twice --- Things that he did not do: 1. Vulgarities - Never heard a single vulgarity in my 6 months worth of lessons with him. 2. Derogatory words, jeering, shaming, taunting - Nope 3. Cutting apple in the car with knife - No 4. Going round and round the same routes without progression - Mr Benson does use the Gombak routes as ‘lower level’ routes, which you will go over for countless times until he thinks you are ready for Teck Whye routes. Once while we were waiting for our turn at the Gombak U-turn, I asked him if we could go straight ahead instead of making another U-turn back to Gombak. He agreed, bringing us to Teck Whye for the very first time. He also brought up the topic of trying to go into the Circuit after 11 lessons, and booking a TP test after 15 lessons, without me asking. --- Other concerns 1. Not replying text messages - This is placed under 'others' because I've honestly never tried texting him. The instruction by the referral website admins was to call the PDIs directly so we've always only communicated by phone calls. 2. Progression - I know this is a real frustration when there’s no new things taught. However from my learning experience, I find that I have good learning days and bad learning days. On certain days, I seem to be making no mistakes, controlling the steering and brakes well to meet Mr Benson’s standards. I get confident, only to make a bunch of silly mistakes in the next lesson. And in driving, this is not acceptable. Can you imagine having good and bad days when you’re actually driving by yourself on the roads? You’re being a danger to other road users. Repeated practice is the key to gain drivers’ instincts as a second nature. 3. Give him confidence that you’re ready for new things - Another thing that might help would be to book lessons at least twice a week initially, so that he remembers your progress and your repeated mistakes. When your lessons are too far apart, he’ll forget your progress and you WILL get rusty. This results in him making you practise the lower level Gombak routes again. Once you’ve covered all routes and circuit stations and feel confident, you can then consider to book lessons further apart to just practise. --- All in all, I would say that he’s a pretty decent driving instructor to me. We sometimes chat about random things that we see (Ofo bikes, recent headlines, COE, etc) and he even asked how I was doing when I resumed lessons after a months break. 

 Which is why I’m extremely surprised when I saw others’ reviews, as I did not search Mr Benson on this website after starting lessons as I thought he was okay. It’s not my place to not judge the other reviews as everyone has their own opinions and experiences. 

4 stars in the end because I’m not a fan of nagging while Mr Benson is a real nagger.
- pau

Ok lah, at least pass TP

Hes an alrigt dude. He teaches well but just likes to nag quite abit. Appreciate his help to get me through TP on my first try.
- oovoojaver


Passed last year, forgot to leave a review tilled my friend ask me for recommendation. I would say he’s patient and friendly though he does nags. But who doesn’t when you make mistakes. Read the 4 star super long review, he describe quite accurately. A friendly tip from me, if you’re confident at passing after like 7 lessons go ahead and ask him if he can book tp for you. Cause tp have waiting time and you’ll probably be booking more lessons and circuit during the waiting period. TLDR; patient, friendly, nagginf, ASK IF U WANT PROGRESS. (Can i try go in circuit) (Can book tp?) Just ask.
- Coln


He don't give feeback car got mini roach and he freaking shaves in the car when I am driving he dun even have beard useless
- NB

Just avoid

Very impatient , I just end my 3rd lesson on 23 Feb, totally spent of my money, I am glad I get out fast, rather enroll school lesson than him teaching, attitude problem no patience at all, very yaya
- Lim7777

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