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Loy Kue Seng
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Really good

He's rates are reasonable and I found him through the test results, he's passing rate is consider average. So far I've had close to 15 lessons with him, he goes by the route for each lessons. There's total of 12 routes but you will be tested only 1 of it on your practical test itself. So he patiently teaches you the rules and blind spots to check. Then the rest is parking and circuit before your test date. So far he's been really good in my opinion and not those kind of chi ko pei, or want to waste your money/time instructor. Everyone can try consider him.
- moments1991

Unprofessional Instructor

This is the worse instructor with unprofessional service given. With booked practical lesson can even missed but putting the blame to my son to have recorded the wrong date/time. When my son try to book the next lesson, always same no slot and wanted him to wait for 3 weeks to take the next lesson. His car is Mitsubishi Lancer silver colour 9657, DON'T EVER ENGAGE HIM, you will ended up unpleasant lessons.
- Mrs Lim

Average Instructor

Advantage: 1.On time 2.care about safety 3.give useful tips 4.tell you your mistake on sport 5.reasonable rates 6.Don't waste your time Disadvantages: 1. Naggy 2. Occasionally run errand for him Note: I find Mr Loy Average instructor; but he didn't give on me as failed many times for my test. unlike some instructors. If your fast learner I recommend you If slow learner try considering him
- Mr Wei

Would not recommend

Advantages: 1. Goes by the test route for practice 2. Provides useful tips for passing(esp circuit) 3. Reasonable rates Disadvantages : 1. Always late( 5~10 Min) but ends on time/early. He will only be early when he has lessons immediately before yours. If you call to rush him , he will hang up on you. 2.Will ask you to stop somewhere for him to buy coffee/chit chat with friends, and hand you the steering wheel cover to "practice" your turning. 3.Always falling asleep. Instead of correcting my mistakes, he was sleeping during the warm up before the test. 4. Will space out lessons (~ 2 to 3 weeks gap per lesson) unless you have already booked a test date. Not willing to accelerate your learning before your test date is confirmed. 5. May reduce your lessons to 30min without prior notice if he has something on(e.g meeting his friends for lunch).
- Mrs Wee

Not recommended

If you are someone new to driving, I do not recommend him. I am glad I know how to drive but left hand drive. Here are my feedback: 1. Comes on time but always goes to toilet and consume 5 min but still finish the lesson same time. You will lose 5min each lesson 2. If he gets a call, he will answer it and discuss with caller and put you on hold while having your lesson and again finish on time without compensating for the waiting time 3. He does not speak quite clearly. If you are not used to Chinese, dont get him 4. Major issue I had is he is forgetful. He asks for advance payment for next lesson. I paid in full and he went on 2 week holiday, then my nxt lesson came and he told me to pay up! I paid the 4 advance circuit training and 1 advance 1.5hr lesson and he has the nerve to be upset when he did not mark my card when I paid. Very bad experience. I let it go for the extra half an hour. It is his karma anyway. I am nearing my exam and he so I dont have time to change instructor. If you want to take risk, make sure you ask him to sign each time you pay in advance.
- femmefatale

Good Instructor

I was under Mr Loy Kue Seng's tutelage for about 2 months before undertaking the driving test. Thanks to his dilligent and tactful coaching, I passed the TP test on my first try. During Mr Loy's lesson one must keep an open mind and be receptive to his method of teaching (which he has decades of experience to refine), in order to extract the most value out of his lesson.
- Terrence

not recommended at all

he likes to have chats with his friends during lessons and he often shouts at students as well. my friend and i both learned from him and we both had bad experiences. i failed twice under his coaching and he actually accidentally left his phone in the car which would not stop ringing during my test. lousy af
- bky

Recommended - Good Instructor

I took 20 lessons from Mr Loy and passed my TP on the first try. Would like to recommend him.
- Jasmine

Good Instructor

I was under him for 4months. Did 14 lesson with him and passed on my first try. I was recommended by his partner around my area because his partner is manual and I took auto. At first I did not check his review but on my second lesson he forgot about my lesson with him and i look out for his review which then I was worried when I saw bad reviews. I doubt him but it was too late to back out because I already paid so much. Subsequently, he did not forget my lesson anymore but he does have some bad habit which is true coming from the bad review. However if you trust him, you are willing to learn and keep your mind open you can pass under his guidance. He may not speak clear English but I could somehow understand. No doubt he is experience driver and he may scold you for your repeated mistakes but he make a good instructor. My advice if you comfortable you take him, if not you may want to find a better instructor.
- Mas


seems like an average instructor.
- laydaisy

Impatient and bad atititude

This instructor is very impatient and has very bad attitude, at the 2nd lesson he was already scolding me for not being able to get used to the steering wheel etc. He sometimes falls asleep while I am driving, and replies rudely when I ask him to give me feedback on my driving. And keeps saying I'm a "slow learner" when he does not even teach properly. At the last lesson he asked me to try a roundabout, I accidentally hit the kerb while turning round and he scolded me loudly, and afterwards he claimed his tyre thread was damaged said he wants to deduct my registration fee ($60) to pay for it. Don't ever get this horrible guy who is not FIT to be an instructor.
- TanKT

Bad instructor

Bad and very impatient. Get him as your PDI and you will regret.
- anon

Good Instructor

Reasonable rates Took 22 lessons with him within 2 months and pass on my 1st attempt Can be a little naggy at times but then all old folks are like that, so suck it up May scold you for your repeated mistakes but he make a good instructor
- Ho

Unprofessional, would not recommend

He is always/mostly late for driving lessons and always ends 5 mins earlier. He would on the radio very loud and often snacks in the car such as eating banana, peanuts, tea or rice. At first, i couldn’t listen properly the way he speaks because he can’t speak clearly. At the start, i already lose confident in him. He also picks up call as and when during the lesson which made him unprofessional.
- Lee


Cancelled multiple times on me, went for lesson but he overbooked and did not inform me prior and wasted my time.
- Mr Chong

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