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Do not waste your time

He is so irresponsible that he provides you wrong information and cancels on you less than 1 hour before the lesson. This is my experience with him: I called him up on may 30th to ask him how much he charge for 1.5 hrs ,his enrollment fee and where is his meeting point. He told me $32 and his meeting point was woodlands so we ended it at there. However I realized he still did not answer my enrollment fee question, never mind I just called him to clarify again. He told me his enrollment fee is 55$ and after that we scheduled a lesson the 10th of may, Saturday at 7pm. 1 day before our lesson I texted him again to make sure his rates are as he said , everything is confirmed and that lesson is still on tomorrow. He did not reply, but he called me this time and asked me “ what.” I thought that he did not read my message and just called me immediately to ask me about what I want, I just repeated myself on the phone. This time he said” NONONO 1.5 HOURS IS $45, no where else charge so cheap one I tell you, enrollment fee $55 and meeting point is at woodlands “ In the end I decided, ok I will let this pass since I have already made sure all the info are correct now. On the day of the lesson I was on my way to meet him at woodlands and he called to cancel his lesson with me. His reason was ” Woodlands the sky very dark so lets postpone to next Saturday same time” At this point I found it weird already seeing how other driving instructors still teach when the sky is dark. But I was stupid enough to give him 1 last chance. Fast forward to this Saturday. I MADE SURE to ask him that our meeting time is 7pm at woodlands. So he called me and said “NONONO 6PM AT WOODLANDS, I TOLD YOU ALREADY WHAT LAST WEEK” once again I let it pass as this might be a small miscommunication and I made sure to call him before hand. When I reached woodlands. He was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I had to call him and to my shocking surprise. He said “IM AT ADMIRALTY LA” I replied” didn’t we agreed AND CONFIRMED that we meet at woodlands mrt “ He said “ YA LA WOODLANDS AT ADMIRLTY WHAT” to be honest at this point I could not comprehend how can he say this kind of information and mislead me despite me checking and confirm with him a few times before hand. When I reached admiralty I called him to ask where he is, he just told me to go right once I tap out of the MRT, once again , he was not there and I had to call him. His attitude really sucked big time now “ I TOLD YOU TO GO RIGHT RIGHT, GO OUT OF THE MRT THEN GO RIGHT” Even after I told him im already at where he wanted me to be he still gives me the attitude. When I met him I was already very pissed. However I tried to make things clear with him and asked him to be more responsible and not change information as and when you like. This is where his tone and attitude came in again. He really tested me patience and I was at my limit. I just walked off with an angry heart after seeing his bad attitude and irresponsible he really is. I hope anyone who’s looking for a driving instructor will be aware of my experience of Mr Lim and not make the same stupid mistake as I did.
- darkxs

Experience Instructor

Mr Lim Kim Peow is an experience driving instructor. He concentrate on the essentials things that help his students to pass the test. With his help I manage to pass the test after taking two months of lessons from him.
- Phua Meng Geh

Total disappointment

During first few lessons he was very fatherly. In my last lesson, he said that there is a problem with my brain. Is it because I should never drive because I am stupid, blur or what. I seeked his help all the way from NE to admiralty. I asked him if he meant that he said he is not wrong by saying that my brain is damaged. LOST hopes and utter disappointment
- Hing Ping

Good instructor!

Mr lim is a very patient and caring imstructor. He will always offer you drinks and sweets during the lesson. There was once he treat me a chicken pie as my lesson was during the dinner time. It took me 3 months to pass me test! I managed to pass on my first attempt! Really grateful of him! Thank you mr Lim!
- Dt


He is a very unpleasant person, rude, impatient, and also uses his phone quite a bit during the lessons. He likes to boast about himself incessantly. The way he teaches is to give out curt commands, without explanation of why he gives out that instruction, and when asked, does not give any useful explanation too.
- RY

