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One of the best PDI

I attended 2 times driving test and failed. My first PDI was always scold you and make you very nerves while driving. I completely lost interest in driving. Then I found Mr.Lim through one of online driving school and he recommended Mr.Lim is good. Yes he is really cool and he is best in teaching driving techniques. During lessons when I make mistakes he will correct and explains how to do it correctly. He corrected all bad driving habits. In circuit he explains each and every steps clearly and also he pointed out what are the crank course / s course are difficult to do and how to handle it. I passed first time itself under his guidance. Highly recommended. He teaches manual car and pick up location is Eunos.
- Nandha

Not that good

I went to him after seeing the other review here, but it was nothing like that. He responds fast and is nice at first. But if you can't pick things up fast for whatever reason, he'll make personal attacks instead of actually teaching you how you can improve. If you encounter difficulties and make mistakes, he can get grouchy and that really ruins the rest of the lesson (and wastes your time and money). To be fair, he isn't the worst driving instructor, but you could definitely find better instructors out there.
- Ken

Nice Guy

He got me my license real quick and speaks really good english. Would recommend.
- JX

Not that great

Still failed after close to 30 lessons with him.(I only passed cos I swapped instructors) Keeps going on about using your 'feeling' to drive. Pumps petrol during class. Not recommended for slow learners! I think I'm generous for giving him 2 stars actually!
- Joe

Bad experience.

Agree with Ken. Scolds you throughout the lesson and doesn't teach you how to improve. It is really demoralising, even though you are already trying your best to focus and drive properly. Not worth your time and money. Reaches late and ends the lesson early too. Would not recommend.
- CK Lim

Bad/Waste of time and money

He was only pretty ok on the first lesson, then onwards, he would be very grouchy and as others have commented, make personal attacks on you. To be fair, he always arrived on time. But, for every 1.5h lesson, you will only be driving on the road, at max 1h for each lesson. The other 30 mins, would be him forcing you to stop at the side of the road to give a 'lecture' on what you have done wrong. Each lecture would be in a 'tearing you down' approach. He finishes class early as well. I finally changed instructor when I started to dread, and would have panic modes, each time I head to his lesson. It wasn't the fear of driving, but the anxiety of kept getting 'attacked' by him. The final straw was on my final lesson, after scolding me yet again, he told me that I should just drive on my own as he 'gave up' and then proceeded using his phone instead. Just don't with him.
- ZX


Instructor spends time driving from Eunos MRT to some ulu road to start practising and he spends the same amount of time driving back to Eunos before the lesson ends. The time you actually get to practise driving is thus very short. He often makes you do static drills (e.g. pretending to turn the steering wheel while the car is stationary) while he goes to toilet. Also spends a lot of time talking about how to do rather than letting you do it. He ends lessons early every time. I had more than 20 lessons and still had not learnt parking or gone to the circuit. Would suggest not wasting your time and money here. Felt stressed before each lesson and demoralised after each lesson. His comments are not useful in helping you to improve once he thinks you are lousy. Just feels like he is going through the motion of teaching. After I changed instructor, I managed to pass after 6 lessons!
- Winnie

Only out for your money.

Firstly, I rarely submit reviews but for this crook, I'll make an exception. Absolutely terrible experience. Do NOT engage this PDI. Seriously should have paid heed to the awful reviews on this site. I agree with Joe, Ken and CK on this. Word of advice for private students, if you're looking for driving instructors, take extra time and don't rush because you will definitely regret if you select one like this. In 3 hours of lessons with him, I "drove" less than 10 minutes. Literally, 2 small turns in a carpark and that was it. His "theory" component of his lessons will eat up 90% of your time and you will be left with almost no time to actually drive. I cannot stress enough NOT to engage this PDI. He will stall your time just so you have more lessons with him and even so, his teaching method is horrible and his instructions are not applicable. He speaks to you very condescendingly and you will be hard pressed not to get angry and frustrated. His prices are expensive and on top of that will drone on about information that isn't useful or applicable when driving.
- TY

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