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Luo Chuan Hup
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Patient, genuine and professional.
- Anonymous

Good but forgets my progress

He knows the syllabus well but has poor memory of my progress.
- Anonymous

Do NOT Hire This PDI

I know the title sounds harsh, but it's for the good of whoever is thinking of going the private route to get his/her license. I wish I could tell you my instructor is great, but he isn't. So the least I could do is to warn everyone else. CONS: - He has VERY POOR memory and will not remember your driving progress. Heck, I don't think he recognized my face until at least the 10th lesson, much less remember my name - He will end your driving lessons 10-15 MINUTES EARLY. He says it's so the next student won't wait, but you're actually paying for his toilet break time. Why should that be on your driving lesson time? - He will refuse to bring you to CCK/Teck Whye area (which could be your test route area). Out of my 15 lessons with him, I've only been to that area once. He claims that the area jams at every time of the day which would lead him to be late for his next lesson. (WHAT?! I live there, and it's only jammed during peak hours. All my lessons are off-peak hours WTF.) - Very slurred English, cannot understand him sometimes. He also can't understand me sometimes, have to raise my voice for him to hear. Maybe Mandarin-speaking students will have better luck. PROS: - He has a car. And you can probably learn from experience with driving the car. Don't expect much from him, though
- K

Good instructor

Engage him to teach you! Won’t regret!!
- yes

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