Irresponsible and rude instructor

During my course of learning driving lessons with him i found him friendly initially, but soon after, he is a nothing but a total disappointment. Having been under him for close to a year i still have yet to even go for a test simply because he thinks that i cant drive. most of the time he always bring students down to show how good an instructor he is. I was patient enough to be under him for a long time...... will never reccommend him to anyone anymore
- Rude

Rude and arrogant

Very fatherly and nice in the beginning. However as lessons go on, he started boasting about how well he is compared to other Instructors. When mistakes are made, he will keep nagging for quite some time which is very demoralisimh for me. Furthermore, there are a few instances with miscommunication. there was once where he expected me to be at ssdc. But the previous few lessons, he picked me up at Admiralty. So I clarified and asked him if it was the usual place and he said yes. After which, at the time where I was supposed to meet him, with an irritated tone, he told me it was at ssdc. I explained to him that he said it was at the usual place and he shouted, if I want Admiralty, he come Admiralty. I feel extremely indignant because I was very sure it was a mistake on his part. I clarified 2x. And he cancelled with me lessons a few times the day before the meeting.
- A.

Not professional

First lesson very friendly and jovial but after that 2nd lesson not patient always sighing pressurizing and always on the phone not friendly rude at times told me im a horrible driver and give me a lesson 2weeks later hw am i suppose to remember. taughnot assuring always nagging compared me with other students. Regret learning from him. Because of this type of instructors students get phobia of driving.
- Natasha


Mr Lim was friendly and kind in the first few lessons. However, after subsequent lessons he started being very rude. He also cancelled my lesson last minute (similar to previous reviews) and called me stupid when I double checked the timing?? He is quite touchy with girls so just be ware. And he likes to talk on the phone a lot and show off the different students (mostly female) he has taught & how they love him so much. On my last lesson he was very angry and was scolding me all the way. He even wanted to book circuit lessons for other students at SSDC while I was having my lessons with him. After that when I asked him when is my next lesson he said he will call me back but he never did. So after 1 month, I WhatsApp messaged him and no reply but immediate blue tick. I called him but I had to call for about 1 week daily until he finally answered my call to tell me that he is in Malacca for a trip. He has a website that is golden horse or something like that, it is filled with good testimonies only. Please be careful and don't be fooled.
- Pinktaco

Very dissapointing

However, after subsequent lessons he started being very rude. He also cancelled my lesson last minute (similar to previous reviews) and called me stupid when I double checked the timing?? He is quite touchy with girls so just be ware. And he likes to talk on the phone a lot and show off the different students (mostly female) he has taught & how they love him so much. On my last lesson he was very angry and was scolding me all the way. He even wanted to book circuit lessons for other students at SSDC while I was having my lessons with him. After that when I asked him when is my next lesson he said he will call me back but he never did. So after 1 month, I WhatsApp messaged him and no reply but immediate blue tick. I called him but I had to call for about 1 week daily until he finally answered my call to tell me that he is in Malacca for a trip. He has a website that is golden horse or something like that, it is filled with good testimonies only. Please be careful and don't be fooled.
- Pink taco


I stopped learning to drive for 3years but recently found his contact and wanted to pick up back my driving lessons. He is really impatient and talk so rudely when ever i have some questions to check with him regarding the lessons. After his vacation, i gave a call to you and wanted to book with him for another lesson again, he just tell me he will contact me but till today i didnt receive any call or text from him.
- Sir

Very Rude and Impatient Instructor

I contacted Mr Lim after reading his wonderful reviews. Speaks highly of himself. Turned out to be super impatient with a very old car. Total waste of time and money. For a refresher course, the instructor should help build up confidence and not belittle the driving skills. Totally upset that such people can get away with taking enrolment fee and charging $50 p/hour and without delivery quality teaching. Very unethical behaviour in my view.
- Aminah

