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Effective instructor. Took TP under him and passed first time.
- darkqwe


Don't take under Mr Ng unless you like someone who keeps nagging at you
- frequency36


Pretty nice guy with 36 years of experience but quite naggy
- seePyou


Talk non stop for 1.5 hours every session. Nags and angst whenever you ask question.
- Chen


Well..As for me, i took a total of 8 lessons ( 4 circuits + 4 main road) 1.5 hours each. He will correct all your weak points and errors. However, you will definitely get scolded for at least one if u did some part of driving wrongly. And ya, he nags quite alot. But then, the main point is that he is able to deliver his point to me. He don't lepak, smoke , start late , start early. I'm grateful for his guidance. If you guys could withstand people scolding you if u make mistakes, give him a call 🙂
- Lim


Not reccommended. He'll start late end early and took toilet breaks for 4 of my lessons. He is extremely naggy. I don't mind if he is naggy about driving but he talks a lot about soiety and keeps repeating. I think he has interesting methods of teaching. But he's nagging gets very distracting and if you don't let him nag he'll talk about how young people are all impatient etc.
- Ninja

Naggy, waste time waste money.

If you cannot stand someone who continously nag you non stop, and talk to you while you drive. Dont take him. He take a very long time to teach students, and if you dw to waste your time/money, one advice. Dont go under him. Everytime you do/say smth wrong, he will scold/say that young people always no patience and all. Keep want faster finish learn things and stuff. If you want to risk your time and money, you can go ahead.
- Hui

Very naggy

Very very naggy, always talk nonsense. Always talk rubbish in circuit and waste my time
- Hello

Naggy , impatient

As most of reviews stated, very naggy. Instead of teaching / refreshing, he scolds you for mistakes made. Would not recommend him to anyone out there.
- Ancient

Skip this instructor.

1. Long toilet breaks in between, purchasing of circuit slots during lessons, taking up usually 20mins of my time, we are paying students, appreciate the consideration to your paying students. Nagging is a lot, a hell lot. Rubbish stories from him during driving times, making you lose concentration on your driving. Especially during circuit practices. Not recommended. Time+money waster.
- starboy


Passed on my first time!
- Noj

Talkative, Naggy and Hard to Book

Extremely talkative and naggy. Kept talking non-stop when I’m trying to concentrate on the road. Vague with instructions too. When teaching about mirror adjustments, he simply told me ‘as long as you don’t see too much sky, it is ok’ and he don’t allow me to adjust the mirrors at all. His schedule is packed. Only allow me to book 1 lesson per week instead of booking a few lessons at one go. Kept telling me ‘full already’. 2 weeks in advance also don’t allow. Like that I go private for what. Car is messy too. Look for him unless you can multi-task extremely well and withstand his talkativeness, if not please stay away.
- JR

Naggy & impatient -stay away

Super naggy , makes comment that are often irrelevant to the process of learning how to drive. I'm a slow learner, I know expecting a patient and instructor who give clear instructions r close to impossible... I tolerate his nagging for close to 20+ lessons. AND I STILL FAILED MY TP. When make mistake, he will kept on questioning you & say negative things till the extend you feel super demoralized. Can't speak English well, always teaches in Mandarin, talking about stuff that are super irrelevant. Oh ya, and his car is super messy by the way.... He needs to be more understanding and patience towards his student... Everyone make mistakes... Not recommended unless you can stand someone who will distracts you when you drive and give you rude replies when you ask questions.
- lol

Effective Teacher

Have been under Mr Ng for a few months (since Nov). Mr Ng is a very strict teacher, who will reprimand you for your mistakes and repeat his points several times ("naggy"). You might feel a bit demoralized like I did (to the extent of giving up on any hopes of passing the exam), but if you persevere and take in his advice and make sure not to repeat them again, you will definitely see an improvement in preparing for the exam (even if he doesn't praise you at all and points out your mistakes). He has an effective way of teaching; he teaches you to count the turns in the steering wheel when you park, tells you where are the sighting point, draws what happens on the roads, also has his own car/kerb models so that it is easier for you to visualize what's going on in the roads. Passed exam on first try with 6 demerit points. Highly recommend if you are willing to learn as a student and not as a paying customer.

Waste of money to learn from him

Naggy, take his own sweet time to take tag in circuits. Always say he wan to die already. SSDC pls teach this instructor how to talk in a proper manner. T I dunno how to drive tat y I pay u money is to learn not for u to scold.

Damn Naggy

Walao, can he just stop nagging? Earnestly want to learn but he just keeps nagging and distracting and drifting off topic...then when you dont listen to him nag he say young people all like that..ridiculous
- Anon

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