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Sincerely recommend

I was recommended by a friend to engage Mr Lee Liak Hong to learn Auto driving. He teaches both Auto and Manual but prefers to teach Auto. His car is a chrome toyota and is very clean and well maintained. Now his charges are higher than the average fees from other PDIs but it's DAMN worth it. You pay for the quality. (Read on...) Basically, he is the down-to-earth kinda instructor who is very patient and attentive in teaching. (Never sleep/doze off on the job) He will not scold or raise voice at you even if you make grave mistakes (+1 as you know how terrible a student will feel if kena F for every mistake). One particular incident I will never forget was during my initial stages of learning. I made too wide a turn that almost hit the car turning behind. He pulled the steering wheel and didn't say a word. After the car was out of danger, he told me to slowly go to the side of the road and stop. He explained very calmly about my mistake and the dangers, and went through with me what I did wrong and what I should have done. I was really scared but impressed with his teaching methods. The way he teaches is very reassuring and honestly, makes you feel confident in driving. Every lesson is a relaxed atmosphere. Not those tense, kanchiong type. He will not waste your time asking you do stupid things. Every lesson you sure learn something new and he will correct your mistakes. He is also very flexible and accommodating to your changes (even last minute ones). MOST IMPORTANTLY, he is VERY well mannered! If you don't believe, go to the coffee shop outside Comfort Delgro Driving Centre and observe. Most of the PDIs are very shabby looking, full of vulgarities, loud and "stare" at girls. You can hear the KNN, CB, !~@#$%^ stuff. Before your actual driving test, he will usually schedule a circuit and road lesson on the same day to give you a very thorough "pre-test" course. He will also give you a map of the circuit and tell you to look through it before every circuit lesson. From his record, most of his students pass on the first if not second try. Many students also jump from school/other instructors to him so his schedule is always packed. So must arrange subsequent lessons in advance.
- xuejia

Very good

Very good and patient instructor. A lot of his students passed on first attempt. I passed on 1st try too. My cousin is also currently taking lessons from him and I'm gonna intro my bro to take lessons soon too.
- Icekitten

Famous for first time passer

Very reliable and friendly. Famous for first time passer (including me :))
- XuiteShop

Patience is a virtue

passed on the first attempt after only 18 lessons. Very patient with learners and would pass on good driving knowledge. Very polite as well
- Dennis


I was recommended by a friend to engage Mr Lee for auto driving. Mr Lee is very patient and friendly towards every students. He would correct us for every mistakes we have made on the road or in the circuit without raising his voice. He would just said " Nvm, let's try a few more times to get it right."
- Kay


piece of crap. I dunno what kind of experience other students had but it was disastrous, I paid him lesson fees for first and second lesson in advance. Then just nice he went overseas. Then when I went back for the 2nd lesson, he told me tat i haven't paid for the 2nd lesson. I dunno if his bookkeeping is that crappy or I'm just unlucky.
- C M Lee


He's very nice, friendly and very very patient. He will never raise his voice at you even if you make multiple mistakes. I passed on my first attempt aft 14 lessons!
- Maryy

No response

I tried to contact Mr Lee through Whatsapp and phone calls. He neither pick up nor respond with a reply if he is busy and not available. Frustrating.
- singan92

too proud

wanted to get lessons from him contacted him and just brushed me off just because he has a tight schedule for the next two months. did not even bother to ask if i wanted him to coach me after he is more free??? every student is an opportunity man!!
- no

Just take lessons from him. Period.

True that he may brush off some students wanting to take lessons from him. THATS ONLY BECUZ HE IS COMMITTED TO THOSE ALREADY IN HIS HANDS!! NV SHORT-CHANGING US. (overheard him rejecting students few times over the phone while teaching me.. "very sorry i am full the next two months." He really is. He is one of the most PATIENT man ive met. Had a few mishandling incidents where he had to grab the wheel and steered away to safety! (I DID NOT EVEN GET A FROWNY FACE!) He just explains what happened and what shld have been done. He is never late! And never waste your precious time slot on anything.. He never sleeps and fulfill his end of the bargain. His instructions are very clear. And YES.. HE IS SO CIVILISED AND WELL-MANNERED!! TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER INSTRUCTORS. (JSUT LOOK AT THE COFFEE SHOP) Nothing but RESPECT for this old man! I was lucky he had slot for me. (CALL HIM AND ARRANGE early!! He realllllyyy is busy with many students. GOOD LUCK!
- Rahman