Irressponsibe and make up excuses

Used his presidium phone throughout the entire lesson. Cancel my lesson last min. Only train me at circuit and ask me to book test date. But afterwards he don't schedule lesson for me afterwards, keep cancelling my lessons last min. When I finally get a lesson with him. Phone all the way. Pui. This kind of instructor is the reason why people had a hard time learning private.
- Gmm

Undedicated and untrustworthy

My friend came to know about Mr Lim through the golden horse website that advertises about his successes and extremely good reviews that came from his students. However, in reality, he is an instructor that is really money minded, discouraging and rude. He tries to ask about my family background( where I stay, what is my parent's job etc). Only to flaunt to me about his other students that were extremely rich and how his other students treated him to food and gifts. He even mentioned that during certain occasions, he would allow his students to drive out of the Woodlands area to places further away to get good food and chill. At the same time, he has many many many students at hand. He then prioritizes students who pays him higher( gives him angpao). There was even one occasion whereby he overbooked 3 students on one slot, where there is circuit practice included. I was only in the circuit for less an an hour and was told to get out and give another student the slot and I still had to pay the price for the circuit booking for that 1 hour when it was not my fault. Booking lessons with him was a constant problem for me as he always cancels my class. Many online reviews about him saying how much they want to thank Mr Lim for allowing them to pass in 3months. Yet I took 5 months and I did not even have the confidence to book the TP. He constantly demoralises me about how stiff my hands are, he also hits my thigh( I wonder if he does that to male students too). He was also very quite during my lessons with him and did not rectify some of my mistakes, just took over the steering wheel from there. I was really tired of having to change lessons because of his other students.( the only time he called me was for changing class either to accommodate other students or he was unable to make it ) His attitude has gotten him into trouble on several occasions too. On one occasion, I noticed that he was wearing shades to cover up his bruised eyelid. If you guys here are looking out for a good learning experience, please do not look for him. He is not even capable of helping his students to get a fast pass. My advice to the you guys taking up private lessons is to find someone who is really dedicated, preferably has a smaller pool of students( so that you wont feel neglected).
- Annoyedzxc

Rude and impatient

Rude and extremely impatient. Often cancels lessons at the last minute as well. He also dropped me as his student after a few lessons because he felt that I was learning too slowly. Please reconsider if you truly want him as your instructor.
- GY

Not bad

I have very mixed feelings about him. The first 2 or 3 lessons he was really nice and always offered me bottled water to drink. Then there was this time where I didn't pick up his calls because I was caught up with something and then next time he called me he scolded me very badly for it, and then next lesson we had together was so awkward because the tension between us was quite high LOL. But maybe he was just PMS-Ing or smth, bc the next lesson I had with him was a total 180 degree change, he told me to help myself with bottled water, biscuits and chocolate. He even bought me sliced watermelon and even gave me $3 discount coz I didn't have enough cash to pay him that day LOL. Subsequently he remained relatively nice. The only complaint I have about him is that sometimes his instructions can be quite unclear. He ask you to turn right, you Turn Right" just abit and he'll say no it's too much turn back and sometimes it can get very frustrating. In the end I failed my first TP attempt after about 10 lessons with him but i wouldn't blame it on him. All I can say is if you're a nice person to him, he'll most probably be nice to you too
- A

Waste of Time!

Contact Mr Lim he said very busy & ask me to contact his boss Mr Chai. Mr Chai said very busy ask me contact Mr Ng. Mr Ng more busy until no reply. All the good service or good feedback online is faked. Dont waste time. U dont believe give a try!
- Goh


Although he is an alright teacher, as in he will teach you the basics of exam technique etc, but I now have a phobia of driving under his teaching as he tends to be impatient when you make a mistake. I get very nervous when I sit on the driver's seat now. I failed twice and decided to give up driving. However, I disagree with some reviews saying that he is money-minded. Mr Lim is very rich so hence, I don't think he really cares anymore. He will just continue to teach to earn extra allowances even if people continue to give him bad reviews.
- Rl


