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Lim Hock Seng
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Damn brother

Mr Lim is super patient and he damn brother one. Seriously la scrubs pass or fail is 50% depends on your instructor good or not and 50% whether you suck at driving or not. Mr Lim very nice one every time in lesson he will tell you stories damn funny one and he teach in that area long time already so he knows all the roads and everything around at the back of his head. Only thing is his english not so good but his chinese and malay sibei POWER!
- Max

Damn sibei good

Wah this Uncle teach damn zai. He wont scold you if you make any mistake, he will explain to you what you did wrong. He dont go for toilet breaks or lunch breaks one. During lesson all the time he will focus on you and he tries not to talk on the phone during lesson. He teaches using a Blue Honda City and only charges u $35/hour and $50 for 1.5 hours. During lesson he will tell you stories if he see you damn bored, then every lesson on the dashboard got candy can keep taking. During circuit he will teach you very specifically which line to stop at and when to turn. He also know all the 10 routes of BBDC as if he is a walking GPS map. Sibei good instructor 11/10
- Max little sister, Min

Damn Suck

He will alway wast yr time Mr Lim is a very iinpatient person have a bad attitude & is a very greedy old man always want to cheatmore moneybecarefull If you don't give him money will attack you my advice don't take him as your driving instructor.won't book for you TP
- Benson

Damn bad old man

Stay away from Mr Lim will cheat you of your money will wast your time by going round the road no patient if u did not book the lesson still had to pay him don't pay him will attack you in the car drive a dark blue car plate no:9016 my advance do not take him as your instructor you will regret it for your whole live
- Wei

No good

He did not book for me the test n cheated my moneys n very dishonest man. He very rude to me.
- Peter

Damn Suck

Mr Lim pretender to be friendly like a cunning wolf for your own good please stay away from him I had a bad experience with him not a good driving instructor going so much lesson with him so much money spend until my PDL expired refuse to book the TP very greedy old man will attack you in the car if u refuse to give him like to tell lies teach all the wrong ways want you to fails.Don't care about you & his English suck. His attitude suck.
- Wei

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