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Quiet but detailed in his teaching

Rates: $45 for peak hours, $42 for non-peak hours. Additional $23 for using the circuit at SSDC for peak hours and $19 for non-peak hours. There is a one-time registration fee of $50, payable during the first lesson. TP test: $197 for car rental and warm-up. You have to book for the TP test date at SSDC yourself or you can book through SSDC website. He only teaches AUTO at SSDC. I got my license within 3 months under him, passed during the first time with 8 demerit points. He is a quiet guy, doesn't talk much but will still teach you the necessary and correct you if needed. Think he's better in Chinese. He has started my lessons on time and ended it on time. Didn't 迟到早退. I have heard lots of complaints about how private driving instructors are unwilling to book circuit lessons for the students. I have gone for 9 circuit lessons (kiasu mah) and he didn't complain or reject helping me book.
- elderflowertea

Very good instructor

Rates and registration is as mentioned by elderflowertea. This instructor is quiet, no temper and really really guide you. He really wants you to pass on 1st attempt. Never a single time he is late for my lesson. He guide you, remind you and correct you. I pass on first try after about 15-17 lesson with him.
- JA

Highly recommended

Very patient instructor, never ever flare up or scold me once. Very supportive and encouraging
- Janet

Very patient and good instructor

Very patient and detailed in teaching. Always punctual and really guide you till you fully understand. Passed on first attempt. Introduced him to many friends and they were all very pleased and pass on first attempt as well.
- -

Good and patient instructor

detailed in teaching. very patient. passed on first try. took less than 15 lessons
- ice

Very good instructor 🙂

He is a very patient instructor, he is very detailed in his teaching, will make sure you understand before moving on.He doesn't talk much unless needed. He will try his best to make sure you pass. It's a pity he only teaches in mainly mandarin. His rate has gone up compared to what elderflowertea had posted. I got my license in about 2 months under him. He will help you book circuit lesson without complaining. Overall his is a very good instructor if you are looking for one 🙂 Didn't regret contacting him after reading about the review here.
- xx

Good attitude, detailed and patient

He's a very patient instructor, only took 11 lessons with him and passed my test on the first try. Highly recommended
- AC

Good auto driving instructor

Mr liew thanks again for teaching me so many about my mistake and my problem. I so happy I never let you disappointed. Mr liew never scold me for my mistake . He always patient to me.He won't on his radio singing song but ubi instructor always do that .Mr liew never late for my lesson .Ubi instructor can late until 5 to 15 min because ubi instuctor only teach one hour and the parking space is very jam , see very time late how to learn. Very time i have lost half hour at ubi.That way I say Mr liew really is good instructor. I hope he won't retried so fast after 4 yr I will my son go woodland learn lesson from him.
- Janet cheng

Good Instructor

Mr Liew is very detailed and rarely loses his temper or gets exasperated. He teaches step by step and is willing to get the student drive from the get-go. I changed to him after taking at Ubi (i thehn moved to admiralty), and trying another private instructor. Mr liew is really quite good. I looked for him after seeing his reviews here, actually. I will recommend him to my friends in future as well.
- admiralty

Incredible instructor

Extremely patient and detailed in teaching, not once has he lost his temper or gotten agitated, even when i make stupid, dangerous mistakes. Highly recommended. Esy to book, never late or finish lesson early, always on time. His schedule is damn packed though, so try your luck! Thanks Mr Liew!
- Bmwman


Mr liew is very patient and does not scold his student. He does not eat in the car or take weird toliet breaks. He is always on time and never end class early. Very encouraging teacher. Thank you Mr Liew!!!
- J

Highly Recommended!

Very good at teaching & hedon't scold even when you make mistakes. He is very patient & always on time. Charges may be higher than most of the other instructors but definitely worth it!
- YG

The perfect driving instructor!!!

I was previously with another instructor who didn’t teach me anything proper and I had failed 3 times.. just by switching to Mr Liew.. He had taught me proper method.. given me proper guidance and always patient.. he will try and instill confidence in you and encourage you when needed.. He is always on time and would not waste your time driving areas which you are not tested.. word of advice.. if you are takin your test at ssdc.. don’t get a PDI at YCK
- Yuxin

Highly Recommended!!

Patient and well mannered.

First Try

Quiet instructor but very patient and does not scold you. Passed on first try with 16 lesson (7-9 circuit)
- rine

Very patient and detailed!

I recently passed my test under him! He ‘s very straightforward and detailed in his teaching and he ‘s able to sharpen your driving skills to be a safe and confident driver! Oh and his always on time and each lessons have been very worthwhile and meaningful. Thanks Mr.Liew!
- YS

Best instructor with patience

Thanks to him, I had pass my TP within 1 try, talk to me in a very detailed words and advice how to start in the first place, he teaches me outside the road and circuit inside, circuit is very hard in the first place after some lesson inside, I’m not so anxious about parking, S course and crank course. Once again, thanks MR LIEW
- Jarred

Brilliant Patient Teacher

Mandarin-speaking, auto car at SSDC. Quality teaching. Very clear explanations using visual aids to illustrate. Answers all questions patiently. Corrects mistakes clearly, firmly yet respectfully. Only comments where guidance is needed. Paced very well with my learning needs, as a 2nd time learner. Focused on helping student pass and plans out only necessary number of lessons. Very grateful I got to learn driving again under Mr Liew. Passed on my 7th session with him.
- Pei Xian

Great instructor!

I got my license under 2 months with Uncle Liew. Patient, well mannered, encouraging, on time instructor. I contacted him becauzs of the good reviews ppl have given him. Now heres my rating of 5 stars to uncle liew. Thank you uncle!
- Kelvin

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