Like what others review had said, very unpleasant experience with this instructor. He's very irresponsible as he often don't return calland reply to messages. At this point of time, he told me go to another instructor and learn which causes me many inconvenience. And also, there's this time he even asked me to drive to this kopi shop and stop there as he dapao food!!!
- Jay


Very nice on 1st day coz collect moremoney what..2nd day book busy till 3 to 4 weeks..i ask him for my deposit back..let's see if he transfer..waste2 my time
- Nayah


Looking for a private class 3 instructor so after seeing the good reviews on the web, I decided to give mr lim a try. Turns out when I messaged him, he didnt even reply but just blueticked on and on. Dont bother wasting time. Aint ever recommending him to my friends!
- Phoebe


OMG dk which idiot website keep saying he very good. instant regret when first meeting sia -,-. Talk so blur. and what's up with his hello kitty car? Inside everything paste hello kitty -,-
- Ang

Experience Tutor

I’m not really sure why is there so many bad reviews about Mr Lim but my experience was definitely different. I took my lessons with him in Oct 2015 and he was very nice to me. Occasionally he offers to buy me ice milo to drink. He was also very patient with me. The only bad thing is that after a few lessons with him he starts using his phone to watch some videos while he lets me do my own thing but other than that he taught me well. I managed to pass in my first attempt because of his guidance. It took me only 3 months with only 10 lessons to completely pass the final test.
- Denise


I am a doctor who learnt under him stupuidly for 6 months and during the teaching he would mock you constantly. His student pass rate if u check on the website is less than 20% and he does not really bother to correct your mistakes. He will also not encourage you to move on to try the other circuit stations unless you open your mouth and he acknowledges that actually it is time to move on. Just before my exam I switched my instructor last minute and he badmouthed me telling the other instructor I was a slow learner. The new instructor had 3 lessons with me and corrected many things and untaught some of the habitual steps previoulsly taught. Also gave many good exam tips i never knew over the six months. Turns out I passed on first try with six points. Do not believe all the website reviews he posted himself on his website. Also one word of caution he is those typically old males who treat girls differently from guys so as a guy he will not bother about you. He likes to sweettalk girls only. Take him as your instructor at your own risk.
- humiliatedforayear

Irresponsible and Undedicated

I learnt under him for about 4 months and he is what the reviews describe him as. He gives unclear instructions and does not bother to correct mistakes made. Furthermore, when you make a mistake, instead of rectifying it, he will raise his voice and blame you for the mistake. He is not suitable to be an instructor because he assumes that all his students should possess driving knowledge even if they are first timers and have zero experience. No matter what incident happens during lessons, even if it is due to his negligence (as he uses his handphone most of the time) or his unclear directions, he will still pin the blame ultimately on you. He boasts about how well he teaches and his popularity among his students but the opposite is evident in the amount of negative reviews he has on platforms other than his own website and his student passing rates (which is less than 20%) Take him as your instructor at your own risk. He is just out to make money from his students and does not genuinely care whether they truly understand.
- T


Its been a year Im with him and it stress me out with the shouting and everything. Till now I have no confident to drive. He always change last minute slot and he is the worst, expect you to know everything. Dont take him. He is so nice to girls only and keep touching my thighs. One of the day when I reach the place, he told me that he is not available to teach where you already book your slot, but I saw someone inside his car. He cheats on me sia. Dont go with him, you will have trauma.
- Regrer

dont bother wastigyour tie

ttal gfailure asan instrutor.
- a

Worst PDI ever

Regrettably engaged him based on the reviews on his stupid website. Always on hp while teaching. Will scold and be very sarcastic when u make a mistake. Likes to say grandmother also can do...blah blah blah....Always boasts on how popular and gd he is. Liar sia. Statistics dont lie. And likes to cancel your lesson last min. I got fed up and switched pdi after 6 annoying lessons. Definitely not reccomended. Worst ever!!
- TonyStark

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