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Mohamed Sidik Bin Abu Talib
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Thank you, Mr Sidik. You are great!

I switched over from another PDI to him due to unexpected and unfortunate circumstances. Since my TP had been pre-booked under the former PDI, Mr Sidik kindly undertook to pay the transfer fee for me and effected the transfer despite not having known me or my abilities prior. I was pleasantly surprised! Mr Sidik is a pleasant but stern man. He is humorous and communicates well. I appreciate that he never short-changed me - that I felt my previous PDI did. With Mr Sidik, I drove the hours I paid for. In just a few lessons with him, he corrected many of my bad habits and mistakes. Although he gently scolded me when I made perilous mistakes, he did so without being harsh and was never abusive. He would also explain to me the dangers and consequences resulting from my mistakes. Thanks largely to him, I passed my TP on first try! I honestly felt that if I had stuck with my previous PDI, I would very likely not have passed TP so quickly. I highly recommend Mr Sidik!
- Joh

Highly Recommended

On a friend's recommendation, my son had engaged a PDI on his own. After 26 hours of lesson, and his PDL about to expire, I came to know that he had not practiced at the circuit (even though circuit fee was paid for much earlier) and just started to learn reverse parking during the last lesson. When probed further, I was flabbergasted to learn that his PDI had also used his lesson times to do his own marketing. So, immediately I replaced his PDI with Mr Mohamed Sidik. I've chose Mr Mohamed after doing some research on this website. Despite his heavy schedule, Mr Mohamed took my son on board. After 1 lesson, he booked circuit practice for my son. And the rest as they said, is history. Within 1 month from his first lesson with Mr Mohamed, my son took and passed his driving test (manual) yesterday. On his first attempt! And, you, Mr Mohamed had played a large part in that. I salute and thank you, Sir! You are Highly Recommended!
- Sha

Excellent PDI

I passed on my 3rd try. That is after I switched to Mr Sidik as my PDi. He helped me built up my confidence & identified my most help needed driving skills. Thank you Mr Sidik!!
- Noan AJ

highly recommended

pass on my 1st attempt.vey experienced pdi...knows what u need to focus more on...recomending him to my friends who will be taking their driving licence...
- zakry

Excellent and honest instructor

I passed on 20th March on my 1st try. Mr Sidek is a very reliable and honest instructor.
- Lawrence

Great instructor

After failing once (badly) under a different PDI, I contacted Mr Sidik to ask for lessons. He is very informed about what is tested and the things to take note off so he is able to teach you in a step-by-step manner. If you are unable to do a part of the circuit correctly, he will immediately get you to redo it till you get it right. He also is patient and willing to listen to your questions and explain. Though he can be strict, esp regarding road safety, he is overall friendly and counsels you accordingly. Thanks to him, I gained more confidence and skill to pass on my 2nd try. Highly recommended 🙂
- Drea

Highly recommended

I changed to Mr. Sidik after a terrible experience with my previous intructor. After started learning with Mr. Sidik, I realised how little details my previous insteuctor had taught me, almost like he didn't want me to pass. Mr. Sidik is a very detailed instructor, he teaches you how exactly you need to do things, and point out your weak point which he observed during the practice. If you remember everything he teaches you, eapecially in circuit, you will have no problem at all to pass the test. I passed in my 1st try on 17/07/2017.
- Bing

Terrible experience

I got Mr Sidik after a friend’s positive recommendation. Despite this, I had a terrible experience. Sidik would be late for lessons on weeknights and expects you to wait for him but still end the lesson on time. Sometimes he would cancel a lesson but will not keep you on the loop. My first lesson with him had to be rescheduled because he had something on and I wasn’t informed until I called him an hour before to confirm. I then made it a point to always confirm a lesson with him a few hours before it. I caught him sleeping a few times as well. His car got slammed from the back twice by other students but he took it out on me. He would always be grumpy and when you make a slight mistake, he will reprimand you like you just caused a fatal accident. Seriously, I was basically getting paid to be insulted. As a learner, you are bound to make mistakes but he just shouts at you like you’re supposed to already know how to drive a car. He told me to improve but only schedules me once a week. When I asked for more lessons or circuit, it fell to deaf ears. My last lesson with him ended with me crying because he told me I was a terrible driver and will cause an accident on the road. It was mental abuse and I switched to another instructor immediately. I have now passed my driving test with my new instructor on my first try.
- NL

Disappointing, leave you half way...

Got to know about Mr Sidik after much research on private manual instructors online. Got in touch with him in end February 2017 when I immediately start applying for my PDL. First few lessons were alright, despite my working schedule, I only drove at night or on Sundays. It was only my 3rd - 5th lessons, things started to somewhat change. He always kind of "forget" I had a session with him and I had to wait for him on occasional nights when he turned up late but ironically ended on time. On my 5th "supposedly" lesson, while I was waiting for him patiently at the carpark at Eunos MRT station after his prayers, although initially he told me to wait, when he came, he actually scolded me and asked me to find another instructor. I was totally lost and the only thing he say was because our schedules clashed or my timings was not to his favour. I'm like.... what. I am already super accomodating to check his timing when he is free and all, and he just told me off like this. He further adds on that he already increase his rates since he changed to a new car(at that point of time, the reason was ridiculous seriously, or he just doesn't want to teach me). I managed to drive his new car once on my 4th lesson though, with no hiccups. Luckily, he returned my registration and booking fees with him. Everything was smooth, but not so sure why he decided to let me go. Thankfully, he did so called "recommended" me to his fellow, other private instructors, and the rest is history. PS: I believe he will only take in those who needs a refresher or have experienced in driving, I came in with zero knowledge, so probably might take some time to learn and all. It's just that he didn't take note of your schedule despite you calling him up a few days/a week before to book your sesions unlike my current instructor, Mr Chia(aka. Mr Alif), which can be pretty daunting.
- Sarah

Terrible Instructor, don't take him

Terrible instructor. Don't take him. Late for 80% of my lessons, even for circuits, he's usually late for 10mins or more, but always end the lesson early. I caught him sleeping while driving on a number of occasions. I'm not marking him down cause I failed the test, I e passed on my own merit, from asking others for pointers and researching online on the common mistakes to avoid which there were a few that he had never pointed out to me. Also, his hanged are quite high compared to others, he changed me ard $100 higher that other private candidates for the TP test. Take him at your own risk.
- Chris

Great instructor

Mr sidik is a great instructor...i failed twice with other instructor.. i changed to mr sidik and with his guidance i passed my TP on my 1st try... he will scold u but its for your own good.. Great instructor...Recommeded
- Tony

Mixed Feelings

Polite most of the time but has his days. Very straightforward so do not engage if you cannot drive under pressure. Also, not recommended to go for night classes with him because he has the tendency to sleep.
- tay


Solid instructor

Really poor instructor

Sorry, I cannot believe this "instructor" have such good reviews when he is really one of the worst I ever when for. Have tried taking my class 3 in 2016/2017, find him constantly sleeping during my lessons and not guiding me much such as checking blindspots and important areas to look at, I don't think I drive that well at my first go. At my third lesson, was completely uncontactable. Turned out my lesson slot was taken by someone else and he had neglected to inform me.
- Terence

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