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Maruthavanan S/O Govindasamy Kunjoo
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Overall rating: 1.6 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.

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Bad Memory

The instructor has bad memory
- Raj

Never engage this Instructor

This instructor is the most irresponsible person I have ever met. Firstly, there has been countless of times where he cancels my lessons and told me he will reschedule them. However he takes more than a month to reschedule and I have to constantly call him and message him to do so. Many times, he does not reply and make empty promises. Secondly, he dozes off during lessons. Thirdly, he arrives to lesson late and cuts short your lesson from 60 mins to around 40mins. There also has been a few instances when I arrived at Ubi and called him telling him I have arrived for my lesson, and he said he forgot about my lesson and asked me to go home.
- Honestreviewonly

Please dont choose him

I have been learning driving since last year september (2015). I have already renewd my PDL once and its going to expire in october 2016. He gives only one lesson per week, with only a duration of less than 40minutes. He is always dozing off. He always reschedules my lesson and never gives a proper date and time. Always arrives late for lesson!!
- Beinghonest

Money down the drain

The worsted or d most worst (either way) driving instructor u can get!!!! Even d God of patience will loose his patience wif this guy!! 8 months and only 2 circuit lessons....
- Not happy

Bad, really bad !

He is irresponsible and unprofessional. Hours of waiting and cancellations all you get for class. I had to renew my Pdl twice because he can't book the test forget about practice !Stay away of you want peace of mind and license!
- Frustated learner

Very Unorganised Instructor

Similar experience as with all of the above learners. In the first lesson, he seemed encouraging and he seemed to know his stuff. He was quite patient and funny as well. But that was it..after that I can't even remember how many times my lessons got cancelled. I even went all the way to Ubi once and he tells me he is not in Singapore. Many msgs and calls but empty promises. PDL also renewed again. At this rate, I think my final theory result date would also expire!!!! He might be able to teach but when you don't have lessons on a constant basis, you tend to forget everything that u learnt and each lesson is like starting from ABC all over again....only $$$$ down the drain...wasteful....would advise not to book this instructor for lessons.
- Depressed Learner Driver

Never engage this Instructor

“This instructor is the worst, irresponsible person. My 1st lesson last yr Sep until now still leading. There has been many times where he cancels my lessons, the reason he says he forgot, in dental so on.. and told me he will reschedule them. for every lesson I have to wait for more than a month. when I call or msg no response from him. He talking all nonsense during lessons. He arrives to lesson late and cuts short your lesson from 60 mins to around 40mins. There also has been a few instances when I arrived at Ubi and called him telling him I have arrived for my lesson, and he said he forgot about my lesson and asked me to go home.” regret a lot and waste my time an money a lot. please don't book him.
- Angry bird

Instructor from Hell

I waited for him base on scheduled time. He said he just around the corner. 2 hrs later when I called he said he is still in bed.
- Modi

Worth your money. Good Instructor

nice guy always on time and never give up on students. give tips on tp and passed first time.
- Ben Chia


The most busiest driving instructor in the whole of ubi. Call/msg him in advance before making your way to ubi even though you booked a slot with him. Driving with him was fun and please engage with him in conversations so that he remembers you better. The reason why he has bad reviews is because he is very busy and has alot of customers which makes it hard to remember everyone. Do not worry about circuit cause i did my 5 lessons only 1 week before my TP and it helped me cause everything was still fresh. Remember his tips/instructions by hard even though he could say it in a subtle way. I got my license within 2 months after engaging him. In short, a busy but excellent driving instructor.
- Ship

Please dont engage him

worst, irresponsible, big cheater, pleaseee dont engage him.goto driving school and learn peacefully. i never had full 60 mins of learning. either he always cut short to 40 mins. he collects 400 dollars deposit for circuit but he will teach you only 30 mins in circuit. he is busy because south indian workers likes to go to him because of language.they dont know that they are being cheated by this guy. Govt should appoint some governing body to control these cheaters. i dont want to give even 1 star i had no choice as i cant leave empty. all my money wasted.
- pity me


Bec of his bloody sarcasm i dont understand and guess wat i failed my tp test. And he booked another one and i told him im abit worried as the next test was in 15 days and my lessons has not started plus he is gg overseas. I would have change my instructor but ive already paid him. His sacarsm got to go its not cool its juz getting up my nerves. Standard word "power la" lmao la
- Learner

- Anonymous

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