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Ong Eng Leong
2.8 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 2.8 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.

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Good PDI

Good PDI - clear instructions, good attitude and patient.

Best instructor

Mr ong is a very patient instructor. He gave clear instructions and direction.
- Ann

Great Instructor

He is patient and responsible. Recommended.
- JC

Not so good

He prolonged my learning sessions with little progress
- Soo


He's driving a Toyota vios manual . He got 2 paddle at passenger seat . 1 is break and 1 is clutch . So when teaching his student , he will teach how to move off but he will help you clutch in whenever you drive with him so that his can't won't stall and hurt his car . That's why his passing rate is so low . He's always late and like to waste time go toilet for 15mins and like to do personal errands when teaching . His accelerated has cution below it so that the RPM won't go up and it's difficult for learners to drive and learn . He like to scold learner when learning . He don't teach the learner the proper way like how my current PDI is teaching me .
- Anonymouse

Bad review

Look for the nice and patience instructor who teach you the proper way . Or recommended by your friends
- Anonymouse

No good

okay with teaching but delays booking tp and circuit
- Ann


Mr Ong was my PDI. He is a great PDI. Thumbs up for his teaching. He will access the progress before booking TP. I would recommend him if you are not rushing to pass your TP within weeks.
- KK

Good recommendation

Yes. I agree with KK. He is patient and has his way of teaching. But if you are in urgent need to get your license, maybe can consider signing up with driving school:)
- Arene


Uncle Ong is a very patient, even though I made a lot of mistakes, he never scolded but he'll correct me with patience, a few times he would delay his time to finish my class when I was late.
- Kelly

Always late

Teaching wise is good. He give clear instructions and stimulate Tom's action. On the 9th lesson I have not yet learn parking. But travel quite abit on the road and practice various test items. But he is always late by 5 to 7 mins. And end 5 mins earlier so he can get back on time. It's not a one hour lesson, but 45mins. Just get used to it.
- Murning


What a joke
- James


takes very long to book the circuit and TP dates. Parallel parking also dont have clear instructions.
- AM

don't bother

doesn't teach systematically and always doesn't let student do things. from the looks of his review he probably fills in his own reviews too since it's so polarized
- Frederick

Worse ever

He waste your time all the way. I had 25 lessons with him and haven’t even go into circuit. Ask me to learn parking outside. Learn to park outside for 5 lessons still not enough, ask me to continue learning outside before booking circuit. He makes u drive round and round for close to 20 lessons before allowing you to learn parking. And he say that if u don’t have 30 lessons tp will fail u because they think u neber learn enough. What bullshit. All in all, he is just out to earn your money. Don’t just don’t
- L


Recommended by friend. Nice and patience.
- Lynn


He is always impatient while teaching and when I asked him about what I can improvise he told me to observe my own mistakes and notice by myself. The reason why I asked him cause I really want to take note so I can focus on my mistakes / weakness. If as my instructor, shouldn't he be giving some guideline ? Plus, he will late for 5-7mins but didn't really cover back the time instead of 1hr is actually 45mins like what some students mention here. I do not recommend people to this instructor. I would rather you pay more for school.
- J

- Very bad

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