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Not recommended

Insists on deposit of $50. Will deduct from deposit if you are sick and cannot take his lesson. Talks incessantly on handphone when supposed to be teaching. Tries to maintain his high pass rate by prolonging number of lessons and refusing to book test date.
- Anonymous

Depends on You

The Good I just passed today! First try, 8 points I'm a happy girl! If you live in JWest, he'll even let you drive home if yours is the last slot. The Bad But you'll note that I took freaking 1 year 5 months to get that license. 70 lessons (FML), including about 4-5 circuits. That's because he's really focused on his percentage (that TP publishes every year). So he won't teach you new things unless you get your act together. I had to vertical park/parallel park like 10x flawlessly before he would even book circuit for me. Needless to say, I could only book test after he was satisfied with my circuit (lucky it was after my first try). Maybe I was slow (he kept calling me slow).. BUT STILL.. ONE YEAR??? Not cheap pls. He's quite fierce too! Gets mad and shouts. I HATE it when men shout. I totally shout back. It's really loud in the car. He also enjoys watching TW shows and eating in the car. And he freaks out at every mistake (every mistake is an immediate failure) and will start shouting. He speaks Chinese. I'm the kind who doesn't know what a 箭头is, and when he told me to 放油, I literally gave the car more gas. That really pissed him off......It was okay for turn left turn right instructions, but teaching me how to park was quite a hairy situation. Conclusion? Take him if you really want to just pass on the first time. But also consider that for other instructors, you could possibly pass faster. But could also take more times la.
- feist_

find someone else

Will suddenly turn into a angry man and scream at u when u made a mistake. Not helping. Will teach by criticism. Any help watches t v when u r learning. My heart almost stopped when he raised his voice but somehow he also switch back to a gentle person very quickly. It's a roller-coaster experience each time. I have moved on to another instructor
- west

Very Bad Instructor

Very impatient instructor, scolding you on your FIRST failed attempts on everything. I simply quit after 2 lessons, rather to waste my enrollment fee and deposit than to waste my time.
- Anonymous

F****** idiot

Only think about money. Impatient old man.
- Student


Engage at your own risk. Doesnt like to reply message. Asked him for his private driving instructor license, got scolded by him. Not professional at all
- Anonymous

Driving lessons are not meant to be easy.

I passed my test a few months ago (though not on the first try) and I decided to give a fair review of Mr Lim after seeing so many poor reviews about him. Mr Lim speaks only Mandarin and hokkien, and prefers phone calls to messages. He has high expectations and pushes his students hard to achieve the basics. He flares up easily when safety is compromised but those who are able to endure his "scoldings" should be alright. It might be hard to get the basics right at first if you are not used to being scolded, but it gets better overtime. Mr Lim teaches parking and circuit in a systematic manner and takes us to practise the test routes before the test. Mr Lim teaches from 9am to 11pm on weekdays and allows his students to drive themselves home if they take the last lesson, allowing me to book a slot even when I am working.
- CS

Strongly recommended

Mr. Lim is the best manual instructor who has very clear concept of driving rules.. He can speak English too. I passed my test with 8 marks this oct. To learn driving, two things is very important, one is to know the rules clearly and the second one is to get warned by your instructor for your every mistake. So sometimes, it’s good to be scolded to improve yourself. If instructor scold you, it’s not for his own benefits, it’s only for you to remind the rules/ improve yourself. I was a learner of another instructor who was not reminded my mistake in every step, so I couldnt improve myself, so I changed my instructor and I got Mr. Lim as my best instructor. I was blessed....
- Shireen

Worst Instructor

Impatient and unable to accommodate to different learning speeds. Flares up and shouts at you the moment you can’t grasp something. Only engage him if you enjoy being verbally abused.
- Student

Not Recommended

I rushed into booking this instructor because another instructor referred to me to him. The instructor I called first was recommended by a friend and is very good, but he does not have night or weekend slots and is fully booked. So I thought if referred by another good instructor he should be good right? Boy was I wrong. Have never driven before, never touched a car before. A beginner through and through. But first lesson he was already nasty. I thought it was my fault and I learned slow. Second lesson, he just got frustrated and shouted at me, and that made me panic and drive even more hazardously. Always anal about mistakes, and expects you to get everything right right after he teaches and remember them clearly. Got scolded so bad, I cried after the second lesson, as it was too harsh. He also takes pee break which eats into the driving lesson time. Not recommended at all, but if you can take scoldings and learn fast, than yup, maybe you can try. I decided to give up my deposit and registration, and not waste anymore of my time.
- G

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