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DO NOT engage NEO LAM THONG. I got him via LE DRIVING (yes, on hindsight while browsing through the forums then I realized all the self-posts and students who also encountered lousy instructors from them). I guess compared to other horror stories I've read, his teaching is considered average (doesn't fall asleep/chat etc.) BUT his attitude is IMO, unacceptable. 3 hours before my driving lesson, he sent me an SMS saying "Lesson change to Friday, 4pm ok." I replied that I am unable to as nobody could take care of my baby on Friday while I already made arrangements for someone to do so on our agreed lesson slot. He called me thereafter saying that he cannot make it because a circuit slot suddenly came up and "sometimes it's like that la". I said it's unfair because unlike poly/uni students who have more flexible schedules, I need to arrange for someone to take care of my baby whenever I go for driving lessons. He got all angry and upset when I said it's unfair and said "at least I tell you now and not you go there then no lesson". His tone was very defensive and somewhat chiding me like it's not his fault at all. And to top it off, he rudely hung up on me. That same night, I decided OK NEVER MIND, I sent him an SMS asking what other slots he had for this week. He replied "Friday, 4pm". The next day, I replied to say OK after confirming that someone could look after my baby. His reply - "late reply, no more slot". Yes I know you have so many students and I'm not top priority because I don't have a test date yet (going for FTT next week) but in the first place, I don't have a slot this week now, purely because of your selfishness in taking my slot for your circuit business. And at least I replied more than a day in advance while you only informed me to change lesson 3 HOURS beforehand, and that's not "late"?! I still replied nicely and asked if he then had weekend slots instead and since I will also be returning to work soon, I can only learn on weekends (which I also told him on two separate lesson occasions). Guess what? MIA, NIL REPLY from him. (I just read someone else's post that she was under Mr. Neo previously and he was so busy, she couldn't book slots and he ended up ignoring her). EXCUSE ME?! I am a paying student and it is totally unprofessional to ignore me like that. I understand that sometimes you may have to change lesson slots but you are being so irresponsible, when you in the first place, have accepted me as a student. I am going to drop you first because you have so many students (95 and only 25 passed?!) and I'm not one of those you can change and cancel schedules at your whim and fancy. Just wanted to share this with everyone else. Totally spoils my mood thinking about it.
- iheart_shopping

No slots and wont book tp and circuit

I engaged him a few months back after i passed my btt. At first he was okay, but from the 6 lesson onwards he started to be harsh and keep scolding me. Then nevermind i tolerate cos i was still ignorant and aware that i made mistakes. At the 10 lesson i asked him when can i learn circuit. He said after I he book tp for me. But at the 13 lesson he still havent book circuit and he havent even teach me parking. Even when i want to book a slot he is always fully booked and i alrdy made it clear that every weekend i need 2 slots at least. End up i just gave up and enroll school instead. Waste of my time and money!!
- Likestolove

Don't bother, worst instructor ever

Only worries about his car, won't teach you anything. You're just paYing him to use his car and he just keep quiet. No constructive criticism whatsoever. At the end of the day you ask him what to improve he will just tell you to read the book. Seriously??? E
- Jswee

Failed twice with him

That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact. Do I need to say more?... I give 2 stars because I somehow feel he means well. I’m being Super kind here...
- Bobby

Worst than Mr Ng from Ubi

I late he scold my family
- Gregory le

Worse instructor

I failed 4times and since the first test to the end he was really unhelpful instructor.. Because of him I wasted all my money and now I am on the verge of giving up.. Hais
- Regrets

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