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Lee Tiew Pok
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Attitude stinks

He's strict( reasonable on some days). If not, his attitude stinks. Always shouting at mistakes even if its minor and harmless he's not the type of instructor that will give you confidence on the road. GUARANTEED. I wasted over 10 lessons with him. He will also teach you very slowly and have repeated lessons of the stuff you already learn. I think he's just there for the money.
- Anonymous


He will be nice the first few lesson until you pay registration fee but afterwards he will start shouting and screaming for NO REASON. like just cause he never say properly which direction to go, he expects you to read his mind wuhile the whole time he will read his newspaper and TOTO. quit after 6th lesson. Wished i stopped earlier so not to waste more money.

find some other instructor

mainly unreasonable. impatient. waits and jumps on your mistake then screams and shouts at you , "I knew you cannot do it! i knew you cannot do it!" instead of correcting your mistake when you first learnt it and barely have a chance to practise. suggest you look at other instructors
- found another instructor

Fierce but effective

Although he scolds a lot but he still provide insightful pointers and was genuine in ensuring I pass on my first try and I did! Choose him only if you can handle the scolding.
- Dominic

lousy instructor

screams and shouts at you for mistakes instead of trying to teach you. a few times he smacked the centre compartment so loud that I flinched. Not worth learning from, find someone else.
- anon

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