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Ong Chee Chye
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Overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

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Overall good

Mr Ong is punctual, so won't cheat your money by cutting down lesson time. Patient and encouraging also, plus knowledgeable and teaches well. However, his timing not very flexible and forget things sometimes.
- Anonymous

Great Instructor

Mr Patrick is a patient and experienced instructor. He've never once raised his voice over the 10+ lessons I had with him although his packed schedule might make him forgetful at times. Managed to pass my TP test on the first try under his guidance. Will definitely recommend!
- Anonymous Too

Great instructor

Passed my TP on the first try thanks to Mr Patrick. He is super patient in teaching , very responsible by going home to check on his schedule and then calling you back to confirm the date of lesson. Probably one of the best instructor around north area! Highly recommended as he won't cheat your money too! He will automatically ask you to book your TP whenever he is confident in you. Highly recommended instructor!
- Aric

Good and patient driving instructor

Prior to knowing Mr Patrick, i was mentored by a instructor from bukit batok and the way that instructor treats his students is worlds apart from Mr Patrick, i can feel the big difference and I am very grateful for Mr Patrick's patience and caring nature. As a driving instructor, he often goes the extra mile on afew occasions he asked me if I was hungry as he had prepared bread. He is always on time and never late for appointments, he is a dedicated instructor, quick to offer encouragements and advice. He adopts a easy going but effective teaching strategy. I am thankful i met Mr Patrick. Highly recommended to be tutored under his guidance.
- Colin Wong


Experience, excellent and humorous instructor. 100% recommended. Passed my TP on my 1st attempt.
- Jonathan

great pdi

Very lucky for me to engage mr ong as my pdi! Mr ong is a reliable and patient instructor,just 10 lesson (4 circuit 6 road) with mr ong i Pass my tp (1st attempt) today! thank you Mr ong !!
- Edward

Not as good as I thought

TL;DR Highly not recommended if you wish to get your driving lessons ASAP. Got to know him via a friend who took lessons with him. Initially I though that he was quite a good instructor; patient and wouldn’t shout at you. But schedulec wise it’s the worse one yet. Firstly, you only get to book 1 lesson out of an entire week. Secondly, in my 6 months under him I only got to drive 7-8 times. This is because he always have the tendency to cancel lessons last minute. Once I had to wait at SSDC for another hour because he went to book my lesson together with another student’s. Lastly, I think this guy have some anger management issues. Once he switched my lesson from night to afternoon when I said I couldn’t make it, he cancelled my night lesson altogether. Overall good instructor if you wish to get your license 2-3years after you start practical lessons
- Anonymous

Best instructor in Singapore

I was like cheated by two instructors before. 1.5hrs like $51 but do the same stuffs each lesson. I was not even close to circuit. I had enough thinking to quit but I stay positive until I met Mr Ong. His lessons were all the best. After knowing from me that I actually gone so many lessons and wasted money on those two instructors of mine plus I got military driving permit, he decided to push me 1 lesson, he was impressed and book me for circuit. JUST LIKE THAT! He trusted me and said "You can 1st test can pass one. You driving steady." Cut to the chase, after 3 roads and circuit lessons in between... TP already. I was so ecxcited but yet nervous. I completed everything on JAN 2019. 11 Jan 2019 enrolled with Mr Ong , and I passed the TP on my 1st attempt. I recommend Mr Ong to all. You will never regret it and he will make his lessons fun for all!!!
- H

Keeps postponing lessons

Mr Ong keep postponing lessons or mixing up schedules. He’s also not that good at teaching usually just sleeps in the car while you drive or ask you to stop at the coffee house for 5-10 minutes. Occasionally he’ll also be late. Complete waste of time seriously.
- Yu

Okay only

He teaches you how to drive but not how to pass the TP test. And tends to be late by 10-15minutes and you still have to pay full price.
- John Ong

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