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Excellent teaching & pass driving test on first time

β€œ Strict but very experienced driving instructor. Guide me on all the things to look out for during driving & parking (eg. Blind spots etc), which helped me a lot in my passing during my first driving test. Videos were also taken during my learning which aids in my faster learning and I absorb the information & skills even faster. My friend who was learning from another instructor. And after spoken to my friend abt what she was learning, I realised my friend was missing out a lot and her instructor did not teach her that detailed at all (as compared to Mr Ng). I'm glad that I hv learned from Mr Ng and managed to pass on my first drving test! πŸ™‚β€
- Jamie

Excellent Coaching

β€œ V experienced instructor! He will coach you depending on your pace. Also he will point out details which you need to take note when driving. Tho he is a little strict but if you follows his advices, he's generally a really nice instructor to learn driving from! And I managed to pass my TP in 1st attempt!”
- Alicia

Experienced and excellent instructor

β€œ Mr Ng is a great driving instructor and I strongly recommend him for people who are looking for a private instructor. Background Information: - Class 3 (Manual) Driving Instructor - Teaches with a Mitsubishi Lancer EX - Teaches only in Chinese (advisable for you to be fluent in conversing in Mandarin) - Rates: $36/h (non-peak), $38/h (peak) - Utilises tons of teaching aids to help you understand and drive better Review: Mr Ng is a somewhat strict but very experienced instructor. He has many years of experience and knows what mistakes people commonly make as well as what to take note of. He will tell you off when you make a mistake, but he follows up with telling you the correct method. Mr Ng relies on teaching aids such as hand-drawn diagrams and videos to help you absorb and understand better. On top of that, he knows what to look out for in the TP Test such as mirrors and safety, and heavily emphasises on them while driving. His dedication and guidance has helped me and many others pass on the first attempt!”
- Eugene

easy to understand and experienced

β€œ Mr Ng was a clear and detailed instructor who supplemented his teaching with videos and diagrams. These were greatly helpful towards my learning, especially when I couldn't absorb during the lesson fully and wanted to revise later on or have a quick recap. I took lessons 2 times a week and remembering most of the skills was more difficult than I imagined. I cannot stress more about how useful these resources were in helping me pass on the first try (and not to mention none of my friends who learned under other teachers had such teaching aids). Mr Ng is an experienced teacher who knows what are the key points to note during the exam and many of his tips came in handy. He was very willing to share his knowledge when I required clarifications and he did not mind when i recorded his answers. Personally, the most important factor for me was that I found Mr Ng genuinity in helping me pass and I recommend you to learn from Mr Ng if you want a slightly strict but detailed, experienced, and trustworthy teacher.”
- Serene

Not 5 stars for sure

β€œ Just an okay instruct like your average instructor you see in the reviews imo. but then again now market also hard to find good instructor already.”
- .

Pls update the website

β€œ This instructor is getting a lot of students because of his 5 star review but he is not an excellent instructor at all. Pls do not misguide the public.”
- Misguided


β€œ Before I engage Mr Ng, I took 2 test with another instructor and failed. Decided to change my instructor and engaged Mr Ng. First lesson with him was unlike my previous instructor, he’s patient and gave lots of tips and feedback about my driving skills/technique. Subsequent lessons u can see that he emphasise A LOT about safety check. ( I can see why cos my first test I got 46 points. Mainly due to safety checks) He will provide u with video guides and lots of picture for ur self study at home. Can be quite naggy at times when mistakes are made with regard to safety. Under him, I passed my TP with 6 demerit points. Overall a very good instructor. However he told me that he will be changing to teaching auto car around June. So for those looking to learn auto may engage him.”
- Gabriel

Good & Responsible Driving Instructor

β€œ I have learned from other instructors before. Then I realised how detailed Mr Ng was in his teaching. Mr Ng always teach me the correct methods and explain to me if necessary so I can understand but absorb better. With his videos, it really helped me a lot while revising at home. Im not a clever or quick learner. But I practiced really alot before my driving test and I passed at my first attempt with Mr Ng. Hv to say Im very surprised at some of the reviews saying he is not good. Which I totally disagree. Cos to my past experiences with other instructors, Mr Ng is much more better and responsible in his teaching. Again I think also depends NOT only on instructors efforts but also on individual willingness to learn & hardwork too. Am glad my friend recommended him to me.”
- Xueqing

Experienced Teacher

β€œ Mr Ng might appear as a very unfriendly instructor at first but at the end of the day he is really committed to delivering his best and making sure we past on our first attempt. His photos and video lessons are so beneficial because you get to revise them through the week so that he wouldn't need to spend extra time going through the lesson again. He only wants the best for his students by constantly reminding me about the things I have to take note during my TP. I may be a slow learner but through him I am very thankful to pass on my first try. Don't understand the negative reviews he is getting. If you're hardworking and willing to learn, I don't see a reason why he will teach half-heartedly.”
- Sher

Highly recommended instructor

β€œ I have failed twice with a previous instructor who was very irresponsible. So I decided to have a change of instructor and looked up Mr Ng. Mr Ng is very detailed in his teaching and is very patient during lessons. He also does not use his phone the whole time during lesson unlike the previous instructor. He makes good use of videos and diagrams to allow you to visualize how to do the various courses in the circuit. After engaging him, I passed on the first try with him as my instructor. I highly recommend Mr Ng for anyone that wants to learn Class 3Auto as he does not teach manual anymore.”
- QW

Not recommended for newbie

β€œ Not recommended if you are a new driver who learns better with a structured system. This PDI did not zoom in on the basics and just expect you to know. Not worth paying for the lesson as you will be just trial and error on the road.”
- LCB 003

Not recommended

β€œ Not recommended if you are new to driving. This PDI don't zoom in on the basics, every lesson is trial and error on road. Not exactly much cheaper, better to go school to get a more structured lesson”
- Sunny

Excellent coaching

β€œ I feel that Mr Ng is a very experienced driving instructor. He knows what the student should look out for and he always emphasises the important points. Furthermore, he uses teaching aids to help and I personally think it is extremely useful especially when it can be hard to remember all the important details in a day. Although I recognise that he can be quite fierce when you forget some important details but afterall it is for your own good. I am glad to have passed my TP in the first try with him!”
- Crystal

Lousy Instructor

β€œ Definitely not a 5 star instructor. After each lesson I try to book an appointment he would always say that appointment are reserve for his students who are taking TP. Hello? You mean I hire you to teach me for fun? Which makes me not a priority. That itself is infuriating. After 3 lessons, I would like to book my TP. He again said not so fast must wait for his approval. Why would I wait for his approval to book? He then told me i need a total 20 lessons for him before i can book. So please do not hire him and get scam. After 4th lesson I decided to find another instructor. And he didn't even refund my admission charge! So hire him at your own risk.”
- Hannah

Experienced instructor

β€œ I had zero background in driving and was a slow learner but Mr Ng was patient with me and guided me along the way. He knows what to watch out for during the TP test and also the possible "traps" and common mistakes students make in the circuit component. He also gave great advice and would highlight areas of improvement, focus on weaknesses and provide videos and diagrams to illustrate his points in order to help students understand better. He is a little strict but very experienced and I was able to pass my first TP test with his help and guidance! :))”
- Amy

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