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He is a full time Private Driving Instructor (PDI) currently giving Auto lessons near Woodlands/Admiralty (SSDC). He has taught for more than 30 years, so very experienced. Not stern, tells loads of jokes. I find his lessons enjoyable, as in not so stressed up and tense, also rewarding due to his vast knowledge regarding the passing the TP and traffic conditions in Singapore.
- Fattybob

Terrible experience

Avoid this instructor at all cost.He goes by the name William Ng.He prepares you to fail.Even after 25 or more lessons with him I had no confidence to drive. His instructions aren't clear and conicting. He can't explain. He repeatedly tell u that driving isn't easy. Because we need to look at soooo many things , like the pedestrian on the pavement, the old uncle cy ling on the pavement towards the crossing !!!! He takes pride in saying that all tbe bus dri ers in the vicinity love him as he is the most considerate instructor around. He'll badger u to go faster, when u do at 50-55km/hr(duh) he'll step on his brake to slow u down.At the circuit he's so frightened u will damage his car, that his foot is ready to hit the brake and hand on the steering wheel.Yes instead of teaching he drives. He'll collect payment before the lesson. Now i know why, coz he is afraid the student may refuse to pay him. When i failed with 50 demerit he nvr bothered to ask how come. He asked me to book the next test date. Ahem...he earns another $300plus. Ridiculously be doesnt teach at nite. Reason: how will learn in the dark. Excuse me? We live in singapore with well lit roads. I wasted so much money paying him. My second attempt was William Soon. He gave me confidence and the joy for driving. He gave clear instructions. Most importantly he teaches u in a way u will understd best. Less than 10 lessons I passed.
- Doris

A Thorough Professional

Review from a parent: We came to know him under unusual circumstances. My daughter during summer vacation from school abroad was under a tight schedule - BTT on 5 June 2017 till flight on 17 August 2017. We had roped in a very successful PDI who took only 5 lessons in June and informed he couldn’t take lessons in July for “a” “b” “c” reasons and would resume in August. Thus, came in Mr. Ng, his PDI friend to continue lessons from 3 July 2017. It did not start well due to a sudden change in instruction techniques and reactions on road mistakes, that too from a temporary substitute. However, by lesson 3 they got a hang of each other. DILIGENT & METICULOUS: Mr. Ng diligently spaced lessons during the week to cover a road lesson and circuit lesson together in 1.5 hours slots. During the 16 lessons that she took, he was never late. My daughter downloaded Auto Car Driving test Assessment Checklist and practiced based on that and reviewed each lesson with him and most often it would be a “FAIL”. She would come home and review the mistakes and tried to internalise them. THOROUGH PROFESSIONAL: Come 1 August 2017 and I ask the original PDI when he would take over and got to know that my daughter had been handed over to Mr. Ng and the test was booked under him. My reaction to his unceremonious dumping was not a hush hush conversation and Mr. Ng who was in the vicinity might have heard snippets of it as my daughter drove off for the lesson with him in the passenger seat. However, never during that lesson or later did he hint any curiosity about the exchange. A thorough professional, he did his job, cracked jokes during class and continued... TAUGHT WELL: I interacted with him only once and he said that the only reason driving test result is so unpredictable is however well someone is prepared, it depends on the driver’s judgement during that fractions of seconds on the test day. On Test Day 15 August 17, my daughter inched closer behind a learner's car hoping to make the U turn before lights changed. When it turned “Red” she was on the pedestrian crossing. 10 Points. Mr. Ng had taught her well. She stayed put and did not reverse. The other 2+2 points was because she turned the steering wheel full turn before the parallel and vertical parking. That was tick with 2 points on the checklist but was part of her internalisation technique so as not to hit/mount the kerb. PASS.
- B

William Soon horrible

I am no longer gg to learn from you and will give you a bad review in all the forums I know. 1. U are very unprofessional. You are constantly on the phone when I am driving. Either playing game, or watching YouTube or even making video calls to your lady friends. 2. You have no regard for hygiene. Constantly either plucking your hair with your tweezers and eating in the car 3. You are not observant when I drive, so much so that u didn't even know that I was 7 months pregnant and required a certificate to drive or sit for the test. 4. You even told me to lie to the tp, if they were to ask. And told me to say it's a beer belly. And just tell them that I am fat. Disgusting. 5. When I was hesitant, u used my warm up time, the money i had paid for the time to practice in the circuit to go and find a doc to certify me fit for driving. 6. In the two times i failed the test, u didn't bother to ask what happen. You didn't bother to rectify mistakes or even point them out. You were all about cheating the system. 7. When i told you, that what you taught me about turning the steering wheel when vehicle is stationary got me points deducted, u didn't event say anything. 8. 5 mins before the test, after over 6 months of learning, u suddenly slam the dashboard and say ebrake. When I told u, that u didn't teach me. U just kept quiet. How professional is that? 9. You are rude and always telling me that I have no common sense and I had to just keep quiet cos I just wanted to get it over and done with. The first test, I failed. I admit. It's my mistake, cos there were safety checks I didn't do. The second test, I failed, it all your fault. U made me so nervous about hiding my pregnancy and making me lie about it. You are a cheat and I will send this to whatever driving association that you have been bragging about.
- Kayal

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