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Patient and sincere

Passing rate quite high. It's also good that he doesn't have temper one and very sincere in helping you learn. A good and bad thing is that his car has some stickers which will help you with parking during driving test haha. But if rely too much then when you have your own car parking might need some adjusting to
- Powerkeong

Patient and doesn't scold

Look no further if your looking for a PDI at the Bukit Batok area. Mr Ng has absolutely no temper whatsoever and doesn't scold. Drives a Mitsubishi Lancer which is probably one of the better cars to learn driving on. Unlike some other instructors, Mr Ng Likes to on radio so you have music to listen to during your lesson. Generally gives good tips on driving, why you should do this, why you should do that etc... Also, Mr Ng doesn't restrict you to the snail's pace of 30 - 35 km/h. (Most other instructors will start to grumble and apply the brake the moment to exceed said speed, which I find it extremely weird as the car is already so slow.) He lets you drive at roughly the same speed as the traffic around you. Of course that doesn't mean you can take advantage of that as well. Always drive at a reasonable speed and keep a safe following distance. Probably the only bad thing is that he requires an advance payment of one lesson. But it shouldn't be an issue cause he is so good and patient that you probably don't want to give him up, if ever.
- 212809

Very good instructor

I think he has all the merits that people from this forum have expected: 1). He is very nice 2). He always focuses on details 3). He keeps record of your progress 4). He allows you to choose the exam day 5). He is very patient 6). He has good skills 7). He is flexible ... If you really want me to point out one shortcoming, that is he should not be so nice. He should be more strict otherwise you will have problems in the test if the examiner is very strict.
- belespritcn

A Fantastic Instructor

Points to note: -Driving with him is so relaxing, neither does he stress you when you make mistakes nor does he nag if you make it again. -Simply follow his tips to help you clear your TP the first time. -A very friendly and kind person who clears your doubts and questions. -Tries his level best to schedule you for your lesson every week. -On-time for every lesson without fail. -Tracks and monitors your progress. -A good approach for slow learners and if you are afraid that anyone would scold you for making mistakes. In summary, if you like what I mentioned above, then just contact him, he's better than most instructors out there, driving has been always fun with him.
- Saviour

Blue ticks you all the time

Please dont waste your time with him. Ive waited 3 months for circuit lessons and now he tells me cannot book. Have to find another instrucot and pay enrollment fee all over again.
- Justansf

Waste of time

What a waste of time! Very irresponsible. 1) Doesn't want to book circuit lessons for you and yet do not give you a straight answer. Either he did not reply to messages or he kept telling me that he will check. Wasted at least a month of time waiting for him to book before deciding to switch to other instructor. 2) Doesn't let you take the test routes. Every lesson he will ask you to drive from Gombak to the Farmart area, 1 round and back. Doesn't keep record of your progress too.
- Sam

Passed TP today

Really patient and nice instructor. Had a really horrible instructor my first time who constantly yelled and shouted at me (on my first lesson no less). I felt so not confident and afraid to continue taking lessons. mr Ng is really patient and has the driving assessment form to remind you what to look out for during the TP and really drills you on checking blind spots. He enforced safety above haste and i regained my confidence under his guidance. If I had to complain about anything, he's so popular that it's hard to schedule lessons with him haha. Be prepared to have about 1 lesson a week about 1 hour. The frequency will increase when you're nearing your TP. One thing I'd advise potential learners is to provide your schedule availability ahead of time. Because circuits are really hard to book, and mr Ng has a lot of students as is, so make it easier for you and the instructor by providing your timing availabilites esp for circuit (which takes 3 weeks in advance to book). I personally gave my schedule for the next 1-2 months ahead of time. Would recommend mr Ng to any new learners 🙂
- Kq

Extremely patient and friendly

Like a lot of you here, I have spend a great amount of time searching for a good instructor after reading lots of horrifying experience about bad instructor in here and HWZ forum. I decided on Mr Ng after much comparison and i have not regretted my choice. Mr Ng was patient and friendly during the course of my lesson with him and was able to correct my mistake and provide good tips using his own method in circuit driving (eg, 2 1/2 colour kerb reach your shoulder before 1 1/2 wheelturn) If you can show good driving proficiency, I believe Mr Ng will help you book circuit and TP as soon as he think that you are ready. Took my approx 12 lesson before he help spot and book a TP during good timing for me (10am). All in all, I could have cleared my class 3 under approx 1.1-1.2k if I have pass during my 1st TP test. *Note to future student: Do not skimp on booking curcuit lesson if you are not remotely close to confident. Private candidate are proficient in driving in public roads but not circuit. Try to go for a minimal of 4-5 circuit before going for TP, as it will be different without your instructor with you.

Best instructor for manual at bbdc

Absolutely wonderful instructor for manual at bbdc. Passed tp at second attempt. He is very patient and learning with him is relaxing. Once you attend two or three classes he knows what to do to make you pass the test.
- Dhanasekar


I would not recommend him actually. He is reluctant to book circuit lessons for you so on normal lessons you will just drive up and down the same road FOR WEEKS. Never correct me when i never check blind spots, never monitor my progress, never give any tips also. i failed twice under him. Looking for another instructor now.
- Jo

A Mixed Bag

(This is a proper review as most reviews here are extremely polarising) I'm not going to outright say that he is a bad instructor, but I would recommend this PDI to someone who doesn't like hot-tempered one. Though if you want to pass on your first attempt, you may need to be a fast learner or else be ready to retake the TP 2 or 3 more times. Pros: + Has a routine way of teaching you at the first few lessons + Not hot-tempered + If you let him know your schedule in advance he will put in the effort to book lessons for you guaranteed + Able to communicate in English Cons: - His teaching style may lead to an individual driver developing bad habits as he has the tendency not to correct you - Expects you to come early but always ends the lesson 5 - 7 minutes before the hourly lesson ends. - Hesitant to book circuits until like maybe 2-3 weeks before your TP which is not good if you're a slow learner - Though he is able to communicate in English, and non-Mandarin speaker will be on the losing end as communication might be an issue - He spoils you and is sometimes too lenient. (There were many things that I followed from him which made me realise that I committed a lot of errors on my part during the TP test) Conclusion: It really depends on the individual and how fast you learn. I am unfortunate enough to be a slow learner and hence leading to failing on my first try, but fast learners should definitely give him a shot as some people may find him excellent.
- Outlier

Great Instructor

Started my lessons on 23rd Dec 2018, took around 11 lessons total (3 circuits or so) and passed my TP on the first try on 31st Jan 2019. If you like teachers who are calm and composed, Mr Ng is the one. Never once during the lessons has he ever raised his voice or caused me to panic - makes driving so much easier. He mostly converses in Mandarin so if you are ok at it, you'll be fine throughout. 10/10 would take lessons from him again
- Bryan

worst instructor

i took after seeing online review saying he is good but for me he is horrible lesson he ok he does nt scold you but he never teach proper he always cme n keep quiet he would correct your mistakes n he will not book circuit lesson n he end up his lesson 10 min earlier . this instructor likes to crisitize your mistake like if you does a mistake he will say oh i can't teach you if make mistake so he wants perfect n if slow learner he would nt book you for lesson n terrible n i went 5 lesson same old route n same traning for 5 lesson . he is nt patient he will not book for your a lesson always last min .. i advise you do nt take him n he should be ban from teaching .. i have bad exprience ..
- ash

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