The best instructor!

decided to take my lesson with Mr Lee Liak Hong after analyzing his data and reviews online. I sent him a text and got a call from him that night to confirm my enrolment. Honestly, I'm glad to have found him online and have never regretted my decision to take up my practical lessons with him. He's really nice and patient throughout and has never failed to correct me on every single mistake I make without raising his voice (although sometimes I made him vomit blood due to my blur-ness, hahah!). He's very attentive during lesson and hardly uses the lesson time to do his own thing or slack off. I can tell that he's dedicated to every of his students as he will put off prospective students if he feels that his schedule is full. What's most important is that he's polite and is passionate in teaching. He tries his best to help his students to pass by imparting tips and tricks to mastering the circuit. Would not have pass this without his help, really. If you're looking for a good 3A instructor, he's the right one.
- Xannelle

Very patient instructor

He is my instructor and I have passed my driving. He is patient and really give in to teach you. He ever mentioned that he is going to semi retire so the students he is teaching will be lesser. Good luck and see if he able to teach you. Btw his schedule is really pack. I saw his appointment book, it's all very pack
- Del NG

reliable and well-mannered man

passed on my first try, mr lee is a really punctual and reliable instructor who gives very detailed instructions and tips to pass the test!
- buttercup


I took the test the first time with another instructor and I failed with a soaring >80 points. I decided to look for another instructor and found Mr Lee! He’s a sweetheart, very patient, very kind, very clear with his instructions, very respectful, very punctual and contactable as well! Today I took my test... I passed really well with everything that he taught me. Honestly, I never thought I could do it, but during the lessons he affirmed me and I was really calm during the test thank you Mr Lee, you’re the best!!!!!
- G

Another first time passer

I'm a below average driver but am very thankful for his lessons. When I make mistakes, he points them out patiently.
- Recently passed

Respectful Gentleman. Firm but Gentle!

Passed on 1st Attempt. Never for once raise his voice despite being blur learner making the same mistakes over and over. Ever so patience, calm and gentle in helping you to understand your mistakes and how to correct them. He is strict, firm but gentle. He corrects all your mistakes; none of them escape his watchful eyes. He is vigilant to teach you not only the important details of what testers look out for during the test but the skills of how to be a safe & courteous driver. At the end of each lesson he will schedule your next lesson. If you let him know in advance most of the time he is able to slot you in your schedule. I enjoyed my lessons with him. I would like to thank Mr Lee for his teaching skills and efforts to guide me throughout this challenging period and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a private instructor.
- Lucy Tang M.P.

So far so good

had one lesson with him and he is awesome! will update when I got my license/
- G

Great!! Friendly and always calm.

First time passed!!! He knows all the tips and tricks for passing the test. Guaranteed to pass, if you follow all his tips and take up extra lessons if possible! I opted for an extra circuit, and comparably took more lessons than my peers, but I'm a slower learner. Took about 24 hours of lessons from him, 8 circuits in total (Including test). HE IS A VERY BUSY PERSON and I have no regrets paying extra!! Worth your time!
- Foxhops

Very irresponsible and rude instructor

I took a few lessons with him and he always doesn’t respond to messages. And also when my lesson starts I have to walk around nonstop around cdc area and the Coffeeshop area to look for him and when I call him he doesn’t answer. When he answers finally, he will sound very irritated with you (wtf?) and also tell you off . Btw, he Parks at diff place every time. So how do I know where to go? Then he raised his voice and scolded me in public with a very guailan tone instead of simply just meeting you at one set place all the time, expect u to be running around finding him. Just be careful of him. Do not recommend. Rudest man ever
- His ex studenf

Respectful and Patient

Mr Lee is very patient and doesn't raise his voice or unnecessarily scold me for mistakes. He has a somewhat structured lesson plan he follows. Passed on the first attempt, and it took me about 4 months? Highly recommend him! Only thing that might be an issue is that he doesnt read or reply texts, only communicates through calls. Otherwise really good instructor.
- Koh

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